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Chapter 1836: Commander Liu

The fight between Su Zimo and the young man was extremely short and they separated before they even made contact.

Although it attracted many gazes, it did not cause much of a stir.

Yue Hao and the others looked at the young man opposite them and their expressions changed slightly in shock.

“Fellow Daoist Su, this is the young master of Black Yin Mountain, Ding Yu. Be careful!”

Yue Hao sent a voice transmission to Su Zimo hurriedly.

Black Yin Mountain was one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star and was on par with Blood Sun Valley.

Ding Yu’s cultivation realm was at the Level 6 Black Essence realm. However, there was a Grade 7 Black Immortal guarding him.

The person looked at Su Zimo with an unfriendly expression.

Behind the two of them were more than ten Grade 5 and 6 Black Immortals of Black Yin Mountain!

Shen Fei sent a voice transmission as well, “This person is not to be trifled with. It’s best to avoid conflict with him.”

Beside Ding Yu stood a young woman with fair skin. Her eyes shone with a divine light and she had a refined aura that shone brightly!


Although this young woman was a Grade 6 Black Immortal, she stood shoulder to shoulder with Ding Yu. Be it in terms of aura or status, she seemed different from the guards of Black Yin Mountain.

An old man stood behind the young woman. Lowering his head, he was expressionless and was also a Grade 7 Black Immortal!

Gu Wenjun’s gaze swept past the young woman’s waist and froze slightly.

“That woman might be from Heavenly Fire Palace!”

Gu Wenjun sent a voice transmission secretly, “Furthermore, from the looks of it, that woman has a high status in the Heavenly Fire Palace. To think that she would have a Grade 7 Black Immortal as her guard!”

Similar to Black Yin Mountain and Blood Sun Valley, Heavenly Fire Palace was one of the eight major factions!

“You don’t recognize me?”

Ding Yu glared at Su Zimo coldly and asked.

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “The young master of Black Yin Mountain. I’ve just heard of your name.”

“Very good,”

Ding Yu nodded. “Since that’s the case, hand over that turtle shell. Don’t worry, I won’t let you take a loss.”

“Earlier on, you bought an inferior black-grade sword and that turtle shell and spent 20,000 Essence Condensation Pills,”

Ding Yu took out a storage bag and said, “There are 40,000 Essence Condensation Pills in this storage bag. I don’t want that inferior black-grade sword, I only want that turtle shell!”

With that said, Ding Yu tossed the storage bag in his hands towards Su Zimo.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he sidestepped and dodged.

The storage bag with the 40,000 Essence Condensation Pills fell to the ground!

Ding Yu’s expression darkened as he narrowed his eyes. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“Nothing much,”

Su Zimo said, “I don’t want to sell this turtle shell.”

Ding Yu’s gaze was cold as he said icily, “Lad, you must have a death wish!”

Right then, the young woman beside Ding Yu took a step forward and cupped her fists towards Su Zimo. “Fellow Daoist, I’m Jiang Li of Heavenly Fire Palace. How much do you want to sell this turtle shell for?”

“So, that’s Jiang Li. No wonder she has such an aura!”

“Who is she?”

“Although the daughter of the Palace Lord of Heavenly Fire Palace is a woman, I heard that she obtained the legacy of the Palace Lord and has never tasted defeat at the Level 6 Black Essence realm!”

The crowd discussed.

“Little Li, don’t say anything more to him. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you get that turtle shell!” Ding Yu said in a deep voice.

Su Zimo ignored Ding Yu and said to Jiang Li, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to sell this turtle shell.”

A look of disappointment flashed through Jiang Li’s eyes but she did not insist.

Right then, a group of guards from Dragon Abyss City walked over. They wore armor and wielded spears with cold expressions.

The guards opened up a path with their spears, separating the crowd instantly.

“Who’s causing trouble?!”

The leader had a dignified expression and a sharp gaze as he looked at Su Zimo, Ding Yu and the others before asking slowly.

Su Zimo swept his spirit consciousness and saw that the leader of the guards was at the Level 8 Black Essence realm!

“So, it’s Commander Liu,”

When Ding Yu caught sight of that person, his earlier arrogance vanished instantly as he revealed a pandering smile. He closed in and bowed. “Greetings, Commander Liu. I’m Ding Yu.”

“Long time no see. This is a small gift as a token of my respect. Please accept it, Commander Liu.”

As he said that, Ding Yu took out a storage bag and handed it over.

Commander Liu received it naturally and opened the storage bag to take a look. Nodding his head in satisfaction, he flipped his palm and kept it!

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

To think that a commander of Dragon Abyss City would receive a gift from Ding Yu in front of everyone without caring about the gazes of others.

As for the surrounding cultivators, they had calm expressions, as though they were already used to this!

“Fellow Daoist Su, don’t offend the guards of Dragon Abyss City!”

When Yue Hao saw that Su Zimo’s expression was amiss, he hurriedly reminded with a voice transmission, “Although Dragon Abyss City is a remote city under the jurisdiction of Green Cloud County, it’s also under the jurisdiction of the Great Jin Country. We can’t afford to offend it!”

“Many of these guard commanders are native Exalted Immortals. In their eyes, our lives are like ants that can be crushed at will!”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Even without Yue Hao’s reminder, he would not provoke this Commander Liu.

On the one hand, Commander Liu’s cultivation realm was at the Level 8 Black Essence realm!

On the other hand, this was Dragon Abyss City.

He would be courting death by offending a commander of Dragon Abyss City here!

Even with his capabilities, he could not escape unscathed!

After accepting Ding Yu’s storage bag, Commander Liu’s expression softened as he asked, “What’s going on here?”

Ding Yu smiled hurriedly. “Reporting to Commander Liu, it’s just a small matter. The transaction in the city is conducted on a first come, first served basis. Initially, I took a liking to an item. To think that this blind fool would buy that item while I was distracted!”

“Fellow Daoist, you’re twisting the facts!”

Yue Hao stood out and said in a deep voice, “You weren’t here when we were talking to this stall owner!”

“Is that so? Why don’t you ask the stall owner who came first?”

Ding Yu sneered and turned to look at the middle-aged stall owner with a threatening gaze.

The middle-aged stall owner lamented internally.

He knew that Su Zimo and the others were the ones who bought it first. However, the situation was pressing and Ding Yu had the support of Commander Liu. As such, he did not dare to tell the truth and merely stammered with a troubled expression.

Suddenly, Commander Liu said, “Alright, this isn’t a big deal. If you guys insist on your opinions, you can head to the Night Marketplace and fight. The item will belong to whoever that wins. That will be fair for all of you.”

A commotion broke out in the crowd.

On the surface, Commander Liu said that it was fair. However, if they were to fight in the Night Marketplace, life and death was not an issue!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was at Level 5 of the Black Essence realm while Ding Yu was at Level 6. No matter how one looked at it, this was not a fair fight!

“I’m fine with that!”

Ding Yu agreed excitedly.

“Do you have a problem?”

Commander Liu looked at Su Zimo and said indifferently, “If you refuse, hand that thing over and return it to Ding Yu right now!”