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Chapter 1833: Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley

In Blood Sun Valley, one could only exchange for an Essence Condensation Pill with a hundred Essence Nourishing Grass and Rain Frost Flower.

However, Snow Wind Ridge had no other choice but to exchange for it in Blood Sun Valley.

The path to Dragon Abyss City was blocked by the combined forces of Blood Sun Valley and the Evil Wolf Army!

Even if the exchange rate was a thousand immortal herbs for a single pill, the other factions would have to endure it, let alone a hundred to one.

“Fellow Daoist Su, have you been to Dragon Abyss City?”

Yue Hao asked.

Su Zimo shook his head.

Yue Hao said, “If you don’t mind, the three of us siblings are willing to accompany you to Dragon Abyss City to take a look. We can also lead the way for you.”

“Don’t you guys have to punish these prisoners?”

Su Zimo looked at the thousand-odd cultivators of Blood Sun Valley who had surrendered.


Shen Fei said, “Fellow Daoist, you don’t have to worry. These captured prisoners have their cultivations sealed. With us hundreds of brothers watching over them, nothing will go wrong.”

“That’s good too,”

Su Zimo nodded.

Be it him or Duan Tianliang, neither of them were familiar with Dragon Abyss City. It was not bad to have Yue Hao and the other two as guides.

Yue Hao instructed the few cultivators behind him to escort the captured prisoners of Blood Sun Valley back to Sun Vanquishing Stronghold before heading towards Dragon Abyss City with Su Zimo and the others.

At the same time, in Blood Sun Valley.

In the courtyard of Chen Xuanyang’s residence, the void collapsed and a dark spatial tunnel appeared. A figure drenched in blood fell out with disheveled hair and a severed arm.

Many servants in the residence were shocked.

“Who is there? You’ve trespassed into Blood Sun Valley!”

Someone shouted.

“Hurry and call my father!”

The bloodstained figure tried his best to raise his head and growled.

Everyone focused their gazes and their expressions changed!

“Young Master!”

“Young Master!”

Everyone swarmed forward hurriedly to help Chen Xuanyang up.

That move touched the wound on Chen Xuanyang’s broken arm.

Chen Xuanyang’s face turned even paler as he trembled in pain. “Hurry and call my father over!”

A servant retreated hurriedly and ran outside.

Before long, a middle-aged man in blood-colored armor strode over with a dark expression!

The middle-aged man was the current Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley!

Behind him were two old men, both protectors of Blood Sun Valley!

When the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley saw Chen Xuanyang in such a state, he could not help but narrow his eyes. The temperature of the entire residence dipped and the atmosphere turned extremely tense!

The air seemed to have frozen!

“Xuanyang, what’s going on?”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley asked slowly with a cold voice.


Chen Xuanyang took a few steps and knelt in front of the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley with a thud, saying tragically, “My arm was ripped off! Father, you have to seek justice and take revenge for me!”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley took out an elixir from his storage bag and fed it to Chen Xuanyang.

Chen Xuanyang’s face regained some color and the wound on his broken arm showed signs of clotting.

However, the pain from his wound was still excruciating!

“Tell me slowly, what happened!”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley asked in a deep voice, “Don’t you have Shadowless and the other two by your side? How did the survivors of Sky Pillar Stronghold injure you?”

“Father, the three of them are dead!”

Chen Xuanyang said.


The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley was shocked!

The three Grade 7 Black Immortals were protectors in Blood Sun Valley!

They were not to be underestimated even in the entire Dragon Abyss Star!

The death of three Grade 7 Black Immortals was a huge loss for Blood Sun Valley!

Chen Xuanyang laughed bitterly. “I don’t think many people from the 5,000-strong army survived this time round. I only managed to escape alive after tearing the Transference Talisman you gave me.”


When the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley heard that, he was enraged and attacked, smashing the head of a servant beside Chen Xuanyang!

Although the servant was also a Grade 3 Black Immortal, he died on the spot from the Valley Master’s wrath!

The other servants were scared out of their wits and knelt on the ground, trembling.

Blood Sun Valley was indeed one of the eight major factions of Dragon Abyss Star and there were tens of thousands of troops stationed in the valley.

Even so, the loss of 5,000 people and three Grade 7 Black Immortals was an unacceptable loss for Blood Sun Valley!

Furthermore, this was a huge blow to Blood Sun Valley’s reputation!

“Valley Master, please calm down. It’s better to listen to the young master explain what happened,”

The old man on the left of the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley lowered his head and persuaded softly.

The two old men were the left and right protectors of Blood Sun Valley. Their cultivation realms were at the peak of Level 7 Black Essence realm and their combat strength was second only to the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley.

“It’s Su Zimo!”

The figure of the green-robed cultivator flashed through Chen Xuanyang’s mind as he grit his teeth. “Shadowless and the other two were ambushed by Su Zimo!”

“If not for that person’s sudden appearance, I would have wiped out all the survivors of Sky Pillar Stronghold long ago!”

“What Su Zimo?”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley frowned slightly and asked, “Who is that? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley did not take the incident 10 years ago to heart and naturally would not care about a Grade 4 Black Immortal.

The Left Protector pondered for a moment and asked, “The person who killed all 500 of the Evil Wolf Army 10 years ago, right?”

“That’s him!”

Chen Xuanyang said hatefully.

The Right Protector frowned slightly. “So, it’s him. I have some impression of him. A few years ago, the Evil Wolf Army even issued a bounty for his life but they could not find him. To think that he would appear again.”

“Something’s wrong,”

Suddenly, the Left Protector asked, “10 years ago, he was only a Grade 4 Black Immortal. In just 10 years, he broke through three cultivation realms in succession and cultivated to Grade 7?”


Chen Xuanyang said hurriedly, “He’s only a Grade 5 Black Immortal. The reason why he was able to kill Shadowless and the others was because of his sneak attacks and some strange methods.”

“He broke through to the Level 5 Black Essence realm in ten years. That’s a terrifying speed,”

The Right Protector said softly.

The Left Protector nodded as well. “No matter what methods he used, he’s not simple to be able to kill three Grade 7 Black Immortals across two cultivation realms.”

Chen Xuanyang lamented, “Father, my arm was torn off by this Su Zimo! If I hadn’t reacted quickly, I wouldn’t have been able to see you right now!”

“Father, I’m going to kill him! I’m going to make him pay with blood!”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley pondered for a long time before saying slowly, “Send this news to the Evil Wolf Army.”

The Left Protector’s eyes lit up. “Valley Master, you’re wise. Given the methods of the Evil Wolf Army, they’ll definitely search wildly for that person after receiving this news!”

“Even without us stepping in, that person will definitely die!”

The Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley continued, “Additionally, Protector Xue, make a trip to Dragon Abyss City personally.”

“That person has obtained many spoils of war and treasures and there’s a high chance he’s heading to Dragon Abyss City! If the Evil Wolf Army can’t kill him, bring his head to me!”