As everyone else got their rewards, I suddenly sensed the same presence as the one from before, this time, the words were whispered one last time, as the last orb emerged out of thin air, flying into the palm of my hands.

"And with the last Guardian taken down, the Spatial Volcano, which maintained space itself through its countless veins filled with Lava, was taken over. Now possessing power over the cycle of life and death, space and time, the gods moved to the Yggdrasil Tree, their all-creator. Their ultimate desire clear, they wanted to rule everything on top of it."


The last orb, the Red Orb, emerged before us.


[You acquired the [Red Orb of Volcanoes (??? Grade)]!]

[Red Orb of Volcanoes (??? Grade)]

A mysterious Red Orb imbued with the mystical power of Fire itself. It contains a primordial power within this world, and it might react with the Tree of Yggdrasil once you collect the other four Orbs.


All five Orbs emerged as we acquired the last one, and they all began rotating with one another in front of us. Their radiance converged together beautifully, as they shoot down a rainbow beam into the Yggdrasil's tree's top.

"The path towards the truth has been opened. Are you daring enough to enter the last stage, Dragon King?"

The voice once more whispered, as we were left there, standing in surprise.

"D-Did it just spoke to you?" Miranda asked.

"I am fairly sure it did!" Benladann said.

"Yeah… Whatever is happening right now, I can tell it is something important. This Dungeon… it is trying to tell me something- no, to tell us something. A story of the past, something that happened in this world…" I sighed. "But we can only find the truth once we get there. Are you all ready?"

"Yeah, let's go." Benladann nodded.

"Me too." Miranda agreed.

"Big tree!" Benladra said.

"Shiny…" Kate said.

I guess I cannot ask my two daughters to act seriously, they're just way too amused by all the fantastical things going on to care enough, which is understandable, to be honest.

We quickly walked across the Rainbow Bridge, just because. We could easily fly there but I wanted to do it the right away and go through the bridge anyways.

After just a few minutes, we reached the top of Yggdrasil, and what greeted us was an enormous castle made from the tree's wood itself. It was beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and seemed vibrant.

Once we got in front of the castle, the Orbs reacted once more, reaching the castle's door and fitting in all five of its orifices, glowing brightly.


Their elemental lights emerged, flowing across the entire gate, and then slowly opening it for us.


The gates opened, as the orbs floated out of the gates and then went back to me. Were these things alive or something?

"This beautiful castle… Just what does it has inside?" Wondered Benladann.

"We'll have to get inside and see." Miranda said.

"Yeah… I am honestly slightly nervous. Don't lower your guards." I said, as we stepped forward.

An enormous temple stretched in front of us beautifully, we walked across the temple, as we explored its vast, near endless corridors. Even in my dragon form, it was big enough to harbor me inside easily.

We found strange paintings; murals filled with runes. Totems of beasts and dragons, rooms filled with dried alchemy pots, and even an old furnace… how odd. Just what exactly is this place?


Suddenly, Benladra got distracted with something, flying away as we explored the place.

"Wait, Benladra!" Benladann said. "Where are you going girl?"

We quickly followed her as she flew around with her tiny dragon wings, suddenly reaching a vast hall.

"Papa! Mama! Big tree! Woman!" She called when we got there we found a smaller room than the rest, and it was filled with tree branches and roots everywhere with a small pool of transparent water in the middle of it, where water lilies and lotus flowers floated.

And right at the end of that room, there was… someone. It was a woman that was sleeping, wrapped and even fused into the branches and roots, her skin seemed to be made of wood, and her hair were leaves and flowers.

When we got there, she opened her eyes out of the blue, startling us.

"So you've come…" She sighed, looking back at us with a calm smile. "I've been waiting for you since you created this place… This embodiment of old memories and dreams I've tried to forget for so long…"

There was something mystical about her voice, something transient, even. She spoke with so much peacefulness and tranquility, yet her words carried a certain weight… Was this the weight of wisdom? Of someone unfathomably old, perhaps.

"Who… are you?" Asked Benladann.

"Who am I? The Vessel of Chaos, it is very intriguing how you're not able to recognize me." Sighed the woman.

"Vessel of Chaos? That's not her name!" Miranda said.

"Miasmic Demon, you're a being of your own… How intriguing." Said the woman again.

"She's Benladann and Miranda, call them by their names if you could. Also, call me by my name as well, Yggdrasil." I said, directing my gaze at the woman's golden eyes.

She smiled calmly.

"Heh, it seems the Dragon King is sharp enough to have realized it already… No, I mean Drake." She said, her eyes glowing brighter.

"Huh? Yggdrasil you say?!" Benladann and Miranda were left rather speechless.

"But isn't Yggdrasil just a big old tree?" Asked Miranda.

"This woman… and even if she could be, she's just a dream at the end, right?" Benladann asked.

"No… She's not really a dream." I sighed. "I kind of figured it out at long last. This whole dungeon, it was a trial, a test she made through my own powers… I don't know exactly how she did this but when I created the dungeon based in the Yggdrasil's Branch "dreams", her true consciousness leaked inside. I've finally figured it out…"