"A mission?"

Out of nowhere, Yggdrasil said some very bold words. Well, it was nice to finally get an actual apology from her after the Curse and getting the confusion of Alma's curse cleared up was also nice. I guess I can understand better why she does the things she does at the end… though I still cannot completely forgive her, she's not a malicious existence. However, I wonder how fast her mind changes.

I also want to protect this world, because it is the world I love and cherish the most. If I have to work with her then… I guess I can swallow my pride a bit and at the very least listen to what she has to say. If I dislike it I can just reject her offer or something, but for now there's nothing saying I can't listen to whatever she wants to ask me.

"H m m m… Even as much as you praise my husband, I cannot really trust you." Benladann said. "You cursed him and all!" She sighed.

"I will… slowly make up for it. I am sorry." Sighed Yggdrasil. "Now that he's the Dragon King, he's… and you two as well, are one of the few hopes I have for this world to not be… brought to its ultimate doom."

"Sigh… Benladann let her talk for now." Miranda said. "We'll see whatever she wants and then with Drake, we can decide what we'll do."

"Yeah, relax for now, honey." I gave a head pat to Benladann.

Meanwhile, Benladra and Kate were playing around in the small pond in the room, there were even little frogs and fishes in there, so they were running around splashing the water while trying to catch them.

"Alright then, tell us what's this mission about… Let me guess, it has to do with the Primordial Treasures and the Elemental Orbs, right?" I asked her.

"Yes, indeed." Yggdrasil nodded. "I know it would be a pain to add yet another quest to the large amount of them you've had for a while now but… You're the only one I can completely trust right now that would actually do it…"

Yggdrasil quickly began to explain.

"These Elemental Orbs were shattered by the gods of ancient times, yet their shards remain around the world. Those Orbs you now possess are a lost piece of their parts, their very Soul Cores. When the Gods shattered them, these Soul Cores were lost in the portals left by the distortion of space and time… I never thought you could utilize your powers to bring them here, attracting them together in Dream Dungeon." Said Yggdrasil. "The Element of Dungeons and Dreams, both artificially created through Unique Skills, are truly incredible. Even more when their power converge into one…"

"So these Orbs aren't just for show, they're part of the real deals…" Said Miranda in surprise.

"Amazing…" Benladann was left speechless.

"Yes, they're pretty much the ones that could detect the other shards and bring them together, once over half the original shards are gathered, you will be able to recover them." Sighed Yggdrasil. "And once that's finally done, I can recover most of my original strength. Trust me, we'll need it.

"Your original strength?" I asked.

"Yes, it will allow me to take on my True Form, a powerful form I can use to actually move around as well." Sighed Yggdrasil. "Like this, I'll be able to… defend my world."

"These shards… they're still around?" I wondered. "Are they too many?"

"No, due to the components of these crystals, there's at most three shards of each color, not hundreds. They're spread around the world, but based in their elements, they might feel attracted to the areas where their elements are the most present." Yggdrasil explained. "Are you going to Muspelheim, by any chance?"

"How do you know that?" Asked Benladann.

"I heard you talking about it while you were doing the trials." Said Yggdrasil.

"Well yeah, we are going there." I nodded. "Don't tell me…"

"It should be possible. I do remember that some of the shards of the Fire Orb are within the possession of the inheritance of a Venerable of ancient times, the Fire Giant Venerable that was often called the "Savage Sun Flare Demon Venerable", or as I called him "The Destroyer". He's… a very chaotic man. I don't know if he plans to revive or something, I cannot do much about it either in my state." Sighed Yggdrasil. "It's all up to you to decide..."

"I see… I've gotten several inheritances already, doesn't seem like it would be too hard." I sighed. "Or maybe I am getting overly confident because I defeated a Venerable… Well, whatever's the case, what are the rewards?"

"The rewards are perhaps the most treasured materials of this entire world, the Primordial Treasures. The Ocean of Time, the Spatial Volcano, the Dunes of the End, the Jungles of Beginning, and the Yggdrasil's Garden of Origin. All of them will become yours once you gather and reconstruct all Orbs." Yggdrasil said. "You have my word."

"T-The Primordial Treasures?! You're just gifting them away?" Asked Benladann.

"Isn't this a bit… Too much? She's definitely lying." Said Miranda.

The two girls had their right to be skeptical, after all Yggdrasil is still not someone trustworthy to us. But it's not like it would hurt me to try to get these shards while I'm on it anyways, right?

"Sigh… Listen, I am not lying. I am literally out of options right now." Sighed Yggdrasil. "I am the creator of this world… and the mother of your parents as well. It could be said I am your granny."

"A granny that wanted me dead…" I sighed.

"Look that was only because you were very dangerous but I realized that wasn't the case! I misjudged you!" Yggdrasil complained.

"Anyways, can you talk me more about anything else you know about these orbs and these Primordial Treasures? Also the Gods and all?" I wondered.