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Chapter 1835: Turtle Shell

Su Zimo had a total of five people for this trip and he had to fork out 5,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

He handed over the storage bag with the Essence Condensation Pills. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness, “Exalted Immortal, please let us through. There are 6,000 Essence Condensation Pills inside!”

When the guard heard Duan Tianliang’s grumble earlier on, there was a high chance he would come and make things difficult for them.

Su Zimo did not want to get into a conflict with the guards of Dragon Abyss City.

Right now, entering the city was the most important thing for him!

Initially, the guard wanted to make things difficult for Su Zimo’s group.

However, when he heard Su Zimo’s voice transmission, his expression softened as he nodded to the latter. “Little cultivator, you sure are tactful.”

The person did not say much and condensed five badges with an immortal art, handing them to Su Zimo. “You’re only allowed to stay in Dragon Abyss City for a day. Go on in.”

Su Zimo received the badge and expressed his thanks before entering Dragon Abyss City with Yue Hao and the others.

Compared to the deserted city outside, Dragon Abyss City was extremely lively.


The moment Su Zimo and the others entered the city, they saw many cultivators selling talismans, Dharmic treasures and cultivation techniques on both sides of the road!

Everywhere everyone could see, there were all sorts of cultivators.

The gigantic city was bustling with people!

“There’s only a single city in the true sense of the word on the entire Dragon Abyss Star. Many cultivators on the Dragon Abyss Star will try their best to gather here like a marketplace.”

Yue Hao said amidst the clamor, “Essence Condensation Pills are considered as currency here. If you want to purchase something, you can exchange it with Essence Condensation Pills.”

Gu Wenjun said, “Fighting is not allowed in Dragon Abyss City. The moment anyone makes a move, the city guards will arrive and chase the cultivators out!”

“If the situation is serious, the city guards might even kill the troublemakers on the spot!”

Shen Fei continued, “If you want to fight, there will be a Night Marketplace in Dragon Abyss City after night falls…”

Pausing for a moment, Shen Fei winked at Su Zimo and gave a strange laugh. “There’s everything there. I heard that as long as you spend enough Essence Condensation Pills, there will also be some beauties…”


At the side, Gu Wenjun’s expression darkened as she coughed gently. “Let’s get back to proper business!”

Shen Fei retracted his smile hurriedly and said sternly, “An auction will be held in the Night Marketplace. There will be many precious and rare treasures at the auction! After the auction, an arena will be set up. As long as both parties agree to it, they can even fight to the death!”

Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “Dragon Abyss City isn’t going to interfere in this Night Marketplace?”


Yue Hao shook his head. “I heard that many of the guards and Exalted Immortals of Dragon Abyss City would head to the Night Marketplace occasionally to relax.”

Su Zimo nodded and chatted with Yue Hao and the others as they walked, glancing casually at the stalls on both sides of the road.


Su Zimo focused his gaze and stopped in front of a stall. He squatted down and looked over.

Yue Hao and the others watched from the side as well.

The stall owner was a middle-aged man. There were some talismans, Dharmic treasures, elixirs and even some rocks and minerals.

“Fellow Daoist, what do you fancy?”

The middle-aged stall owner asked.

Su Zimo picked up an inferior black-grade Dharmic treasure and examined it carefully, seemingly pleased.

After looking at it for a moment, Su Zimo asked, “Fellow Daoist, how much is this Dharmic treasure?”

“Although this sword is an inferior black-grade, it’s extremely sharp and is top-tier among the inferior black-grades!”

The middle-aged stall owner said, “That sword is worth at least 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills!”

“You’re really asking for a lot,”

At the side, Shen Fei could not take it anymore and sneered, “The price of an inferior black-grade Dharmic treasure is 10,000 Essence Condensation Pills. Stop bluffing. Do you really think we don’t know the market price?”

“My sword is different!”

The middle-aged stall owner blushed when his thoughts were exposed, but he still braced himself and argued.

Su Zimo shook his head gently and pretended to be troubled, sighing. “20,000 Essence Condensation Pills is indeed a little expensive.”

Thereafter, Su Zimo put down the sword and looked at other things.

He picked up a turtle shell the size of a face in a seemingly casual manner and asked with a frown, “Fellow Daoist, what is this?”


The middle-aged stall owner glanced at it. “This turtle shell has an extraordinary background. I obtained it by chance in an ancient ruin…”

“Stop exaggerating,”

Shen Fei sneered, “So, all your items have such a powerful background?”

Su Zimo frowned. “I injected Heaven and Earth Essence Qi into this turtle shell, but why isn’t it moving at all? What’s the use of this thing?”

“Fellow Daoist, you don’t know,”

The middle-aged stall owner said, “If we can discover the secret behind a natural oddity as such casually, it would be worthless.”

“For treasures as such, you have to buy them before examining them carefully. Only then will you be able to comprehend the secrets within!”


Su Zimo smiled and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “How much is this turtle shell?”

Just as the middle-aged stall owner was about to speak, he rolled his eyes. “If you buy that sword for 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills, I’ll give you this turtle shell as a gift!”

“Brother Su, let’s go,”

When Yue Hao saw that Su Zimo seemed like he was about to be tricked, he did not care much and greeted Su Zimo as a brother before pulling him away.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo took out a storage bag and threw it in front of the middle-aged stall owner. “20,000 Essence Condensation Pills. I’ll buy it.”

The middle-aged stall owner was stunned and could not believe it.

He opened the storage bag and saw that there were indeed 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

He had picked up the turtle shell casually and it was completely useless.

The price of that sword was around 10,000 Essence Condensation Pills.

To think that this refined cultivator would be so easily tricked into spending 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills to purchase an inferior black-grade Dharmic treasure!

At that thought, the middle-aged stall owner put away the 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills hurriedly and tossed the sword and turtle shell to Su Zimo.

He was afraid that Su Zimo would renege on his words!


When they saw that, Yue Hao and the other two exchanged glances and could only sigh helplessly.

Now that the transaction was already done, it was useless even if they wanted to persuade him.

“Hold on!”

Right then, a feminine voice sounded not far away.

Immediately after, a young man charged over and reached out, grabbing the turtle shell that was thrown towards Su Zimo!

From the looks of it, he wanted to fight for the turtle shell!

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo harrumphed coldly and tapped the young man on the wrist gently.

Right now, he could not release any divine powers or secret skills in Dragon Abyss City.

However, that single finger was no different from a divine weapon with a sharp edge!

Realizing how powerful he was, the young man’s expression changed and he retracted his hand hurriedly.

Su Zimo conveniently kept the turtle shell in his palm and placed it in his storage bag, glaring at the young man coldly.