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Chapter 1826: Where’s That Person?

The black-robed young man unsheathed the sword on his back and charged towards Chen Xuanyang who was at the front, saying coldly, “Die, Chen Xuanyang!”


A sword hum sounded, accompanied by chilling sword lights.

The black-robed young man conjured a sword art with one hand and stabbed forward with his sword with the other. Instantly, dozens of sword lights burst forth with countless shadows!

That sword technique was extremely extraordinary and every single sword beam emitted a sharp edge!


Chen Xuanyang sneered with a mocking expression, “The Shadowless Sword is truly way too weak in your hands! I’ll send you to the afterlife today!”

He channeled his blood qi and waved the spear in his hands, causing Heaven and Earth Essence Qi to swirl around it.

As though it was alive, the spear stabbed towards the black-robed young man like a spirit snake.

The sword and spear collided.

Cling! Clang!

The sound of metal clashing echoed and sparks flew!

Sword qi and spear shadows tore through the air in all directions. The moment the two of them exchanged blows, they released the most intense attacks without relenting at all!

On the other side.

The short-haired burly man was already exchanging blows with the gray-robed old man from Blood Sun Valley!

It was clear that the short-haired burly man specialized in body tempering as he wielded a gigantic axe that could split the heavens. Every single move he made was massive, forceful and ferocious!

Although the gray-robed old man did not seem like an expert, every single move he made possessed an extremely terrifying power!

The gray-robed old man fought the short-haired burly man barehanded without retreating at all!

A clanging sound echoed when his palm collided with the short-haired burly man’s gigantic axe!

If one focused their gaze, they would discover that the gray-robed old man was wearing a pair of silver gloves that were indestructible. Even the short-haired burly man’s gigantic axe could not shake them!

“Little cub, how long have you been at the Level 7 Black Essence realm?”

The gray-robed old man sneered proudly, “I’ve been at the Level 7 Black Essence realm for tens of thousands of years. How dare you harbor designs on Blood Sun Valley with your puny methods!”

“Old dog, you’re old and your blood qi is weak!”

The short-haired burly man was not affected at all. Instead, his aura intensified as he shouted, “I’m at my peak and my blood qi is strong. I can exhaust you to death even if I have to!”

“What if we’re included?”

Right then, two figures suddenly appeared from behind Blood Sun Valley. Their auras were terrifying and they were no different from the gray-robed old man—they were two Grade 7 Black Immortals!


The Grade 7 Black Immortal on the left was a skinny man with shifty eyes.

Wielding two daggers in both hands, the person strode in a strange manner and arrived beside the short-haired burly man in the blink of an eye!

On the right was a woman with heavy makeup. She was extremely flirtatious and held a silver needle that was as thin as a cow’s hair in her fingers. Standing far away, she smiled at the short-haired burly man.

Even though Su Zimo and the others were far away from the battlefield, they could smell the pungent fragrance coming from the woman in makeup!

“This is bad!”

The red-robed woman’s expression changed starkly as she exclaimed, “It’s the Shadowless Assassin and Goddess Orchid! We’ve fallen into an ambush! Blood Sun Valley was long prepared!”

The moment she said that, a shocking change happened on the battlefield!

The Shadowless Assassin with two daggers arrived beside the short-haired burly man and suddenly attacked. His daggers circled around the latter’s body like a cyclone!

The short-haired burly man was entangled by the gray-robed old man and could not divert his attention at all. He was left with no choice but to forcibly retreat.


Even so, a gigantic wound appeared on his arm with fresh blood flowing!


The gray-robed old man seized the opportunity and punched down.

The short-haired burly man endured the pain and clashed against the gray-robed old man once more!

At the same time, the short-haired burly man felt his heart skip a beat, as though a calamity was about to descend the next moment!

Before he could react, a silver orchid floated before him with a pungent fragrance!


The short-haired burly man was alarmed and retreated hurriedly!

This was the doing of Goddess Orchid!

The orchid was condensed by Goddess Orchid using silver needles. It contained poison and was extremely lethal once released!


Goddess Orchid stood far away and laughed. “Little Brother Yue Hao, I showed mercy earlier on. If I really wanted to kill you, you would have been a dead man!”


The gray-robed old man frowned slightly. “You can have any man you want. Hurry and join forces to kill this lad!”


Goddess Orchid sighed gently. “I’m truly reluctant. Little Brother Yue Hao, I’ll give you a chance. If you’re obedient, I’ll spare your life. How about that?”

“Old witch, how dare you seduce me with that attitude of yours!”

The short-haired burly man laughed fearlessly.

Instantly, Goddess Orchid’s expression darkened and turned extremely terrible.

“Little cub, I gave you face but you don’t want it. Let’s see which of you can escape today!”

Suddenly, her tone changed and turned sinister.

At the same time.

When the black-robed young man saw the short-haired burly man in danger, he was slightly distracted and was almost stabbed by Chen Xuanyang’s spear, flustered for a moment.

“Blood Sun Divine Spear!”

Chen Xuanyang seized the opportunity and suddenly attacked upon discovering the black-robed young man’s opening. He spun his spear rapidly with both hands and drew arcs in midair that vaguely transformed into a blood-colored sun!


When the black-robed young man’s sword struck the blood-colored sun, he suddenly felt an extremely domineering power that sent his sword flying!

In the blink of an eye, the black-robed young man was in danger as well!


Right then, iron hooves sounded and dust billowed. A large army of cultivators rode on horses and surged over with a murderous aura!

The war flag of Blood Sun Valley was extremely striking!

There were 4,000 cultivators!

Blood Sun Valley did not send 1,000 troops this time round, but a full 5,000!

When they saw that, the hundreds of cultivators on the side of the short-haired burly man had ashen expressions and deep despair flashed through their eyes.

“It’s over!”

The red-robed woman knew very well that there was a high chance that all of them would be annihilated this time round!

“Mistress, we can’t hold them back anymore. Hurry and leave!”

Right then, a severely injured cultivator stumbled over and looked at the red-robed woman, saying that with the last of his strength.

The red-robed woman’s face was pale. Although her eyes shone with fear, her gaze quickly turned resolute as she grit her teeth. “My first and second brothers are in danger! I can’t escape alone. I have to save them!”

Just as the red-robed woman was about to leave, she seemed to have thought of something and turned around hurriedly, saying to Su Zimo and Duan Tianliang, “Hurry and escape, the further the better!”

After saying that, she was stunned.

The green-robed cultivator behind her had already vanished!

However, she did not notice it the entire time!

“Where’s that person?”

The red-robed woman asked instinctively.

Duan Tianliang blinked and pointed to the battlefield in the distance. “He seems to be there…”

The red-robed woman suddenly turned back and looked at the battlefield.

Immediately after, she saw a scene that she would never forget for the rest of her life!