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Chapter 1830: Broken Arm

After experiencing the Heavenly Tribulation and absorbing Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, Illumination Eye became even more terrifying.

A beam of light pierced the glabella of the Grade 6 Black Immortal!

The remaining few Grade 6 Black Immortals did not dare to accept the challenge and fled into the distance!

In the blink of an eye, the space between Chen Xuanyang and Su Zimo became empty without anyone stopping him!

Their gazes met directly.

Chen Xuanyang’s eyes were filled with deep hatred and killing intent as he glared at Su Zimo and said coldly, “Su Zimo, you’re finished!”

“You offended the Evil Wolf Army, Blood Sun Valley and even spoiled my plans twice in a row. There’s no place for you on the Dragon Abyss Star!”


Su Zimo shook his head gently and chuckled with a disdainful expression. “I haven’t seen you do anything to me for the past ten years.”

Chen Xuanyang’s expression was terrible as he said hatefully, “If I had known, I would have killed you personally 10 years ago!”

“Cut the crap,”

Stepping on air, Su Zimo approached Chen Xuanyang rapidly and said indifferently, “I’ll give you that chance today.”

The other cultivators of Blood Sun Valley could barely fend for themselves against the two great sword arts.

The few Grade 6 Black Immortals were scared out of their wits by Su Zimo and were fleeing into the distance—no one dared to stop him!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had already arrived before Chen Xuanyang.


Chen Xuanyang took a deep breath and bit his tongue gently, spitting out a stream of Essence Blood onto the spear in his hands.

Immediately after, Chen Xuanyang channeled his Essence Spirit and his blood qi surged. He spun the spear in his hands wildly and circled around him, forming a blood-colored sun!

This was a secret skill of Blood Sun Valley that could be used for both offense and defense and was extremely famous on the Dragon Abyss Star.

In the battle earlier on, the black-robed young man’s sword was sent flying by Chen Xuanyang’s secret skill.


Su Zimo was fearless as he welcomed the torrential blood qi. His blood qi burst forth with the sound of a tsunami as he punched the center of the blood-colored sun!


A deafening bang that shook the heavens and earth sounded!

A visible shockwave burst forth between the two of them and spread in all directions like a wave!

Many cultivators of Blood Sun Valley were caught off guard and were sent flying by the shockwave!

Worried about Su Zimo’s condition, the short-haired burly man, black-robed young man and the others narrowed their gazes and looked over, ignoring the dust that was blowing towards them.

Chen Xuanyang rode on his horse. The spear in his palm had already stopped spinning and his eyes were bloodshot.

As for Su Zimo, he hovered in midair and did not move at all when his fist struck the center of Chen Xuanyang’s spear!

The two of them seemed to have stopped.

The next moment, the horse that Chen Xuanyang was riding on let out a tragic cry as fresh blood spewed from its nostrils.

With a thud, it sprawled on the ground!

The power released by Su Zimo’s punch was way too ferocious!

Although the horse was clad in armor, its organs were already shattered by Su Zimo’s punch and it could not survive!


Immediately after, Chen Xuanyang spat out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale.

Chen Xuanyang could not hold on to his spear either and it flew out of his hands, colliding against his chest.


The heart protecting mirror in front of his chest was shattered by the spear!

Chen Xuanyang shuddered!

Even though he was wearing a treasure armor and blocked most of the power, his organs were still shaken violently!

His spear shattered his heart protecting mirror and was repelled, landing on the ground beside him.

Instinctively, the short-haired burly man’s gaze landed on the spear and his pupils constricted as he gasped!

How was that a spear?

The middle of the spear had already caved in deeply!

From what he knew, Chen Xuanyang’s Dharmic treasure was a superior black-grade.

A superior black-grade Dharmic treasure was bent by a single punch from the green-robed cultivator and was contorted to such a state—it was almost crippled!

Even if the green-robed cultivator was carrying a dark-grade Dharmic treasure, the power released by that attack was terrifying enough!

The short-haired burly man thought to himself that if he was in that position, he might not have been able to withstand that punch even if he attacked with his full strength.

Chen Xuanyang spat out blood and leaped down from his dying horse, retreating.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as he moved like a shadow!

At the same time, Chen Xuanyang slapped his storage bag and suddenly withdrew a talisman, tearing it apart without hesitation!

The moment the talisman shattered, a strange power burst forth and the void around him collapsed, revealing a pitch-black cave that led to an unknown place.

“Transference Talisman?”

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

In the upper world, space was extremely stable and even the power of a Heaven Immortal expert could not shatter the void!

It was even more impossible for them to tear through the void and teleport away.

The Transference Talisman of the lower world was useless in the upper world.

Even if it was torn apart, it would not cause any ripples in the void.

The fact that the Transference Talisman in Chen Xuanyang’s hands could create a spatial tunnel in the upper world was proof of how precious it was!

“Su Zimo, no matter where you’re hiding, as long as you’re still on the Dragon Abyss Star, Blood Sun Valley will definitely take revenge for today’s blood debt and…”

The moment the Transference Talisman was torn, Chen Xuanyang’s figure had almost entered the pitch-black spatial tunnel.

His voice sounded from the spatial tunnel with endless hatred.

However, Su Zimo’s reaction was even faster. The moment Chen Xuanyang tore the talisman, he attacked and grabbed the latter!

Su Zimo’s palm entered the pitch-black spatial tunnel and seemed to have grabbed some flesh.

Exerting strength in his fingers, Su Zimo’s sharp fingernails shot out like swords. With a swoosh, they pierced through the flesh and yanked outwards!


Before Chen Xuanyang could finish, he let out a tragic cry!

Su Zimo retracted his arm.

There was another arm in his palm!

On the other end of the arm, flesh and bones were stuck together with fresh blood—it was a shocking sight!

The black-robed young man felt his heart skip a beat.

That was Chen Xuanyang’s arm!

Furthermore, it was torn apart by the green-robed cultivator before him!

Although Chen Xuanyang managed to survive, he lost an arm—it was an irreparable injury for him!

In the upper world, one could only regrow a severed arm after cultivating to the Earth Essence realm.

However, it was almost impossible to cultivate to the Level 8 or 9 Black Essence realm on the Dragon Abyss Star, let alone the Earth Essence realm.

That required immense resources and a long period of accumulation.

The major factions of Dragon Abyss Star, including the leaders of the Four Great Bandits, were only at the Level 8 Black Immortal realm.

Level 9 Black Immortals could only be found in Dragon Abyss City.