In a quiet moment before Rudy's departure to Alice's house, he found himself standing on the castle's balcony, high above the magnificent kingdom he had built. The kingdom was a testament to his vision of unity among humans and beings of other races, a vision that had come to fruition with the help of his extraordinary powers.

His expression was solemn, not betraying any hint of joy or sadness, but rather a profound sense of duty. As he gazed out at his thriving dynasty below, he knew that his responsibilities were far from over. His power, while nearly boundless, was both a gift and a burden.

Rudy's eyes then drifted upward to the vast expanse of stars that adorned the night sky. It was a sight he often found himself pondering, a reminder of the immense cosmos beyond the confines of his kingdom.

With a purposeful stride, Rudy made his way to the halo garden, a lush oasis floating gracefully above the castle. Here, he tended to the most precious of his charges, the newborn babies he had saved. These infants, from various races, were now under his care, and he watched over them with a sense of responsibility that transcended his powers.

In the tranquil sanctuary of the halo garden, the babies were kept entertained by the gentle spirits Rudy had summoned. They danced and played, their innocent laughter filling the air, a stark contrast to the world Rudy had known before his ascension.

Yet, Rudy's work was far from done. As he strolled among the floating gardens, he considered how to enrich this garden even further. His gaze fell upon an empty patch of soil, and an idea began to form.

Rudy held in his hand a tiny, glowing red seed, the very essence of the mystical red moon fruit that was so coveted in his realm by his vampire girls. With a purposeful gesture, he buried the seed deep within the soil. His fingers became like a hose, and he gently watered the earth, watching as liquid sparkled and flowed from his hand, nourishing the hidden treasure beneath.

Time itself seemed to bend to Rudy's will as he fast-forwarded the seed's growth. In a matter of moments, the plant emerged, its form rapidly expanding until it became a magnificent tree. The branches bore clusters of the legendary red moon fruits, their crimson glow illuminating the garden.

Rudy repeated this process with dozens of seeds, transforming the once-empty space into a flourishing red moon fruit orchard. It was a testament to his ability to shape and nurture life, to create beauty and abundance with a mere thought.

In the midst of the lush red moon fruit orchard, Rudy plucked one of the crimson orbs from a nearby branch. It glistened in the soft, otherworldly glow of the garden. Holding it delicately in his hand, he couldn't help but marvel at its beauty.

With a small, contented smile, Rudy brought the fruit to his lips and took a bite. The flavor burst over his taste buds, a sweet and slightly tangy sensation that seemed to tingle with a hint of mystery. He savored each mouthful, relishing the unique taste of the red moon fruit. It was a flavor that held a special place in his memory, a connection to a time when things were simpler, yet no less magical.

"Mhm~ Just as I remember," he murmured in satisfaction after swallowing the first bite. Without hesitation, he indulged in another, the juiciness of the fruit a delightful contrast to the ethereal setting.

After he had consumed the entire fruit, Rudy couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over him. It was a simple pleasure, one that reminded him of the simpler moments of his past.

"The girls are going to love this," he mused aloud to no one in particular, imagining the smiles on their faces when they tasted this unique delicacy.

Yet, as Rudy reveled in the sweetness of the moment, a sudden thought pierced his consciousness, like a distant echo of a warning he had once received.

Nyxia's words resurfaced in his mind, her caution about the impending blue moon phase. She had shared with him the secrets of the blue moon fruit, its power to grant knowledge not only of the past but also of the future. It was a power that could be wielded as a formidable weapon in the wrong hands.

Rudy looked at the remaining red moon fruits hanging from the branches, his mind racing with curiosity. Why did the blue moon fruit possess such unique abilities while the red moon fruit did not? It was a question that piqued his interest, but he was not consumed by the need for an answer. After all, the chapter of the blue moon and its fruit had been closed for good, or so he had believed.

With a sigh, he lowered his gaze to his empty hand.

"The blue moon possessed the power of knowledge," he reflected, his voice tinged with a touch of melancholy. "Knowledge of not only the past but also the future. A power that could shape destinies and alter fates. A power that could be a blessing or a curse."

In the past, he had destroyed the blue moon tree to save Jane, breaking the cycle of the moon's influence over her. She was no longer the princess of the blue moon, and her connection to its power had seemingly faded.

However, the knowledge of her true nature, as a child born under the blue moon's influence, remained a shadow that loomed over her.

"She may never have the chance to partake of the blue moon fruit," Rudy thought somberly. It was a fate he had accepted for her, a choice he had made to protect her from the alluring yet dangerous allure of ultimate knowledge.

But then, as if summoned by his thoughts, the impossible happened. The blue moon fruit, the very embodiment of a power he thought was gone forever, appeared in his hand.

"But I do…"