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Chapter 1834: Great Jin Country

Riding on the big yellow dog, Su Zimo headed towards Dragon Abyss City with Yue Hao, Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun.

Along the way, Su Zimo took a rough look at the rewards he obtained from killing the Blood Sun Valley cultivators and was secretly delighted.

There were more than 3,000 dark-grade Dharmic treasures in those storage bags.

There were around 120,000 Essence Condensation Pills in the storage bags!

In the storage bags of the three Grade 7 Black Immortals, Su Zimo even found 13 Essence Spirit Stones!

He learned from Yue Hao and the other two that one Essence Spirit Stone could be exchanged for 10,000 Essence Condensation Pills on the Dragon Abyss Star!

He had benefited immensely this time round.

Even without going to the Dragon Abyss Star to exchange for Essence Condensation Pills, the 120,000 Essence Condensation Pills were enough for Su Zimo to cultivate for a period of time.

Of course, Su Zimo did not change his plans and still intended to head to Dragon Abyss City to take a look.

The only pity was that Chen Xuanyang managed to escape.


There must be even more treasures and cultivation resources in Chen Xuanyang’s storage bag.

The immortal herbs transported by Blood Sun Valley this time round were also in Chen Xuanyang’s storage bag. Unfortunately, Su Zimo did not manage to snatch them away.

Along the way, Su Zimo learned a lot about the upper world from Yue Hao and the other two.

According to Yue Hao, the Dragon Abyss Star belonged to Green Cloud County.

Green Cloud County was a county under the jurisdiction of the Great Jin Country!

Within the jurisdiction of Green Cloud County, there were more than a hundred cities like Dragon Abyss City!

A single Dragon Abyss City ruled over the entire Dragon Abyss Star.

One could imagine how vast the region ruled by the hundred-odd cities was!

However, those hundred-odd cities were only equal to a single Green Cloud County.

Green Cloud County alone was many times larger than Tianhuang Mainland!

It was hard to imagine the scale of the entire Great Jin Country!

The Great Jin Country was far away in the starry skies above the gigantic shadow.

According to Yue Hao, the shadow was an endless mainland. What they could see from the Dragon Abyss Star was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Great Jin Country was on that mainland!

Gu Wenjun said, “Basically, all the cultivators on the Dragon Abyss Star want to leave this place and step foot on that land.”

“I heard that the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in the other cities of Great Jin Country’s Green Cloud County is much richer than here and their cultivation speed will be much faster.”

Su Zimo asked, “What are the conditions required to leave the Dragon Abyss Star?”

The Dragon Abyss Star was thousands of kilometers away from the Great Jin Country.

Only Heaven Immortal experts could cross the galaxy!

However, Xia Qingying had once told him that there was a teleportation formation in Dragon Abyss City that could teleport cultivators to the mainland at the end of the starry skies.

Yue Hao replied, “There are two ways to leave the Dragon Abyss Star. The first is to cultivate to the Level 9 Black Essence realm.”

“After you become a Grade 9 Black Immortal, you can head to the City Lord’s residence in Dragon Abyss City. At that time, someone will naturally send you to the Great Jin Country.”

Su Zimo nodded.

From the looks of it, a Grade 9 Black Immortal was already the strongest expert on the Dragon Abyss Star!

Yue Hao had just said that the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City was a Grade 9 Black Immortal!

However, it was almost impossible for one to cultivate to a Grade 9 Black Immortal on the Dragon Abyss Star where Heaven and Earth Essence Qi as well as cultivation resources were scarce!

Yue Hao continued, “The second method is to spend a hundred Essence Spirit Stones!”

A hundred Essence Spirit Stones!

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

10,000 Essence Condensation Pills could only be exchanged for one Essence Spirit Stone.

A hundred Essence Spirit Stones was equivalent to 1,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

However, how could ordinary cultivators possess so many Essence Condensation Pills?

More importantly, Essence Condensation Pills were a necessary cultivation resource for Black Immortals to begin with.

If cultivators wanted to raise their cultivation realms as soon as possible, they would have to consume Essence Condensation Pills. As such, it was almost impossible for them to accumulate 1,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

Even after destroying nearly 5,000 troops of Blood Sun Valley, Su Zimo only obtained 120,000 Essence Condensation Pills—that was 12 Essence Spirit Stones.

Including the 13 Essence Spirit Stones, he only had 25 in total.

Su Zimo said, “This second method is not much different from the first. It’s difficult for ordinary cultivators to achieve.”

“You’re right, Fellow Daoist,”

Yue Hao smiled bitterly. “Only a major faction like Blood Sun Valley on the Dragon Abyss Star can accumulate a hundred Essence Spirit Stones after a long period of accumulation.”

“Ordinary cultivators like us have no hope for life!”

After traveling day and night for about half a month, they finally arrived at Dragon Abyss City!

Looking at the city from afar, it was like a gigantic ancient beast that stood on the horizon in an extremely shocking manner!

Before long, Su Zimo and the others arrived.

The city walls of the ancient city were about 100 feet tall and were made from gigantic green rocks that were filled with age.

Shen Fei said, “On the Dragon Abyss Star, a height of 90 feet is the limit of the Black Essence realm’s ability to soar through the air. Therefore, the city walls of Dragon Abyss City are only 100 feet tall.”

In the upper world, not only was the space stable and the ground hard, even the gravity released by the ground was extremely strong.

Although Black Immortals could soar through the air, they could not fly too high. Furthermore, the toll on their Essence Qi was immense.

Even a Grade 9 Black Immortal could only ascend to a height of 90 feet!

With that, the cultivators of the Dragon Abyss Star could only enter the city through the gigantic city gate that resembled the mouth of a ferocious beast.

On both sides of the city gate stood more than ten guards with sabers hanging on their waists. All of them had cold expressions and stopped everyone from entering the city to question them.

The guards had different cultivation realms and most of them were at Grade 6 or 7!

Yue Hao said, “Everyone has to pay 1,000 Essence Condensation Pills before entering the city. The guards will give each of us a badge.”

“With this badge, you can stay in Dragon Abyss City for a day.”

“This badge will disappear a day later. If you want to continue staying in Dragon Abyss City, you’ll have to pay 1,000 Essence Condensation Pills. Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out by the guards of Dragon Abyss City.”

“Good lord! 1,000 Essence Condensation Pills for a single day in Dragon Abyss City!”

Duan Tianliang muttered, “This is daylight robbery!”

Everyone stood far away and had yet to arrive at the city gate.

However, Duan Tianliang’s words were heard by a city guard.

The guard glanced over coldly with an icy expression.

Duan Tianliang was shocked and shrank his neck.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo said, “Let’s go into the city!”


Yue Hao and the others agreed.

Su Zimo said, “You guys accompanied me here this time round. I’ll pay for the Essence Condensation Pills for your trip into the city.”

Su Zimo had gained a lot from destroying the army of Blood Sun Valley this time round. He had also obtained a lot of useful information from Yue Hao and the other two and it was only logical for him to provide the Essence Condensation Pills.


Yue Hao and the other two hesitated and were about to decline.

Su Zimo had already taken out some Essence Condensation Pills from his storage bag and handed them to the guard at the city gate.