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Chapter 1831: Subduing Seal

There was no doubt about the outcome of this battle.

The few Grade 6 Black Immortals of Blood Sun Valley had long escaped. The remaining cultivators of Blood Sun Valley were completely defeated by the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts and were too dispirited to fight.

Even if Su Zimo did not attack, the cultivators under the command of the short-haired burly man were enough to kill everyone from Blood Sun Valley!

The red-robed woman stood motionlessly in the forest, completely stunned.

Right from the beginning, before she could attack, the 5,000 strong army of Blood Sun Valley was suppressed by the green-robed cultivator in the distance!

However, that person was only a Grade 5 Black Immortal!

When they first saw this person, they looked down on him.

At that thought, the red-robed woman smiled bitterly.

Back then, this person must have thought that they were nothing but a joke.

“Exalted Immortal, please spare us!”


On the battlefield, some Blood Sun Valley cultivators could not hold on any longer when they saw that they could not escape. They knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Su Zimo who was standing in midair.

With that, the other Blood Sun Valley cultivators followed suit and knelt down.

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

The cultivators of Blood Sun Valley were different from the Evil Wolf Army.

The Evil Wolf Army was a heinous bunch of bandits that killed and looted!

As for the cultivators of Blood Sun Valley, although many of them were treacherous people, they had not degenerated to the state of evil bandits.

However, Su Zimo did not know what to do with these people if he did not kill them.

There was no way he could keep this group of people by his side.

“Benefactor, if you don’t know how to deal with this group of cultivators from Blood Sun Valley, you can leave it to us,” The short-haired burly man said with a pale face and a weak expression.

“How are you going to deal with them?”

Su Zimo asked instead.

The short-haired burly man said, “We know a sealing technique. As long as we take away the storage bags of these cultivators and seal their cultivation realms at the Level 1 Black Essence realm, we can send people to watch over them. They can be used as spirit farmers to plant immortal herbs.”

That was a good idea.

Su Zimo nodded slightly and willed.

The sword qi that was initially streaking through the air, the divine dragon with a chilling killing intent in the firmaments and the Soaring Serpent that was bathed in flames suddenly froze in midair!

It was like a miracle!

The cultivators of Blood Sun Valley who were initially wailing were scared out of their wits and fell silent, not even daring to breathe heavily!

The black-robed young man arrived beside the short-haired burly man and helped him up.

As for the others, they began to collect the storage bags of the Blood Sun Valley cultivators under the lead of the red-robed woman.

Furthermore, they used an immortal art to seal the cultivations of the group of people.

Everyone from Blood Sun Valley did not dare to resist at all.

Although the white sword qi and the dragon snake condensed from it were still, they did not disperse and hovered above their heads.

If they made any strange movements, the sword qi would descend and kill them!

In this battle, Blood Sun Valley lost close to 3,000 people!

More than a thousand people surrendered and begged for mercy. Including Chen Xuanyang, there were less than a thousand Blood Sun Valley cultivators who escaped!

Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness moved and he retrieved three storage bags from the corpses.

Those three storage bags belonged to the three Grade 7 Black Immortals, the Shadowless Assassin and the other two.

“Benefactor, watch out!”

When the short-haired burly man saw that, he seemed to have thought of something and reminded hurriedly, “That old witch’s storage bag is poisoned!”

The short-haired burly man was referring to a silver-white storage bag that emitted a pungent fragrance.

“No worries,”

Su Zimo smiled faintly and picked up the storage bag. He wiped away the spirit consciousness imprint on it and opened it.

There were many bottles in the storage bag.

Apart from some elixirs required for cultivation, there were also bottles that contained toxic poison!

Su Zimo searched carefully and took out a medicine bottle. He poured out a pill and sniffed it before nodding. “This should be it.”

Su Zimo handed the pill to the short-haired burly man. “Take it. It can dispel the poison in your body.”

The short-haired burly man was extremely straightforward as well. Without hesitation, he received the pill from Su Zimo and swallowed it!

A look of admiration flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

“Brother, don’t…”

By the time the black-robed young man at the side spoke, the pill was already consumed.

“Don’t worry,”

The short-haired burly man smiled. “My benefactor won’t harm me.”

The black-robed young man glanced at Su Zimo and muttered softly, “Even so, what if he chose the wrong pill…”

“It’s fine,”

The short-haired burly man waved it off nonchalantly.

On the other hand, the black-robed young man was extremely nervous as he guarded the short-haired burly man, afraid that something might happen.

Not long after the short-haired burly man consumed the pill, color returned to his face and his aura returned to normal—he was getting more energetic!

The black-robed young man heaved a sigh of relief and smiled apologetically at Su Zimo, cupping his fists. “Benefactor, I’m sorry for earlier on.”

Su Zimo shook his head gently—he would not take such a small matter to heart.

In that short period of time, the red-robed woman had already sealed more than a thousand Blood Sun Valley cultivators and swept the battlefield clean.

The red-robed woman walked over and handed Su Zimo all the Dharmic treasures and weapons gathered on the battlefield as well as storage bags.

“Benefactor, these are the treasures obtained from this battle. Take a look,”

The way the red-robed woman looked at Su Zimo was a little strange. There was curiosity, reverence and an inexplicable brilliance.

Su Zimo nodded to himself.

Although the three of them had stopped and robbed them earlier on, they had principles.

There were so many spoils of war and storage bags with countless cultivation resources, Dharmic treasures and weapons within.

However, the red-robed woman did not even open a single storage bag and handed it over to Su Zimo without even glancing at them.

Although there was a flash of envy in the eyes of the black-robed young man, he did not say anything.

The short-haired burly man had a calm expression.

Su Zimo did not decline and received the storage bags from the red-robed woman, putting them away.

Those were things that he deserved to have.


After removing the poison from his body, the short-haired burly man looked like he had recovered and knelt down towards Su Zimo.

At the same time, the short-haired burly man looked at the black-robed young man and red-robed woman beside him. “Second brother, little sister, hurry and greet our benefactor.”

Right from the beginning, it could be seen that the black-robed young man was an extremely proud person.

However, he merely hesitated for a moment before kneeling down with the short-haired burly man and red-robed woman.

“There’s no need for that,”

Su Zimo reached out and lifted the short-haired burly man’s arms.

Initially, the short-haired burly man was determined to kneel down. However, he could not help but stand up when Su Zimo lifted him!