After her evolution into a Demoness, Miranda had acquired a brand new Magic Element which had derived from her own Mold Magic, the power of Demon Magic, an element that only existed within the "True Demons" entities from another Realm named "Hell" faraway from the world of Yggdrasil.

The reason behind her sudden evolution seemed illogical at first, but once Miranda realized what truly made a "demon" she fit in all the criteria. She was a rather wicked woman, she had a tendency for evil mischief, and despite her soft side, she possessed dark powers that didn't originated from this world either.

Hence, as she utilized a special item generated by Drake's System, the World itself gave her the Title of a Demon, and there, she became one.

And since then, she couldn't had been happier!

"[Hell Flare Chains]!"

Chains made of Demonic Red and Blue flames emerged out of Miranda's hands, mixing into a demonic purple color and wrapping around the whale mermen's arms and legs.

"Huh?! W-What the- chains?! I WON'T BE HELD BACK BY MERE CHAINS!!!"

The brute roared, attempting to shatter the chains with his utter physical strength, and of course, he couldn't manage.

In fact, the harder he tried to freed himself, the worse they burned, with deadly curses that drained away all of his health and mana away! His armor was melting as well, burning his skin.

"Gryyyaaaggggh..! I-I can't...! Free myself?! H-HELP...! YOU THREE HELP ME!!!"

The other three magician knights were already having all their hands occupied as they were fighting another set of "Mirandas" she had created in the meantime, separating her body utilizing her Slime-like Mold body, which she then shaped into aberrant, chimeric monsters resembling wolves with many heads and snake tails.

"W-What sort of devil is she?!"

"G-Get away! Our magic is not even harming them!"


"Those are my [Hellhounds]. An interesting power I developed by becoming a Demoness! Enjoy your feast, my little doggies!" Laughed Miranda like a truly evil demon queen, as the three magician knights were devoured alive, while the whale mermen burned into ashes as his soul was eaten by her flames, exploding.


"Phew, that wasn't even entertaining at all. Is this all that Deep One can send at us? Even those Divine Sea Monsters were more interesting to fight!" Miranda sighed, feeling rather disappointed.

However, she smiled as she crossed her arms, seeing Benladra and Kate fighting as well, and slowly developing more of their abilities. She began hoping her child will be able to contend with their big sisters in the future.

"H-How can mere children be this strong?!"

"T-They're definitely not normal ice giant children..."

"L-Look! Don't you realize? Those little wings, and the scales they have!"

"So those are the Evil Dragon's daughters, they're the ones that wiped out the previous Knight Squad...!"

"We won't lose now! Not against mere children!"

"You might be dragons, but you're too young to be as strong as your father! Let's just gang on them and utterly destroy them!"

The remaining knights, a squad of six powerful divine weapon wielders fought against Benladra and Kate at the same time. However, although they were spitting a lot of bold words, they were all struggling.

Much like her mother, Benladra was near invincible. Her physical defenses were in par if not higher than Benladann, as they merged her mother's skin with her father's powerful scales. Each of their attacks, physical and magical, were simply reflected back at their foes with the tiny body of hers.



"GAAGGH...! T-That damn brat! What is her skin made of?!"

"Those scales... is it really... hopeless? We can't even pierce them with any of our attacks!"

"Don't lose faith! Pray to our god and he shall answer our prayers!!!"

The three knights fighting little Benladra prayed while confronting her, completely unaware that they had come this far because the little dragon girl wanted to practice her defensive abilities and her evasive techniques.


The three knights auras suddenly exploded with divine power, fusing with their divine armament as the auras of a ferocious eel, a shark, and an octopus emerged around them. This was a special ability within their equipment [Divine Ocean Beast Aura]!

"With this power, surely!"

"We can do it!"


The three unleashed their powers, gallantly unleashing their strongest techniques against Benladra. The three sword wielders showered Benladra with sharp slicing attacks and explosive magic spells combined together.


However, even after all of that...

Benladra was unfazed, and even began yawning.

"You're too boring! That shark head guy was stronger than you three combined! Boring!" Benladra got angered. Certainly, the previous knight commander's strength could only be compared with the current one, the knights will always be weaker.


Benladra didn't hesitated, covering her body with the power of her Heavenly Magic and, like a falling star, reaching the knights in a blink of an eye!

"[Heavenly Dragon Claws]!"


Her claws mercilessly pierced the chest of one of the knights, destroying his heart and shattering his spine in the way, the merman vomited a mouthful of blood, incapable of believing a little girl had suddenly done this...

"T-This... Is... r-ridiculous...!"

"[Twinkle Star]!"



And as if that couldn't be enough, Benladann began to burn the merman's entire body with er "Twinkle Star" Divine Spell, which utilized her light magic to completely burn something and made it explode... like a twinkle star.



The other two knights looked in utter horror. The adorable little girl's face seemed to make the scene even more frightening. Her eyes... shining fiercely and filled with bloodlust.

They had it wrong, they weren't "slowly getting through it". They never were the hunters. They were the prey, and she... was a predator.

A wild, and powerful aura emerged from her, the aura that only a dragon, a guardian of nature that had both the intelligent of humans and the power of animals possessed.

"You're next..."

Her eyes glowed bright gold with the fierceness and mercilessness of a predator.