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Chapter 1832: Past

“Benefactor, you’re so strong,”

Yue Hao was slightly stunned. “I’m a body tempered cultivator to begin with and I’m two cultivation realms above you. Yet, I’m still unable to withstand your strength.”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain. Waving his sleeves gently, he brought the black-robed young man and red-robed woman up as well.

The black-robed young man cupped his fists towards Su Zimo. “Benefactor, I’ll take back what I said at the beginning. Given your capabilities, you’re enough to reach Dragon Abyss City!”

“My name is Su Zimo. You can just address me as Fellow Daoist,”

Su Zimo asked, “How should I address the three of you?”

“My name is Yue Hao,”

The short-haired burly man pointed to the black-robed young man beside him. “This is Shen Fei and that’s Gu Wenjun. The three of us are sworn siblings.”

The red-robed woman named Gu Wenjun lowered her head slightly and frowned in deep thought, saying softly, “Su Zimo. That name sounds familiar. I seem to have seen it somewhere before.”

Shen Fei said, “It’s strange. When we first saw Fellow Daoist Su, I found him familiar as well.”



Su Zimo raised his brow.

He had only been on the Dragon Abyss Star for less than 10 years. Apart from staying in Snow Wind Ridge for a year, he had been dormant in the desolate lands the entire time and had definitely not seen the three of them before.


Right then, Gu Wenjun exclaimed softly, “I got it!”

She raised her head and looked at Su Zimo with shock in her eyes.

“Fellow Daoist, what have you thought of?”

Su Zimo asked.

Taking a deep breath of air, Gu Wenjun said, “Fellow Daoist Su, you might not know it yet, but for the past ten years, you’ve been hunted down by the Evil Wolf Army!”

“Just news of you alone is worth 10,000 Essence Condensation Pills!”

“Your life is even worth 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills!”

Yue Hao and Shen Fei were enlightened as well as they recalled where they had seen Su Zimo before.

Back in Dragon Abyss City, the three of them had seen a portrait of Su Zimo.

Of course, the portrait merely resembled him and could not depict a fraction of the actual person’s aura. That’s why the three of them could not recall it right away.

The Evil Wolf Army of the past was completely annihilated.

The only one who could provide that portrait was Blood Sun Valley!

“Fellow Daoist Su, how did you end up offending the Evil Wolf Army?”

Shen Fei asked curiously.

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo recounted the robbery of everyone from Snow Wind Ridge 10 years ago.

Furthermore, he recounted everything he had heard about Blood Sun Valley’s Chen Xuanyang colluding with the Evil Wolf Army.


Yue Hao clenched his fists. “Fellow Daoist Su, Chen Xuanyang is not the only one. The entire Blood Sun Valley has been in cahoots with the Evil Wolf Army!”

Immediately after, Yue Hao recounted the past.

Actually, Su Zimo had heard about this from Xia Qingying before as well.

Back then, there were three major factions on the Dragon Abyss Star that wanted to join forces to destroy the Evil Wolf Army.

The three major factions were Sky Pillar Stronghold, Wind Cloud Gang and Honor Villa.

However, news of it leaked out. Although the Evil Wolf Army was defeated, their leader managed to escape death and survive!

After this calamity, the cultivation of this leader had increased significantly.

Before long, he made a comeback and the Evil Wolf Army was resurrected as well!

Thereafter, the Evil Wolf Army launched a frenzied revenge on the three factions!

At that time, the second of the Four Great Bandits, the Goshawk Gang, joined forces with the Evil Wolf Army.

Under normal circumstances, even if the two of them joined forces, it would be difficult for them to destroy the three major factions.

Unexpectedly, at that time, the great protector of the Sky Pillar Stronghold betrayed them and ambushed to kill the Stronghold Lord of Sky Pillar Stronghold. Thereafter, he faked an order from the Stronghold Lord of Sky Pillar Stronghold to invite the Gang Leader of Wind Cloud Gang as well as the Villa Master of Honor Villa over with an ambush set up.

The Gang Leader of Wind Cloud Gang as well as the Villa Master of Honor Villa both died in the ensuing battle.

With the leaders of the three major factions dead one after another, the morale of the factions was in chaos and their forces scattered like sand.

Under such circumstances, the great protector of Sky Pillar Stronghold, the Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang worked together and destroyed the three factions before long!

In that battle, blood flowed like rivers and flames raged everywhere as wails could be heard—countless cultivators died!

Countless women were abducted by the Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang and met tragic fates!

At the mention of the past, Yue Hao’s voice turned increasingly grim.

Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun’s eyes were bloodshot as well, revealing deep hatred in their eyes!

The hundreds of cultivators under their lead gathered around them with sorrowful expressions, as though they recalled something.

Su Zimo was silent.

Duan Tianliang asked, “What happened after that?”

Shen Fei laughed mockingly and continued, “Later on, the great protector of Sky Pillar Stronghold established a new faction in these ruins—the current Blood Sun Valley!”

“The great protector who betrayed his master is the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley today!”

Many cultivators of Blood Sun Valley were surprised—this was the first time they had heard of this.

This was completely different from what they knew!

Gu Wenjun said, “After all these years, apart from those who escaped back then, not many people remember that bloody battle and know the truth of the past.”

Su Zimo said, “The three of you are the descendants of the leaders of the three major factions, right?”


Yue Hao shook his head. “Indeed, I’m from the Sky Pillar Stronghold. Second brother was from Wind Cloud Gang and my younger sister was from Honor Villa.”

“However, we’re not the descendants of the three leaders. In that battle, the descendants of the three leaders were killed by the Evil Wolf Army, the Goshawk Gang and the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley!”

“We’re just the lucky ones among the three factions who managed to survive. We’re the ones who want the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley, the Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang to pay with their blood!”

Duan Tianliang said, “No wonder you guys wanted to ambush Blood Sun Valley. So, there’s such a deep feud.”

Yue Hao said, “Fellow Daoist Su, although we’re considered bandits, right from the beginning, we’ve never snatched anything from other cultivators or factions.”

“We’re only enemies with Blood Sun Valley, the Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang!”

Su Zimo nodded.

That was clear from the fact that they did not attack him right away.

Furthermore, even if Yue Hao suspected Su Zimo, he did not kill him immediately. Instead, he merely sent people to watch over Su Zimo.

After the battle broke out, when she saw that the situation was not right, Gu Wenjun even let them off so that they could escape for their lives.

All signs indicated that these people were completely different from the way the Evil Wolf Army and Blood Sun Valley conducted themselves!

Su Zimo asked, “Are these the only people you have?”

“Of course not,”

Yue Hao said, “We also have a stronghold called the Sun Vanquishing Stronghold. Most of the people are planting immortal herbs in the stronghold. However, we move once every hundred years to prevent ourselves from being targeted by the Evil Wolf Army.”

Shen Fei said, “Fellow Daoist Su, you might not know this, but Blood Sun Valley has been working with the Evil Wolf Army all these years. When they head to Dragon Abyss City, the Evil Wolf Army won’t attack their merchant group and the two parties will split the Essence Condensation Pills evenly.”

“As long as it’s not a merchant group from Blood Sun Valley, the Evil Wolf Army will massacre and loot wildly! No one will be able to reach Dragon Abyss City alive! With that, the factions nearby Blood Sun Valley can only head to Blood Sun Valley to exchange for Essence Condensation Pills.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Snow Wind Ridge was one of those factions.