With a single divine spell, Benladra blew into bits one of the bold knights that dared to get closer to a young dragoness that has yet to master her powers. It was well known amongst ancient magus to never get closer to young dragons past a certain period of time, not only because they were fierce, but because they had yet to fully mature, and were prone to be incredibly dangerous, being angered by the slightest of provocations.

"S-She killed him so mercilessly...!"

"Is she really a child?!"

The two other knights started to tremble in fear, but the power of their equipment kept them from completely falling into the intimidation of the little dragon in front of them. However, Benladra wasn't going to play around anymore.


In a split of a second, her entire body was covered by her Heavenly Light Aura, enhancing her speed to completely insane levels, and helping her reach the two knights at the same time.

The two barely had any time to react as Benladra's tiny hands, which grew sharp and long silver claws began to glow with her divine powers!

"[Heavenly Dragon Claws]"

The knight that was about to receive the hit directly gritted his teeth, imbuing all of his mana and then his very soul into his sword!

"Don't mess with me...! YOU'RE JUST A DAMN KID!!!"

His roar echoed around the skies as his word clashed against Benladra's claws, an enormous and thunderous explosion of light ensued right after, blinding all three fighters.


The impact was so powerful that the knight, for a split of a second, believed he might had managed to stand against Benladra with his own powers. Sadly, he was terribly wrong.

Crack... CRASH!

His sword shattered into pieces, but not by Benladra's claws, which ended accidentally letting the sword slip through, but by her tiny fangs, which began biting and shattering the divine sword.

"H-Huh?! T-This can't be serious..."

The knight was left utterly flabbergasted, as he saw Benladra eat his divine weapon with a few bites, and then direct her gaze against him. Her jaws opening wide, as a gathering of Divine Power began to emerge, forming an immense mass of light!

"[Heavenly Dragon Breath]!"



The man was completely disintegrated before he could even fathom what was happening anymore. Benladra only left his ashes falling into the ground below, as she directed her gaze to the last of her preys, the last knight that was actually sneaking behind her while she attacked the other knight.

"DIEEEE! [Dragon Slaying Blade]!!!"


His sword suddenly unleashed a powerful slashing attack made of magic aura and divine power contained within the weapon itself, which came with some sort of Dragon Slaying enchantment!


The powerful blow could had slain a lesser dragon monster with a single swipe, or perhaps hundreds of them. But to Benladra, that wasn't the case. The girl glanced at the man's pitiful attack, her scales having only gained a slight scratch, which quickly fell off for a new scale to grow on its place.

"Was that a dragon slaying attack?! Meh..." Benladra felt utterly disappointed, pointing her tiny hand at the knight filled with fear and then...

"[Twinkle Star]"




...And his head blew off into pieces as Benladra imbued her explosive light spell into the knight's forehead, killing him on the spot, his body fell into the ground, as she caught the sword with her tail, the only thing she cared for, and started nibbling on it.

"Hmm... This ish not bad... Om nom, nom, nom..."

Meanwhile, in another side of the battlefield, Benladra's little sister was having her own problems... Or well, more like her own fun. The little and silent half-spirit and half-dragon girl was analyzing the situation she was on rather calmly.

"Unlike the other knights, we possess a special ability!"

"We are Tamers! We are compatible with brainwashing artifacts, and lo and behold!"

"We've got our own, divine monster partners!"

The three knights seemed confident while confronting a little girl, as Kate looked at them while tilting her head, as they summoned their three monsters.

"[Divine Sea Monster Summon]: [Horned Blood Marked Shark]!"

"[Divine Sea Monster Summon]: [Gargantuan Electric Eel King]!"

"[Divine Sea Monster Summon]: [Aberrant Giant Manta Ray]!"

Three enormous divine sea monsters that Kate had seen a lot the previous weeks were summoned. Usually she ate these guys for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as her parents always went to the sea regularly to catch some monsters to eat.

The three monsters glanced at the little Kate with intimidating glares, their divine auras surging from their bodies, showcasing the might of Rank 7 Peak Stage Divine Monsters!

"This is the power we've attained utilizing these artifacts!"

"Now devour her, and don't leave a bone behind!"

"Eat her up!!!"

The three knights laughed, as the enormous Sea Beasts flew towards Kate, about to eat her whole!




However, Kate seemed incredibly relaxed, as her gray eyes glanced back at the three beasts, they began shining with a bright neon blue light, as the knights suddenly noticed some strange numbers, letters, and data flowing through her strange eyes.

"[Analysis Complete] [Activating: Divine Mechanoid Creation] [Utilizing Recently Analyzed Monster Data]"

She suddenly said some robotic words, and then, three enormous magic circles emerged behind her, as matter began to materialize in mere seconds, assembling into countless pieces of metal as three exact copies of the three divine monsters emerged, confronting them head-on!



Their metallic and incredibly hard bodies, and the power of Kate's divinity imbued into their bodies made them particularly powerful, with a few bites, they easily overpowered their organic counterparts, chopping them into pieces!


"What's going on?!"

"S-She summoned... metallic versions of our monsters?!"

They never expected a dragon would know how to summon mechanic golems. Even less that they would be way stronger than their own tamed divine monsters!



And as the mechanic golems finished their meals, all three of them merged together into a gigantic metallic chimera.



The monstrous mechanic beast gave a loud metallic roar, attacking the three knights!