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Chapter 1825: Massive Battle!

Time slowly passed.

Both sides of the blood path were silent and sinister, filled with a faint killing intent!

Night descended.

Guarded by many bandits in the forest, Su Zimo was not as nervous as Duan Tianliang.

He had a calm expression, as though he could not sense any danger and had been resting with his eyes closed.

Even the red-robed woman was surprised.

“I wonder if he’s truly courageous or heartless,”

The red-robed woman muttered internally.


Su Zimo opened his eyes and the divine light in them shone brightly before vanishing.



Sensing something, the red-robed woman was instantly on guard. Gripping the saber in her hands tightly, she glared at Su Zimo and whispered, “What are you doing?!”

“Someone’s here,”

Su Zimo said softly.

The red-robed woman frowned slightly and did not dare to use her spirit consciousness to check, afraid that she would alert the enemy.

She listened for a moment but did not hear anything. Her expression darkened as she whispered, “You had better behave yourself and not play any tricks!”

“If you continue to spout nonsense, don’t blame me for spilling your blood on the spot!”

Su Zimo smiled and did not argue.

Another 15 minutes passed.

Suddenly, the red-robed woman’s expression changed!

She sensed a commotion in the distance!

Many cultivators were rushing over!

Right then, the short-haired burly man and black-robed young man turned around and nodded slightly at the red-robed woman.

The short-haired burly man and black-robed young man had clearly sensed it as well.

Suddenly, the red-robed woman recalled something and glanced at Su Zimo with a bewildered expression.

That was because 15 minutes ago, that person suddenly reminded her that someone was here!

But, how was that possible?


This person was only a Grade 5 Black Immortal but he had such terrifying hearing?

However, if that person had not sensed it beforehand, could it have been a coincidence?

Suddenly, the red-robed woman felt that the green-robed man seemed to be shrouded by a layer of fog and became unfathomable.

Su Zimo looked straight, seemingly unmoved by the red-robed woman’s scrutinizing gaze.

Before long.

An irregular vibration came from the ground far away.

This time round, even Duan Tianliang noticed it!

“About a thousand people!”

The red-robed woman listened carefully and made a judgment before relaxing her expression.

This situation was similar to the news they had received previously—if nothing went wrong, today’s matter would definitely succeed!

Su Zimo shook his head gently and said softly, “More than that.”


The red-robed woman was stunned. Before she could understand the meaning of Su Zimo’s words, the blood path not far ahead was already filled with figures.

The army of more than a thousand people had already entered everyone’s line of sight!

Duan Tianliang’s eyes widened when he saw the war flag of the army through the forest.

Big Yellow was shocked as well.

It was the war flag of Blood Sun Valley!

Even Su Zimo was slightly surprised.

He had not expected that the red-robed woman’s group would harbor designs on Blood Sun Valley!

Blood Sun Valley was one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star.

Typically, even the Four Great Bandits would not engage the eight factions in a fight casually!

Su Zimo’s eyesight was extremely strong and he could clearly see the appearances of the cultivators in the army.

Their leader was someone he was familiar with—Blood Sun Valley’s young master, Chen Xuanyang!

After ten years, Chen Xuanyang was still at Grade 6 Black Immortal.

Chen Xuanyang wore white armor and wielded a long spear. He rode on a tall horse and looked extremely dignified.

An older old man followed beside Chen Xuanyang.

The old man was barehanded and did not wear any armor. He wore a gray robe and had a calm expression as his hair that was half black and white fell casually.

The old man was a Grade 7 Black Immortal!

From the looks of it, the army led by Chen Xuanyang was prepared to head to Dragon Abyss City.

The strength of both parties seemed similar.

As Chen Xuanyang approached the ambush spot of the short-haired burly man and the others, the red-robed woman became extremely nervous as well. She looked at Chen Xuanyang’s side while glaring at Su Zimo.

The red-robed woman had a stern gaze and warned Su Zimo not to move or make any sound!


The short-haired burly man raised his arm and hollered, “Kill!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Many cultivators who were lying in ambush in the forest suddenly threw out the spears in their hands with all their might. They tore through the air with a shuddering sound!

The spears arrived at the same time and shot towards the Blood Sun Valley army in the middle of the blood path like a rain of arrows!

Chen Xuanyang’s lips curled slightly with a mocking look in his eyes.

The old man beside him suddenly hollered.

The army of more than a thousand people from Blood Sun Valley seemed to be prepared and changed formations rapidly, forming a gigantic circle.

The cultivators of Blood Sun Valley at the outermost perimeter withdrew gigantic shields from their storage bags and held them in front of them!

Some of the Blood Sun Valley cultivators in the middle raised their shields above their heads.

With that, the army of Blood Sun Valley formed an impenetrable defensive formation.

With a series of clanging sounds, the Blood Sun Valley army blocked all the spears!

A few of the spears that were aimed at Chen Xuanyang were deflected by him with a relaxed wave of his hands.

Su Zimo shook his head gently.

It was clear from the current situation that Blood Sun Valley was long prepared!

If the short-haired burly man and the others continued attacking, they would most likely be surrounded by Blood Sun Valley!

The wisest choice right now was to lead everyone to retreat.

A hesitant look flashed through the short-haired burly man’s eyes when he saw how quickly Blood Sun Valley reacted.

His rationality told him that his plan had failed.

However, the arrow was already on the bow and had to be released.

He was indignant if he were to retreat just like that.

Just as he was hesitating, the black-robed young man beside him could not hold it in any longer and took the lead to charge forward, shouting, “Brothers, kill! Take revenge for the dead! We’ll make Blood Sun Valley pay with blood!”

“Let Blood Sun Valley pay with their blood!”

The blood of many cultivators surged and they couldn’t care less as they charged out of the forest towards the army of Blood Sun Valley.

When the short-haired burly man saw that, he could only roar and charge forward on his ferocious beast with his gigantic axe.

The other party had a Grade 7 Black Immortal.

He had to get rid of the Grade 7 Black Immortal!


Chen Xuanyang looked at the many cultivators charging over without any fear in his eyes. Instead, he reared his head in laughter. “Good timing!”

“Sky Pillar Stronghold, Wind Cloud Gang, Honor Villa. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find you survivors. To think that you would come knocking on my door today!”

“Today, I’ll make the survivors of your three factions disappear from the Dragon Abyss Star!”


Chen Xuanyang raised his spear and shouted.

The old man beside him leaped up and charged towards the short-haired burly man.