Amidst the backdrop of destruction and the smoky remnants of Rudy's obliterated home, a tense and malevolent confrontation unfolded between George and Rudy.

George's voice dripped with arrogance as he reveled in the chaos he had wrought. His taunting words carried the weight of his malevolence, and he sought to inflict emotional pain upon his foe. "How do you feel now, huh?!" George jeered, his satisfaction palpable. "This is what happens when you don't mind your own business! How does it feel to see your mother and sister die in front of your eyes, all because of your actions?! Had we not crossed each other's path, they would have been alive!"

Rudy, his face etched with disbelief and rage, turned to George, his voice strained as he struggled to comprehend the senseless destruction. "What was the point of all this?" he demanded, his words laced with a potent mixture of sorrow and fury. "Did you think killing my family would stop me from killing you? You just made me even more angry. How stupid can you be to do something like this and think you will be spared?"

George's cold laughter cut through the air, a stark contrast to the chaos and destruction around them. "Oh, I know I won't be spared," he retorted with a chilling nonchalance. "But I wanted you to experience the feeling of loss. You can kill me however you want. I don't care. I will die happily knowing I destroyed your happiness. And oh yeah, oh yeah, this time I won't let you use your power to restore anything!"

With a sudden and reckless motion, George hurled a car towards Rudy, who hung suspended in the air. He leaped after the vehicle, his intent clear: to engage Rudy in a direct and devastating confrontation.

Rudy hovered in the air, his expression unchanging as he confrontation.

Rudy hovered in the air, his expression unchanging as he effortlessly sliced the car in half with a casual finger swipe. However, the true horror began when the car was divided; the spatial rift continued, affecting everything that came into contact with it, including George.

With a heart-wrenching sight, George's upper and lower halves tumbled to the ground. The sheer agony painted his face as he watched Rudy, still aloft in the air, unharmed. The thud of George's body hitting the ground echoed in the eerie silence of the battle.

George's body lay severed on the ground, a grim testament to Rudy's devastating power. George's upper and lower halves, now disconnected, served as a cruel reminder of the consequences of his actions.

Blood oozed from George's wounds, pooling around him as he struggled to maintain consciousness. His vision blurred, and the pain was excruciating. But George's determination remained unbroken.

Frantically, he scanned the scene for the lower portion of his body. With a grimace of effort, he began the arduous task of dragging himself toward the lower half of his body. Every movement sent waves of agony through him, but George was resolute. His eyes locked onto his severed lower half, his only chance at survival.

His trembling hands reached out, grasping and pulling until he finally united his upper and lower sections. It was a grotesque and surreal act of self-restoration, all while Rudy observed with an eerie amusement.

George fumbled with trembling hands, retrieving the remaining vials from his pocket.

George's groans filled the air as he consumed the remaining vials from his pocket. The strange substance coursed through his veins, initiating a slow and painful regeneration. Rudy's amusement remained unabated, and he seemed content to let George struggle in the aftermath of their brutal encounter.

In the midst of this gruesome showdown, once George had successfully regenerated his lower half, Rudy wasted no time in resuming his relentless assault. With a casual flick of his finger, he conjured an air bullet that shot forth with deadly precision, piercing George's leg. The pain was excruciating, and George couldn't help but unleash a torrent of curses at Rudy.

"You sadistic piece of...!" George's voice was a furious roar as he berated Rudy for his ruthless tactics. "You could've attacked me when I was vulnerable during regeneration, but you waited until I was whole again, you sick bastard!"

Rudy's response was marked by an indifferent shrug, his expression devoid of remorse. "You're the one who said, 'You can kill me however you want,'" he retorted coldly. "I merely tried to spare you from needless pain, but it seems you're quite resilient when it comes to staying alive."

As George ranted, his body's enhanced state kicked into overdrive. The vials he had consumed had pushed him beyond his limits, driving him into a frenzied overdrive. His senses sharpened, his speed surged, and his strength became superhuman. George had crossed a threshold into a state of hyperactivity, making him a formidable force despite his injuries.

However, Rudy wasn't one to back down. Without hesitation, he conjured a larger air bullet, one that not only pierced George's leg but also shattered bones in its destructive path.

After another impressive regeneration, George slowly climbed to his feet, his body now fully restored and his determination unwavering. He gazed up at Rudy, a glint of challenge in his eyes as he questioned, "Why don't you fight fair and square, huh?"

Rudy couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the suggestion, his lips curving into a wry smile. He found it rather ironic that George, who had resorted to all sorts of unconventional tactics throughout their battle, was now calling for fairness.

"Fight without using any magical attacks? Fight like two men would?" George's words carried the weight of a sincere challenge, a desire to settle this confrontation with a test of physical prowess, not supernatural abilities. "Let's see who wins, then... kid..."

With a nod of agreement, Rudy descended from his heightened vantage point to stand firmly on the ground, a faint but confident smile touching his lips. The prospect of this final showdown, where sheer physical strength and skill would determine the victor, added a new layer of intensity to their battle, setting the stage for a test of endurance, resilience, and raw power between two formidable opponents.