"You are lying! What have you done? Why are you smirking?!"

George's confusion and anger intensified as Rudy continued to smirk and taunt him. He couldn't comprehend Rudy's callous attitude, especially considering the horrific act that had just transpired. His accusations about Rudy's involvement with Alice only fueled his rage further.

George's eyes widened with a mixture of hope and dread as he watched Rudy extend his hand towards Alice's room, which had been reduced to rubble just moments ago.

As Rudy invoked his power, George's heart raced, torn between the desire for Alice's return and the fear of what might come next. To his astonishment, the room began to reform, the scattered debris reassembling itself like pieces of a puzzle. Even the door closed as if it had never been breached.

Dumbfounded, George stared at the miraculously restored room, unable to comprehend the extent of Rudy's abilities. He hesitated for a moment, then cautiously approached the door, his hand trembling as he turned the handle and pushed it open.

The room was exactly as it had been before, every detail painstakingly recreated. George's mind reeled, torn between disbelief and gratitude. He turned to Rudy, his expression a tumultuous mix of emotions. "How... how did you do this?" he stammered, his voice a whisper.

The room seemed to hold its breath as George cautiously approached the bed, his heart pounding loudly in his chest. The sight before him was baffling and surreal. There, on the bed, lay a peacefully sleeping figure, fully covered by the blanket. It was Alice, his beloved daughter, the same daughter he believed he had obliterated only moments ago.

Trembling, his mind awash with a mixture of emotions, George couldn't resist the overwhelming urge to confirm his daughter's well-being. Slowly, he extended his trembling hands towards the blanket, his breath caught in his throat. With each inch that the blanket was lifted, his heart raced faster.

With painstaking care, he began to lift the blanket, inch by inch, anxiety gnawing at his insides. He needed to see, to confirm that his daughter was truly unharmed, that the gruesome act he had committed moments ago had been undone by Rudy's mysterious power.

And then, as he finally uncovered the figure, his eyes widened with disbelief. His entire body seemed to jolt as if struck by lightning, and he stumbled backward, shock etched into his features.

Under the blanket, where his daughter should have been, lay Rudy, the Lord, the source of all the chaos and turmoil that had unfolded. As the blanket was lifted, Rudy's eyes snapped open, and he greeted George with a mischievous "Boo!"

The room was charged with tension, and George stood there in utter shock, his mind reeling from the bizarre revelation. His words stumbled out of his mouth, barely coherent as he stammered, "Wh-what...? But... Alice... you... she..."

Rudy, ever the picture of nonchalance, sat up on the bed, stretching his arms lazily into the air and yawning as if he'd just woken up from a peaceful slumber. He locked eyes with George and spoke with a hint of amusement, "Relax. I simply teleported into Alice's bed. How many nights do you think I've spent with her in her room while you slept downstairs?"

George's confusion deepened, his shock slowly giving way to realization. His eyes widened as he put the pieces together. Rudy's calm demeanor earlier, his lack of concern when George threatened Alice – it all made sense now. Alice had never been in her room to begin with.

Rudy had already anticipated such a cowardly move from George and he was well prepared to counter anything George might possibly do.

George's heart sank like a stone in his chest, and he found himself unable to speak for a moment. He had been played for a fool, a clown in Rudy's grand performance.

In a surge of anger and frustration, George demanded, "Where is Alice?!"

Rudy, that infuriating smirk still dancing on his lips, merely shrugged his shoulders and taunted, "Why don't you go and find her, George? If you can."

Fury coursed through George's veins as he attempted to attack Rudy once more, his hands raised in a desperate attempt to summon the devastating energy beams that had served him so well before. But as he unleashed his power, instead of the powerful beams he'd summoned before, only feeble sparks and splinters of energy fizzled out, like fireworks gone awry. The well of energy had run dry, and he was left with nothing more than impotent rage.

Realizing the dire situation, George's survival instincts kicked in. He bolted out of Alice's room, rushing down the stairs with panic in his eyes. He burst into his own room, rifling through closets and drawers in a frantic search for something of great importance. The room quickly devolved into chaos as he tossed aside clothes and belongings in his desperation.

Finally, George located what he sought—a box filled with dozens of vials, each containing a mysterious substance. With trembling hands, he extracted all the vials, leaving a single one clutched in his palm. Attempting to unscrew the cap was an exercise in futility, given the shaking of his fingers. So, George made a drastic decision. He crushed the vial in his hand, the glass shattering and mixing with his blood.

Without hesitation, he brought his hand to his lips and ingested the liquid, swallowing it down. He flung the remnants of the shattered vial aside and winced as he extracted bits of glass embedded in his palm.

Just then, Rudy entered the room, his calm demeanor a stark contrast to George's frenzied state. "Alice isn't here, father-in-law," he announced casually.

Startled and infuriated, George unleashed a colossal energy beam at Rudy, who was caught off guard. The powerful blast obliterated the house, sending debris flying in every direction and shattering the serene surroundings. Rudy was sent hurtling through the air, miles away from the epicenter of the devastating attack.

"I won't let you destroy the world! I will do anything to create my dream world!" George yelled on top of his lungs as smoke escaped from his hands.