While Drake fought the newly transformed Knight Commander, the rest of his family were having a battle against the other dozen of knights. Unlike their commander, who possessed the best affinity with these divinely blessed pieces of equipment, they were unable to utilize their full power and transform to his extent.

Nonetheless, the weapons and armor granted them incredible divine power, helping mere mortals at Rank 4 or Rank 5, reach levels of power equal or higher than Rank 7! And unlike those Benladra and Kate dismantled some days ago, these were more intelligent and stronger, capable of utilizing their divine power in smarter ways as well.

"Slaves of the Evil Dragon! Surrender now if you don't want our Ocean God's divine punishment!" The Knights roared, pointing their weapons at Benladann, Miranda, Benladra, and Kate.

"Evil Dragon? If anything my husband is the nicest dragon out there! You are just way too wicked for him to have mercy." Sighed Benladann.



Three knights rushed towards Benladann at the same time, each one holding a longsword, a spear, and an axe respectively, and imbuing them with dark and blue divine power, unleashing truly explosive attacks!

"Then DIE in the name of our GOD!!! [Divine Weapon Attack]!!!"

The three knights moved in midair at incredibly fast speeds, flashing all around Benladann and attacking her with their strongest technique, the only one they knew named [Divine Weapon Attack], which activated their divine weapons powers.


However, Benladann calmly intercepted their blows with either her bare hands or her powerful Chaos Axe, Hel. Shockwaves of divine power and chaos energy exploded with each blow she intercepted, and even when they hit her bare skin... there was no damage.


At one point their attacks began to sound as if they were hitting an incredibly hard piece of metal!

"H-How are we not damaging her at all?!"

"A-And her movements are so precise?!"

"D-Don't tell me she's also a Divine Being?! No, even if she was-"

"Divine Titan Arts: [Orichalcum Body]." Benladann said, as the three knight suddenly realized Benladann's skin reinforced itself even harder than before!


Their blows hit her once more, this time her defenses were boosted by the Titans strongest defensive technique, the power to turn their skin as hard as the divine metal that only the Ancient Gods could create, Orichalcum!

Crack... crack...


Ultimately, their very weapons shattered into pieces as the three knights were left completely flabbergasted. Their eyes glancing back at Benladann with utter disbelief!


"T-The weapons our god gave to us...?!"

"They shattered?!"

Benladann smiled rather evilly back at them, her grin growing wider as she channeled her own Divinity, that of Chaos itself. Dark energy started swelling around her own hands and weapon, distorting space itself.

"Divine Weapons? As strong as Gods? You're just pretenders... Fakers." Benladann said. "Do you want to experience what a God truly can do. Here, feast your eyes."

The three knights faces grew more and more distorted as they saw what Benladann was doing, conjuring enormous quantities of divine power like absolutely nothing, and then distorting space itself around her, pointing her axe at them.



"Ocean God, w-we can't do this!!!"

The three knights began flying away in an incredible showcase of cowardice, but Benladann wasn't merciful of their weak hearts. Drake had already seen through their hears using his Dream Magic, and they were all corrupt people that had done tons of terrible things to many innocents.

They were nobles that abused their positions to hurt and torture the innocents that lived in the suburbs, and deplorably hated them for simply being less fortunate than them.

Such people didn't deserved to live.

"[Chaotic Tempest]"

Benladann swung her powerful Divine Axe against the three knights who were flying away, as an enormous slash of pure chaos reached them in an instant, shattering the sound barrier and generating countless shockwaves, the enormous impact easily reaching them.

"N-No, wait...! I can't die like this!!!"


"Ocean God, heeeeeelp!!!!"


The enormous attack generated a gigantic tornado of darkness, which started unleashing black lightning everywhere. The three knights were consumed and then completely disintegrated, not only body, but soul as well.

However, that was not everything that happened, as Benladann's [Chaotic Tempest] spread through the surroundings, completely devastating the lurking monsters, and also sending chaotic electric shocks at the nearby knights, which were already struggling to even breathe while fighting against everyone else.

"Don't you think you went a bit overboard there?" Sighed Miranda, quickly concentrating in her foes. A group of four knights, three smaller ones while there was a big behemoth-like knight with the head of a whale, the man was over five meters tall.

"What will a little shrimp like you even do?! You're so small and pathetic! Hahahaha! Meanwhile, the power of our God has granted us not only divine weapons and armor, but divine strength!!!"

The man roared, his armor enchanting his physical strength greatly while the other three knights utilized magic to attack Miranda utilizing water, darkness, and illusion magic, creating mirages of monsters, attacking with explosive water bullets, and generating little black holes all at once.


Unlike Benladann, Miranda didn't liked taking damage if possible, so she swiftly flew around the skies while evading each divine spell while also fighting against the whale mermen.

"ORRAAAH! You can only evade, little bitch?!"

"No, I am just rather worried about the name I should give to my child..."


Miranda was completely and utterly uninterested in fighting against such weaklings, as the mermen was left flabbergasted...

"Ah, well, not like it matters to you, right?"

Miranda smiled evilly, as she suddenly summoned an enormous wall of Demonic Flames, which shielded her against all attacks at once.


"W-What is this fire?! My hands- AAAGGH! My armor is melting?! My hands hurt... My spirit- no, my soul is burning?!"

The whale mermen quickly realized he shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

"Oh, you've never fought against a Demon, haven't you? Well, let me bring you to the deeper layers of hell then. [Hell Flare Chains]!"