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Chapter 1824: Prisoners

That was quite a lineup!

Duan Tianliang, Big Yellow and the Ying Zhao were secretly alarmed.

There was not a single Grade 7 Black Immortal in the entire Snow Wind Ridge. Furthermore, apart from the short-haired burly man in the lead who was a Grade 7 Black Immortal, the other cultivators were not weak either!

“A Grade 5 and 3 Black Immortal dares to enter the Hundred Thousand Mountains?”

The person who spoke was the young man on the left of the short-haired burly man, a Grade 6 Black Immortal.

The young man wore black martial arts attire and a long sword hung on his waist. He had honed brows and eyes that looked sharp, revealing a hint of contempt in his tone.

“Who are you guys?! Where are you from?!”

The young woman on the right of the short-haired burly man frowned slightly as she chided.

This woman was also a Grade 6 Black Immortal. She wore a red shirt and her long hair was tied up, giving off an extremely neat and heroic aura.

The short-haired burly man did not say anything. However, there was an extremely oppressive might in his eyes as he glared at Su Zimo and Duan Tianliang.

Su Zimo cupped his fists gently through the void. “My surname is Su and I’ve just ascended to the Dragon Abyss Star not long ago. I haven’t joined any faction and I want to head to Dragon Abyss City to take a look today. Please show mercy.”

Su Zimo was not showing weakness, nor was he hiding anything.

The group of people opposite him were not weak. If they were to really fight, he would naturally be fearless. However, Duan Tianliang, Big Yellow and the Ying Zhao might not be able to survive.

It would naturally be for the best if everything could go smoothly.

More importantly, Su Zimo had a feeling. Although the group of people blocking their way looked like bandits, their auras were vastly different from those of the Evil Wolf Army.

To be precise, the group of them did not have a strong blood stench.


The black-robed young man laughed and mocked, “How dare you guys. You want to head to Dragon Abyss City alive with that cultivation?”

The red-robed woman nodded as well. “There’s still a long way to go. Even if we let you guys pass, you won’t be able to reach Dragon Abyss City alive.”

“If you want to head to Dragon Abyss City alive, you’ll have to be at least at Level 7 Black Essence realm. You guys are still far from that,”

The black-robed young man pouted. “Let me give you guys a piece of advice. It’s best if you return the way you came. At the very least, you can survive.”

Duan Tianliang and Big Yellow were delighted when they heard that.

From the looks of it, the other party had no intention of robbing them or taking their lives.

Duan Tianliang sent a voice transmission hurriedly, “Boss, let’s retreat. This truly won’t work. Let’s retreat first and try another path.”

A strange look flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

Neither the black-robed young man nor the red-robed woman had any intention of looting their storage bags.

Although the black-robed young man’s expression was disdainful and his words were harsh, he was still advising them out of goodwill to leave.

Were they bandits?

However, if they were not bandits, what were they waiting for with such a massive formation?

“Brother, have you heard of Blood Sun Valley?”

Right then, the short-haired burly man glared at Su Zimo and suddenly asked.

Su Zimo was slightly stunned before nodding. “Blood Sun Valley is one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star. Naturally, I’ve heard of them.”

For some reason, the black-robed young man and red-robed woman suddenly became alert and looked at Su Zimo warily.

“Big brother, you sure are attentive. Given how strange that green-robed cultivator is, there’s indeed a high chance he’s from Blood Sun Valley!”

The black-robed young man sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness.

The red-robed woman looked at the short-haired burly man as well and sent a voice transmission, “Could those two be spies sent by Blood Sun Valley? If that’s the case, we can’t let them leave!”

The short-haired burly man nodded slightly and suddenly declared, “We want to do something big here. However, your identity and background are truly suspicious.”

“To be safe, I’ll have to trouble you guys to stay first.”

Duan Tianliang’s heart skipped a beat as he said hurriedly, “Brother, you can’t do that! You guys just agreed to let us leave! Why are you reneging on your words?!”

When the black-robed man saw how nervous Duan Tianliang was, he was even more guarded and sneered, “I was almost fooled by you! Earlier on, I was the one who asked you guys to leave. However, my older brother did not agree to it and neither did our brothers around us!”

After saying that, many cultivators from the forest on both sides of the blood path closed in on Su Zimo and the others, surrounding them with unfriendly expressions.

The short-haired burly man smiled. “Brother Su, you don’t have to be nervous. I’m only keeping you guys by my side. I won’t kill or rob you guys.”

“Once today’s matter is over, I’ll naturally let you guys leave. For now, I’ll have to impose on you guys.”

When he heard that, Duan Tianliang’s expression softened and he heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, he managed to survive.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimo had a calm expression. However, the confusion in his heart intensified.

The short-haired burly man pondered for a moment before saying to the red-robed woman beside him, “Little sister, suppress them and guard them personally.”

Pausing for a moment, a murderous glint flashed through the short-haired burly man’s eyes as he said in a deep voice, “If those two men or beasts make any strange movements, don’t show mercy. Kill them without mercy!”

To the short-haired burly man, the only way to ensure that nothing went wrong with Su Zimo’s group was if they were guarded by a Grade 6 Black Immortal!

“Don’t worry, big brother!”

The red-robed woman nodded with a resolute gaze.

Duan Tianliang stole a glance at Su Zimo.

With a relaxed expression, Su Zimo smiled. “Let’s go. To think that we would be reduced to prisoners so quickly.”

Su Zimo had no intention of resisting for the time being.

He wanted to see the background of this group of people and what they wanted!

When the red-robed woman saw how cooperative Su Zimo was, she did not make things difficult for them and merely brought them to a forest far away, watching them from the side.

The short-haired burly man looked at Su Zimo’s back view and frowned slightly in deep thought.

“Big brother, did you discover anything?”

The black-robed young man asked.

The short-haired burly man shook his head. “No, I just feel like I’ve seen this person somewhere before. He looks familiar.”


The black-robed young man added hurriedly, “I had the same feeling earlier on but I can’t remember where I’ve seen him before.”

“Forget it, we’ll talk about this later. Let’s hide first and not expose our tracks,”

The short-haired burly man took a deep breath and waved his hand, shouting softly, “Retreat!”

The moment he said that, hundreds of figures disappeared rapidly into the forest on both sides of the blood path. They were extremely fast and disciplined.

In a few breaths, the blood path returned to normal.

The red-robed woman glared at Su Zimo and Duan Tianliang and whispered, “No matter what you see later on, don’t make a sound. Otherwise…”

Slapping her storage bag, the red-robed woman withdrew a cold saber and pointed it at Su Zimo and Duan Tianliang.

Her meaning was clear!

Duan Tianliang’s head nodded repeatedly like a chick pecking at rice.

Su Zimo merely smiled without saying anything.