George's voice quivered with a mix of anger and disappointment. "You're the evil one here, Rudy! You want to bring an apocalypse upon the world!"

Rudy's response was surprisingly nonchalant. He shrugged, as if the accusation of being evil didn't faze him. "I never claimed to be a good person, George."

The tension between the two continued to escalate. George was unwavering in his belief that his dream was for the betterment of humanity, while Rudy's intentions appeared malevolent.

George's tone softened momentarily as he reminisced, "You know, Rudy, you're like a son to me. I've watched you grow since you were a kid. We could have worked together to make a better world for everyone."

But Rudy's resolve remained unyielding. "You can't stop me, George."

Confidence emanated from George as he asserted, "I can and will defeat you. The way to kill the Lord is mentioned in the Book of Prophecy."

Rudy's scoff cut through the tension like a blade. "Try me."

The battleground between George and Rudy crackled with energy as their epic battle unfolded. Rudy, with his cosmic powers at his command, summoned and manifested formidable forces with a mere thought.

A blazing comet hurtled towards George, trailing fire and destruction in its wake. With a swift motion, Rudy had conjured this cosmic projectile. George's eyes widened in alarm, and he summoned a protective barrier in the nick of time. The comet collided with the barrier, erupting into a cataclysmic display of flames.

Rudy, undeterred, created an army of celestial warriors made of pure energy. These ethereal beings descended upon George with a cacophony of otherworldly chants. George fought back valiantly, calling upon his own powers to create a defensive shield of pure light. The clash of these opposing forces sent shockwaves through the battlefield, shaking the very ground they stood on.

Rudy then decided to manipulate the very fabric of space itself. He created gravitational vortices, causing distortions in the space-time continuum. George found himself struggling against these gravitational forces, his movements slowed as if the very universe conspired against him. It was as if Rudy had harnessed the fundamental laws of existence to his advantage.

But George was not one to be easily defeated. With unwavering determination, he summoned his own powers to counter these cosmic onslaughts. He created beams of brilliant energy, launching them with precision towards Rudy's manifestations. Explosions of cosmic energy lit up the battlefield as these forces collided.

Rudy, undeterred, manifested a swirling vortex of power, attempting to draw George in. With a swift burst of energy, George created a protective bubble around himself, pushing back against the relentless force of the vortex. It quivered and rippled, but he held it steady.

Closing the gap between them with incredible speed, Rudy delivered a rapid flurry of strikes. George blocked and parried as best he could, but the sheer ferocity of Rudy's assault sent him drifting backward, his movements labored in the vacuum of space.

Summoning his last reserves of energy, George concentrated his power into a focused beam that streaked toward Rudy. Rudy, taken off guard, managed to divert it with a casual wave of his hand, but the force of the redirection sent him drifting backward, momentarily disoriented.

In the vast expanse of space, the battle raged on, with George determined to defend himself against Rudy's relentless onslaught. It was a struggle for survival in the desolate cosmic arena, with each clash of power sending shockwaves through the void.

As the cosmic battle raged on in the cold emptiness of space, George came to a stark realization. He was outmatched, outgunned, and no matter how hard he fought, he would never get close enough to Rudy to deliver a decisive blow. With desperation gnawing at his heart, he made a fateful decision – to run, to flee from this cosmic clash.

Seeing George suddenly turn and streak away from him, Rudy raised an eyebrow in curiosity. He could have easily caught up to George, but something about this sudden escape intrigued him. He decided to follow, staying at a distance and maintaining his cosmic form to observe.

Deciding to play this game by George's rules, Rudy watched from a distance as George's fiery descent lit up the Earth's atmosphere. With a resounding crash, George landed squarely in front of his own house. Without a moment's hesitation, he dashed inside.

Returning to Earth in his cosmic form would likely cause panic and chaos. He concentrated and gradually reverted to his normal human form, a decision that he hoped would avoid undue attention. Rudy followed, stepping onto the familiar soil of Earth. His footsteps fell silently, his imposing presence concealed.

Rudy followed George into the house, moving with an uncanny sense of familiarity through the rooms. The house was exactly as they had left it before their battle had erupted. Rudy's keen eyes caught sight of the empty coffee cups on the kitchen platform, a stark reminder of the mundane world they had temporarily left behind.

Without wasting a moment or casting a single glance around, Rudy ascended the stairs. He moved with purpose, as though he knew precisely where to find George. The creaking steps gave no hint of his presence as he climbed the staircase.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Rudy found George standing just outside Alice's room. His expression was a mix of determination and concern, his hand hesitating at the door handle. Rudy's sudden appearance seemed to startle George, who turned to face him with a mixture of surprise and resignation.

In the dimly lit hallway, tension hung heavy as Rudy confronted George, who stood outside Alice's room, visibly drained and on the verge of collapse. Sweat trickled down George's face, his breath labored from the intense chase through space.

As Rudy drew nearer, George's pallor grew even more pronounced. Panic flickered in his eyes, but he managed a sinister smirk as he pointed a trembling finger toward the door of Alice's room.

"If you step any closer, I will unleash a powerful energy beam in Alice's room!" George's voice quivering with a mix of exhaustion and desperation, he issued a chilling ultimatum.