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Chapter 1828: Death of Orchid

The ten silver orchids emitted a pungent fragrance and exploded the moment they made contact with the divine light released by the Spirit Turtle Shield!

Every single orchid released more than a hundred needles that were as thin as a cow’s hair that struck the Spirit Turtle Shield instantly!

The Spirit Turtle Shield was an innate divine power imparted to Su Zimo by Die Yue. Not only did it possess an extremely terrifying defense, it could even release a powerful recoil!

There was a difference of two minor realms between Su Zimo and Goddess Orchid.

If she were to release a powerful divine power or immortal art, the Spirit Turtle Shield would only be able to defend against it.

However, the terror of the ten silver orchids was not in their strength, but the silver needles that were pervasive and as thin as hair!

If those soft silver needles scattered in midair, they would release an extremely terrifying lethality.

However, they could not penetrate the Spirit Turtle Shield at all!

On the contrary, the thousand-odd silver needles splattered in all directions rapidly after receiving the recoil of the Spirit Turtle Shield!

At that moment, more than a thousand cultivators of Blood Sun Valley had just charged forward and some of them were met with such a calamity before they could even get close!

The silver needles entered the bodies of the Blood Sun Valley cultivators one after another.

Because the silver needles were thin and pierced through flesh, everyone did not feel any pain and merely felt a slight itch.

However, the poison in the silver needle spread through their bodies and even surged into their consciousnesses before they could take a few steps!

By the time those cultivators noticed something amiss, it was already too late.

Their faces had long turned silver-white, as though there was a layer of silver frost on them. They fell limply with widened eyes and died with grievances!

Some cultivators reacted in time and escaped from the battlefield with their Essence Spirits.

However, in the upper world, without a body and only an Essence Spirit left, it was no different from a wandering ghost.

There were also some extremely alert cultivators who managed to survive by using their black-grade Dharmic treasures to defend against many silver needles.

Even so, Goddess Orchid’s attack this time round killed at least 500 cultivators of Blood Sun Valley!

When he saw that, the short-haired burly man was invigorated and could not help but burst into laughter. “Hahaha! Old witch, you sure are decisive to be so ruthless to your own people!”

“If you attack a few more times, the remaining 4,000 odd people in Blood Sun Valley will be killed by you as well!”

Many Blood Sun Valley cultivators knew that everything that happened earlier was an accident.

Or rather, it was not Goddess Orchid’s fault.

Even so, many Blood Sun Valley cultivators stopped in their tracks and did not dare to advance, afraid that they would be implicated by the fight between Goddess Orchid and Su Zimo.

“Junior, you set me up!”

Goddess Orchid’s expression was dark as she glared at Su Zimo who was approaching her rapidly, her tone venomous.

“You think too highly of yourself. I wasn’t trying to set you up!”

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he said coldly, “I only want your life!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo suddenly extended his palm and it was as though a gigantic millstone was formed in midair. It crushed down towards Goddess Orchid with a ferocious aura!

Great Chaos Essence Palm!

This was the ultimate technique of Chaos Essence Sect in the lower world. It was long mastered by the Martial Dao Prime Body and fused into the Martial Dao Furnace. Before he ascended, he had already imparted it to the Green Lotus True Body.

“You must have a death wish!”

Goddess Orchid was not afraid at all and extended her seemingly fair and weak palm, slapping towards Su Zimo’s palm.

“Brother Su, watch out!”

The short-haired burly man reminded hurriedly, “This old witch is filled with poison and we can’t have any contact with her!”

Just as he was about to leap up and join forces with Su Zimo, he felt his head spin and almost fell to the ground.

“Not good!”

The short-haired burly man was alarmed. “I’ve been tricked!”

Earlier on, Goddess Orchid released an orchid. Although it did not hit him, it brushed past his eyes.

He was already poisoned by the fragrance of the silver orchid.

The poison was not too strong and could not threaten his life for the time being.

Even so, it was difficult for him to join the battlefield for the time being and he could only channel his blood qi to fight against the poison in his body!


At the same time, many cultivators of Blood Sun Valley stood far away and summoned Dharmic treasures one after another, smashing them towards Su Zimo’s back and head.

Instantly, Su Zimo was surrounded from both sides!


Su Zimo’s Great Chaos Essence Palm collided with Goddess Orchid’s palm.

In a flash, Su Zimo waved his sleeves without turning back and suddenly, a handful of yellow sand formed an impenetrable barrier behind him!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hundreds of Dharmic treasures struck the yellow sand but could not penetrate it and fell from midair.

Nine Heavens Living Soil!

On the other side.

The moment Goddess Orchid exchanged blows with Su Zimo, she realized that something was amiss!

An extremely terrifying power of distortion, suppression and obliteration burst forth from the Great Chaos Essence Palm!

Goddess Orchid was not a body tempered cultivator and had a weak physique. Even if her cultivation realm was higher than Su Zimo’s, she could not defend against the Green Lotus True Body and the power of the Great Chaos Essence Palm in melee combat!

Victory was already decided the moment the two of them exchanged blows.


Goddess Orchid shrieked tragically and her slender hand was ground into a pulp by the Great Chaos Essence Palm, almost snapped from the wrist!

She retreated violently and endured the pain. She glared at Su Zimo and grit her teeth. “Junior, you’re dead!”

“In less than three breaths, you’ll die from the poison!”

The poison in her palm was even more terrifying than the poison on the silver needles!

Although Goddess Orchid was injured, she believed that Su Zimo was dead for sure!


Su Zimo chuckled and shook his head. “Sorry to disappoint you. The poison in your body can’t hurt me!”

The Grade 9 Creation Green Lotus was flawless and immune to poison.

Even the impurities contained in the Essence Condensation Pills would be purged by the Green Lotus True Body, let alone external poison!

Initially, Goddess Orchid was standing not far away, waiting for Su Zimo to die from the poison.

However, Su Zimo’s blood qi surged as he strode over. His face was rosy and his eyes were bright—he did not show any signs of being poisoned!


Finally, a hint of panic flashed through Goddess Orchid’s eyes.

She suddenly realized something terrifying!

It was as though all her methods had no effect on the green-robed man before her!

As Su Zimo closed in, the fear in Goddess Orchid’s heart intensified.

Finally, she shrieked and let go of all her dignity, turning to flee!

As a Grade 7 Black Immortal, she chose to escape against a Grade 5 Black Immortal!

However, she could not escape. Instead, she felt as though something was coiling around her feet.

Goddess Orchid lowered her head.

Unknowingly, emerald green vines had crawled beneath her feet and restricted her to the spot!

A Grade 9 Creation Green Lotus could mobilize all the vegetation in the forest with a single thought!

“It’s over!”

The moment that thought crossed Goddess Orchid’s mind, she felt a pain at the back of her head.

The next moment, she lost consciousness completely.