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Chapter 1829: Apocalyptic

Given her capabilities, Goddess Orchid could naturally break free from the restraints of the grass and vines beneath her feet with ease.

However, those plants merely restricted her figure for a moment—that was enough for Su Zimo.

Right in front of many gazes, Su Zimo strode forward and pierced Goddess Orchid’s head with a single finger, destroying her Essence Spirit!

The next moment, she fell to the ground and died like the withered grass beneath her feet!

At this point of the battle, three Grade 7 Black Immortals of Blood Sun Valley had died!

From the moment Su Zimo attacked till the death of the three Grade 7 Black Immortals, the entire process merely took a dozen breaths.

Everything had happened too quickly!

In fact, many cultivators could not accept the fact for a moment.

“Young Master, what should we do?”

The remaining few Grade 6 Black Immortals of Blood Sun Valley were flustered as they looked at Chen Xuanyang and asked softly with frightened expressions.

Chen Xuanyang’s expression darkened.

The death of three Grade 7 Black Immortals here had a huge impact on the entire situation!

Everything else aside, the morale of Blood Sun Valley took a huge blow!

At that moment, fear flashed through the eyes of many Blood Sun Valley cultivators.

Chen Xuanyang was indignant!

The short-haired burly man and the others were survivors of the three major factions and had been secretly opposing Blood Sun Valley all these years.

Chen Xuanyang had painstakingly waited for this day to set up a trap to wipe out this group of people in one fell swoop. Was he going to return empty-handed today?

Furthermore, Su Zimo was also a thorn in his flesh that he had to kill!

Was he going to return to Blood Sun Valley just like this today?

At that moment, Chen Xuanyang had yet to realize that the current situation was no longer in his control.

He was still thinking about whether to retreat or fight.

Su Zimo was already prepared to attack and keep them in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!

“I can’t retreat!”

Before long, Chen Xuanyang made a decision.

If he retreated, not only would he lose all face, even Blood Sun Valley’s reputation would plummet and they would be mocked by the other factions of the Dragon Abyss Star!


Chen Xuanyang grit his teeth and said coldly, “He’s only a Grade 5 Black Immortal. The only reason why he was able to kill Shadowless and the others was because he had some unorthodox methods!”

“Including me, we have five Grade 6 Black Immortals and more than 4,000 cultivators from Blood Sun Valley. I don’t believe that we can’t kill a Grade 5 Black Immortal with our full strength!”

“Everyone, listen up! I’ll reward 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills to anyone who manages to kill him!”

Chen Xuanyang declared.

Brave men were bound to appear in the face of handsome rewards.

Initially, many Blood Sun Valley cultivators were fearful. However, when they heard that, many of them looked at Su Zimo with burning gazes.

Even a few hesitant Grade 6 Black Immortals were tempted!

“That’s right, kill him!”

A Grade 6 Black Immortal stood out and said in a deep voice, “He has already used many methods to kill Shadowless and the others earlier on. Everyone, be careful and avoid those methods!”

Earlier on, everyone witnessed Su Zimo summoning a battered tripod and smashing the gray-robed old man to death.

Therefore, many cultivators would try their best to avoid head-on collisions with the Bronze Square Tripod.


A one-eyed Grade 6 Black Immortal suddenly attacked and hollered. Standing far away, he channeled his Essence Spirit and released a lesser divine power.

The power of divine powers spread in midair and formed a spinning eyeball that glared at Su Zimo with a strange gaze!


Another Grade 6 Black Immortal attacked at the same time and released his lesser divine powers.

The power of divine powers spread and approached rapidly, forming a spinning axe in midair that slashed towards Su Zimo’s head!

The other few Grade 6 Black Immortals attacked one after another and released their lesser divine powers.


Su Zimo had a fearless expression and channeled his blood qi. With a shudder, he broke free from the power of the divine power eyeball.

He conjured different sword arts with both hands and shouted, “Slay!”

Su Zimo waved his hands and slashed forward with his sword finger!

The sword art in his left hand slashed out a Dragon Snake!

A dragon roar sounded from the firmaments and a divine dragon descended, charging into the crowd and killing in all directions!

The ground split open and the Soaring Serpent soared into the skies with flames blazing on its wings. Roaring loudly, it spewed out streams of scorching lava that splashed into the crowd!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The 4,000-odd cultivators of Blood Sun Valley were flustered and fell into a sea of flames, letting out hysterical cries.

A blinding sword qi burst forth from Su Zimo’s right hand. It was white and extremely sharp, as though it was slicing the world into pieces!

When the heaven’s killing intent is released, the stars are shifted out of alignment!

When the earth’s killing intent is released, the Dragon Snake shall rise!

The two sword arts burst forth at the same time with a boiling killing intent that threatened to destroy the world!

Even if some cultivators could escape from the claws of the divine dragon, they could not escape from the flames of the Soaring Serpent.

Even if they could avoid the massacre of the Dragon Snake, it would be difficult for them to defend against the sharpness of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

Even the lesser divine powers released by the Grade 6 Black Immortals were destroyed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi, let alone the Grade 3, 4 and 5 Black Immortals!

Although the eyeball had a strange power, it was extremely fragile and was pierced by a single Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

Before the axe could descend on Su Zimo, it was slashed by a few Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and dissipated into the world.

That scene was extremely shocking.

It was as though the apocalypse had arrived and those Black Immortals were like insignificant ants that struggled and howled helplessly.

Standing in the forest, the red-robed woman was completely dumbfounded. Her mouth was slightly agape and her eyes were filled with endless shock!

Was that power truly something that a Grade 5 Black Immortal could release?

Even Duan Tianliang, Big Yellow and the Ying Zhao winced and gasped, let alone her.

Although they had been by Su Zimo’s side for 10 years, they had never seen him attack.

None of them expected such a terrifying scene to appear the moment Su Zimo attacked!

Actually, the cultivators on the Dragon Abyss Star had ascended from the lower world and had never gone far before. Their knowledge was limited and they could not recognize the two great sword arts.

If any of the native Exalted Immortals saw this, they would definitely be shocked!

Even in the upper world, the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts were notorious!

It was only logical that the two sword arts could release such terrifying power!

On the battlefield.

The two sword arts were released and fresh blood splattered everywhere in a tragic manner!

The few Grade 6 Black Immortals could only barely protect themselves with their Dharmic treasures and divine powers.

At that moment, the few people who wanted to join forces to kill Su Zimo earlier on were already filled with deep fear.

Right then, Su Zimo flew through the air!

A Grade 6 Black Immortal looked nervous as he glared at Su Zimo who was not far away. He felt that one of Su Zimo’s eyes was shining brighter and brighter, turning extremely striking.


A blinding light burst forth from Su Zimo’s right eye and entered the person’s glabella instantly!

Illumination Eye!

Caught off guard, the Grade 6 Black Immortal was killed on the spot by Illumination Eye!

“You still want to avoid my methods?”

Su Zimo sneered, “Do you think you can even dodge my methods?!”