The enormous Axolotl fell down into the floor, rolling with agony and pain clear on its eyes, the spear had pierced straight through its chest, and it was already struggling to stand up.

"You're merely the Dream of an Ancient Guardian that perished long ago. Rest in peace."

I gathered Mana into my dagger, as the small dagger suddenly grew in size, becoming as large as a powerful sword, generating large quantities of oceanic water which began shaping as countless hydra heads, fusing together and then forming a furious dragon made of spiraling ocean vortexes!

"[Ocean Dragon's Whirlpool of Devastation]!"


The enormous water attack converged several Abilities together, even my newly acquired divinities, reaching the struggling Axolotl, as the beast unleashed its last fiery attack, trying to block my Spell!


However… it was too late now.

"Your struggle is pointless."



Giving a last cry of anger, the beast was completely destroyed by my attack, as the enormous dagger quickly went back to its tiny size… Woah, that was amazing, what with this weapon?! It's way too cool! I guess I officially got myself my third weapon, this is definitely a keeper.


The Axolotl's body slowly dissipated into particles of light, each bit of it disappeared. As the domain covering the volcanic lands also disappeared, the place became more bearable now. It seemed that monster was maintaining the annoying heat all this time.

"And done with the fifth and last." I said with a nod. "Well done girls!"

I congratulated my daughters, as they flew towards me and hugged me. Their combined attack was amazing to be honest! I was very proud.

"Of course, you two did a great job as well." I praised Benladann and Miranda too.

"Hahaha, we are not kids to need your praise or something…!" Miranda said while crossing her arms.

"We really didn't do much anyways~" Benladann said. "More importantly, we finally finished this! So where's the treasure chest-"


And then, in front of all of us, just as Benladann wondered that, some system messages popped up, and we got some brand-new Treasure Chests once more! This is the fifth and last time already, and I cannot get enough of them. But sadly this seems to be the last.

The treasure chests were red colored this time, a blazing red with a hint of metallic orange, in fact, they were overflowing with divine energy. Everyone got one as well, so I quickly decided to open mine as I got it, I had little patience anyways, and I wanted to see what my last set of rewards was.


[Your Party has defeated the [Field Boss 5/5]!]

[You Party has received a [Field Boss Special Treasure Chest (???)] x1!]

[You have earned +15000000 Divine Power]

[You acquired the [Spatial Volcano's Blazing Volcanic Axolotl Bracelet (A Grade)] x1!]

[You acquired the [Divine Spirit Evolution Ticket (A Grade)] x1!]

[You acquired the [Elixir of the Spatial Volcano (A Grade)] x1!]

Oh! 15 million Divine Power is not bad at all! I am already getting slowly closer to the number necessary for my next Rank Up… Though I could probably find better ways to earn more Divine Power later. More importantly, I got a third Spirit Evolution Ticket?! This is a bit excessive already! With these three I can easily evolve all my three Divine Spirits, isn't it?

Rose, Belle, and Gabriel. I suppose I can do that later then… I even got an instant creation ticket for a divine spirit too, these tickets are amazing, they let you use any material you want as the base, easily creating overpowered divine spirits that way.

For now, I should drink the Elixir though…


[You've drank the [Elixir of the Spatial Volcano (A Grade)]!]

[You feel the essence of the Ocean of Time flowing through your body!]

[You gained +5000000 Divine Power!]

[You acquired the [Divinity: Spatial Volcano (A)]!]

[The [Divinity: Divine Flames (SS)] Divinity has been incorporated into the [Divinity: Spatial Volcano (A)] Divinity!]

[The [Divinity: Spatial Volcano (A)] Divinity has evolved into the [Divinity: Divine Starlight Flames (SS)]!]

[The New Divinity has been automatically equipped!]

[You unlocked the [Space] Elemental Affinity!]

Huh?! Hold on a second, my Divine Flames just helped this evolve too? Ah, the Auxiliary Divine Flames Divinity hasn't disappeared though! Yet it helped this evolve, amazing! And not only that but it became a pretty overpowered Divinity.

"[Divine Starlight Flames]!"


My Divine Flames got an upgrade! The moment I summoned them, what emerged instead of the usual red flames were fiery blueish, gold, and purple flames resembling a blazing cosmos… The visual aesthetic was just amazing already! Is this the true evolution of Divine Flames? I even sensed some space element into it.

And yeah, I even unlocked the Space Attribute Affinity, I guess this adds up to the Time Affinity… This whole Dungeon has been nothing but great surprises all around… And of course, the new equipment and last piece of equipment is here.

[Spatial Volcano's Blazing Volcanic Axolotl Bracelet (A Grade)]


[Fortune]: [A+++]

[Physical Strength]: [B+++]

[Magical Power]: [A+++]

[Dexterity and Agility]: [B+++]


[Mystical Spirit Volcanic Lands Connection]: Increases Fire and Space Attribute Affinity by one Grade when equipped. Grants some of the Spatial Volcano's Blazing Volcanic Axolotl's Abilities and Spells with an additional +25% Power. Available Abilities: [Lava Bubble] [Lava Bullet] [Volcanic Eruption] [Spatial Volcanic Domain] [Volcanic Dragon Vortex] [Blazing Hydra] [Earthquake] [Volcanic Claws of Destruction].

[Blessing of the Spatial Volcano]: Increases the strength of Fire and Space Attribute Magic when conjured by +35%, while also increasing the Fortune and Magic Power of any ally with such Magic Affinities by one grade when equipped. When Mana is imbued into the Bracelet, a powerful [Blazing Aura] is conjured, which increases all Fortune and Magic Power by 30% for a few minutes.


A special Bracelet created by the Yggdrasil Dream Dungeon, a completely original item that can only be wielded by the one that has received the gift. This Bracelet enhances the Fortune and Magic Power of the wielder by a great amount, while also enhancing their Affinity with Fire and Space Attribute by one Grade. It also allows for the creation of water and the slight control of concepts of time more easily and can reinforce the strength of Fire and Space Attribute Magic and Spirits related with such elements.

Yeah, it is how I expected it to be…