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I quickly flew inside of the Divine Realm.

Analyzing my surroundings, I inspected everything I could see with my eyes. Quickly after, I sensed the presence of someone, someone that I knew very well, someone very dear to Rakasha and everyone else!


I have to find her and get out of here as quick as possible!

"Ruby! Where are you Ruby?!"

I flew around the skies of the Divine Realm, looking for Ruby.

Her presence got closer and closer, but there was red mist everywhere.

This red mist wasn't normal mist at all, it was some sort of Divine Material or something, stopping me from seeking her, as if it was specifically set up to distract those that were looking for her.

"System! Can you search for her?!"

[I've been doing it since we got here!]

[To the southwest!]

"That's not telling me much…"

[Ugh! You're really a dummy sometimes…]


[You exchanged 1500000 D i v i n e Power]

[You acquired the [Automatic Mapping (S)] D i v i n e Ability!]

[Automatic Mapping (S)]

A powerful Divine Ability that only those capable of seeing through everything with an ability equal to clairvoyance can acquire. Grants the ability to automatically map their surroundings and even things the user has never seen before yet is close to. The map is 100% accurate and can show several icons depicting what the user is looking for or has seen before. The range and speed of automatic mapping increases with each Divine Ability Grade.

Red Dots = Foes.

Blue Dots = Allies.

Treasure Icons = Valuable Items/Materials.



The moment that Divine Ability was acquired, a game-like map appeared before my eyes.

"Well, that solves it."

[This is a Special Divine Ability that I knew one day would become useful! Sorry about using the Divine Power without previously asking you, but you seemed desperate.]

"It's fine, this is perfect!"

Right after I acquired that new Divine Ability, a large holographic window emerged before my eyes, showing me a detailed map of my surroundings. The Red Mist was no longer an impediment for me, as I found myself within an expansive area of the Divine Realm that once belonged to Red.

Farther away, I saw a blue dot, which meant an ally, and when I looked at it more intensively, I noticed that indeed, the blue dot had the name "Ruby (Ally)" on it!


The Map began glowing as it showed several red dots following me, and a blue dot at the distance, right in front of me!

"Something's following me?!"

I looked behind me, quickly finding enormous red wolves the size of over fifty meters each!




These were Divine Monsters and were furious!

Are these Red's Guard Dogs of her Divine Realm?

[Abyssal Blood Fenrir: Rank 8 (Upper Stage)] [Status: Furious, Hungry]

[Description]: Known as Guard Dogs of Hell, monstrous wolves that can reach up to sixty meters of height with red fur covering their bodies and sharp red eyes. Their jaws can extend up to four times their original size and their speed and resiliency are incredible and unparalleled.

They're well known for chasing down prey for hours, days, or even weeks until they catch them and feast on the still living prey. Extremely vicious and overwhelmingly strong Divine Monsters that works on packs of a minimum of ten members. Can use combined magic for even more devastating attacks. Extremely cunning.

[Abilities]: [Indestructible Fur Coat] [Bloody Jaws of Demise] [Endless Chase] [Ever-growing Hunger] [Gluttonous Blood Auras] [Guard Dog of Hell] [Lesser Blood Judgement] […]

I was right, these are Red's guard dogs.

I guess there was no way she was going to leave this place unprotected!

However, I have no time to deal with some little dogs.

"Divine Spirit Creation: [Divine Excalibur Dragon Spirit Knights]!"


I utilized Divine Power and Mana at insane quantities, quickly summoning ten powerful Dragon Spirits, knights wearing white and golden armor and holding enormous holy swords. Their power was enough to hold them off for now!

"Hold them off!" I ordered them.


The Dragon Spirits roared in unison, rushing forward without even faltering as they clashed against all the wolves together. Even the Alpha of the pack was surrounded by the attacks of my spirits, being forced to fight them instead of chasing me down.

Crack… crack!

The Divine Realm continued shattering with each passing second. I couldn't waste any more time, as I quickly flew forwards, seeking Ruby amidst this endless maze of Red Mist. However, problem quickly arose once more. Even more monsters appeared in the way, it was as if they all knew I was coming to rescue Ruby. Has Red tamed these beasts somehow?!




Enormous beasts emerged, but this time around, they had way more variety. More Wolves covered on red-colored fur and sharp demonic horns atop their heads, gigantic octopuses with red scales and blazing breaths, and gargantuan mosquitoes with deadly blade-shaped mouths capable of piercing and draining the blood of anything they desired.

These were all powerful Divine Monsters, guardians of Red's Divine Realm! And they came by the dozens. Each beast exuding an enormous quantity of power, and they were all either Darkness or Blood Attribute, or both. The weakest monster was Rank 8, so they were incredibly strong.

They quickly attempted to surround me to stop me from reaching Ruby, as they roared furiously, summoning countless projectiles made of shadows and blood, or even chains to stop me from flying towards my goal.

"I have no time for you!"

I quickly gathered Divine Power and hundreds of thousands of Mana into my hands and then materialized it through the power of Divine Spirit Creation! Once more I decided to make new Dragon Spirits. However this time I reduced each individual spirit's cost, which as a result gave me the ability to summon them in even larger quantities.

"Divine Spirit Creation: [Heavenly Light Dragon Knight Spirits]!"