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Chapter 1837: Crisis

“Are you going to fight personally?”

Su Zimo shifted his gaze towards Ding Yu who was not far away.

Ding Yu raised his head slightly and said proudly, “Of course. I’ll personally retrieve what belongs to me and give it to Little Li!”

Su Zimo nodded without hesitation. “Sure.”

Yue Hao and the others remained silent.

They had witnessed Su Zimo’s capabilities personally. Even in a head-on fight, Ding Yu might not be a match for Su Zimo.

Ding Yu was extremely confident and did not take Su Zimo seriously.

In his opinion, the reason why Su Zimo agreed so readily was because he had no other choice under the pressure of Commander Liu!

Commander Liu nodded slightly in satisfaction.

In his eyes, be it Ding Yu or Su Zimo, they were just two lowlifes.

However, Ding Yu was a tactful lowlife.


Cultivation was boring, especially on the remote Dragon Abyss Star in Green Cloud County. Even as the guards of Great Jin Country, they did not have much entertainment.

Watching lowlifes fight one another to the death was one of their few pleasures.

“That green-robed cultivator looks familiar!”

Right then, a voice sounded from the crowd.

Immediately after, another person said, “That seems to be the person with the bounty from the Evil Wolf Army. His name is Su Zimo!”

“Indeed, there’s a resemblance.”

“That’s him!”

The crowd discussed.

At that moment, countless gazes landed on Su Zimo. There was heat, hostility, greed, killing intent and pity.

Any Black Immortal would be tempted by the bounty of 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

More and more cultivators gathered.

Under the gazes of so many people, Yue Hao and the others who were standing beside Su Zimo felt waves of pressure and panicked.

It was hard to imagine the pressure that Su Zimo was under at the center of the storm!

Everyone looked at Su Zimo instinctively and their hearts skipped a beat.

Even under such circumstances, Su Zimo’s expression was calm, as though he could not sense the hostile gazes.

“This person’s temperament and courage are truly rare,”

In the crowd, a yellow-robed woman nodded slightly and said softly.

There were more than ten cultivators surrounding the yellow-robed lady, protecting her.

Behind the yellow-robed lady stood a middle-aged burly man. He looked strong and energetic.

“Mistress, you are right. He is indeed unusual,”

The middle-aged burly man said softly.

There was another group of people not far away from the yellow-robed woman.

The person in the middle was also a beautiful woman. She looked like she had a prominent status and was protected by everyone. She wore a light blue dress that reached the ground and her eyes shone with lightning.

The blue-dressed woman seemed to have heard what the yellow-robed woman said and suddenly smiled. “Sister Xu is right. Unfortunately, his cultivation realm is a little low. Now that he offended Ding Yu and is hunted down by the Evil Wolf Army, he’s truly not worth befriending.”

The yellow-robed lady smiled and did not argue. Instead, she asked, “Sister Yuan, are you here for that thing as well?”

“That’s for sure,”

The blue-dressed woman smiled. “Isn’t it the reason why the eight major factions are gathered in Dragon Abyss City at this time?”

The yellow-robed lady replied, “Not exactly. From what I know, no one from Blood Sun Valley came.”

“Sister Xu, I’ll see you at the Night Workshop. I hope you can show mercy then,”

The blue-dressed woman said and turned to leave.

The conversation between the two of them was impossible to distinguish in the noisy crowd.

However, Su Zimo possessed the Green Lotus True Body and his hearing was terrifying—he caught the conversation between the two of them clearly in the noisy crowd!

Although their conversation was short, it revealed a lot of information.

This time round, it was as though a treasure had appeared and was about to be auctioned at the Night Marketplace. As such, the eight major factions of Dragon Abyss Star were gathered!

From the looks of it, the eight major factions placed great importance on that treasure.

The people sent over were also important figures of the major factions.

Ding Yu, Jiang Li and Chen Xuanyang who had his arm severed by Su Zimo were all the young masters and daughters of the major factions!

“So, it’s you!”

When Ding Yu heard the discussions around him, he could not help but burst into laughter. “Seems like the bounty of 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills is mine! Hahahaha!”

To Ding Yu, Su Zimo was already a dead man.

“You had better not leave the city,”

Ding Yu looked at Su Zimo with a smile. “There are countless eyes watching you right now. Once you leave, I guarantee that you’ll be torn into pieces by many cultivators!”

“You’ll only have a chance of survival if you fight me in the Night Marketplace,”

With that said, Ding Yu burst into laughter and left smugly.

As he had said, he was not worried that Su Zimo would leave Dragon Abyss City.

Now that Su Zimo’s identity was exposed, countless people wanted to attack him for the bounty of 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills from the Evil Wolf Army.

No one could attack in Dragon Abyss City.

However, once they left Dragon Abyss City, they could kill at will even at the city gate!

With Ding Yu’s departure, the crowd dispersed as well.

However, in reality, there were still many cultivators lingering around the vicinity, watching Su Zimo’s movements.

Yue Hao and the others had grim expressions.

The current situation was extremely disadvantageous for them.

Even if they could survive the calamity of the Night Marketplace, they would be hunted down by many cultivators the moment they left Dragon Abyss City.

“Fellow Daoist Su,”

Right then, a soft cry sounded from behind Su Zimo.

Su Zimo looked back.

Not far away, a group of cultivators walked over. Their leader was dressed in yellow robes and had a faint smile on her face as she cupped his fists towards Su Zimo.

Yue Hao glanced at the patterns on the sleeves of the cultivators and said softly with a focused gaze, “These are people from Twin Dragon Sect.”

Twin Dragon Sect, one of the eight major factions.

Twin Dragon Sect was established by two Grade 8 Black Immortals. It was said that the two of them were sworn siblings and had some dragon blood flowing through their bodies—they were extremely strong!

All major factions on the Dragon Abyss Star typically had unique emblems on their attires and badges.

There was a divine dragon tattooed on each sleeve of those from Twin Dragon Sect.

“What’s going on? Why are all the major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star here at this time?” Shen Fei muttered softly.

The yellow-robed woman approached with a smile. “I’m Xu Wan from Twin Dragon Sect.”

Gu Wenjun sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness, “I heard that one of the sect masters of Twin Dragon Sect is surnamed Xu.”

“I’m Su Zimo,”

Su Zimo cupped his fists in return with a questioning gaze.

Xu Wan smiled gently and asked, “Fellow Daoist Su, how confident are you for tonight’s battle?”

“It’s alright,”

Su Zimo replied ambiguously.

Xu Wan sent a voice transmission, “If you trust me, I can secretly send you out of the city to avoid this battle.”

Su Zimo looked at Xu Wan deeply.

Xu Wan’s gaze was sincere and she did not dodge at all.

That surprised Su Zimo slightly.

Given the current situation, there were countless people who wanted to take his life in exchange for the high bounty of the Evil Wolf Army.

To think that someone would be willing to stand out and help him!