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Chapter 1838: Sal Tree Leaf

“Thank you for your kindness,”

Su Zimo declined. “However, I still want to check out the Night Marketplace.”

When Xu Wan saw Su Zimo’s rejection, she did not mention this matter anymore. Instead, she continued, “From what I know, apart from Blood Sun Valley, many cultivators from the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star are here to take part in the Night Marketplace. Do you know why, Fellow Daoist Su?”

“I don’t know,”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Please enlighten me, Fellow Daoist.”

Xu Wan said, “There’s a treasure being auctioned at the Night Marketplace this time round. It’s a leaf of the Sal Tree!”


Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The Sal Tree was one of the three sacred trees of the Buddhist monasteries.

Legend has it that Buddha was born beneath the Ashoka Tree and comprehended the Dao beneath the Bodhi Tree. Eventually, he underwent Nirvana beneath the Sal Tree!

Each of the three sacred trees possessed an incredible might!


A mere withered Saraca Flower on Tianhuang Mainland possessed the power of life and allowed Su Zimo to reconstruct his Golden Core!

Of course, in a minor chiliocosm like Tianhuang Mainland, there was no way one could come into contact with the three sacred trees.

A single Saraca Flower in Tianhuang Mainland was already an utmost treasure of the Buddhist monasteries!

To think that he would obtain information of another sacred tree of the Buddhist monasteries, the Sal Tree, the moment he ascended to the upper world. Furthermore, it was on the remote Dragon Abyss Star!

Although it was only a leaf, it definitely contained a powerful might!

More importantly, Buddha underwent Nirvana beneath the Sal Tree.

If he could obtain that leaf, would it be of unexpected help to him in comprehending the Prajna Nirvana Sutra?

“This Sal Tree is one of the three sacred trees of the Buddhist monasteries,”

When Xu Wan saw that Su Zimo was silent, she thought that he had not heard of the famous Sal Tree and explained the origin of the tree briefly.

Pausing for a moment, Xu Wan continued, “If you can obtain this leaf of the Sal Tree, you can gather Heaven and Earth Essence Qi and make the surrounding Essence Qi richer.”

“That way, be it the growth or cultivation speed of the immortal herb, everything will speed up.”


Su Zimo raised his brow.

Xu Wan replied, “The Essence Nourishing Grass and the Rain Frost Flower ripens in a hundred years. It’s said that with the augmentation of this leaf, the maturity period of the two immortal herbs can be reduced by ten years!”

“That’s incredible,”

Su Zimo lamented internally, secretly in awe.

At the side, Duan Tianliang, Big Yellow and the Ying Zhao had strange expressions.

Among everyone present, only the three of them knew Su Zimo’s background.

According to Xu Wan, with the leaf of the Sal Tree, the two immortal herbs would ripen in 90 years.

However, immortal herbs around Su Zimo ripened within a single year!

If the news of a ten years reduction was enough for the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star to gather, news of Su Zimo’s ability would probably attract the attention of even Earth and Heaven Immortals!

Of course, even if the Sal Tree Leaf did nothing to speed up the growth of the immortal herbs, he would want to obtain it as well!

That leaf had an extremely special meaning to his cultivation!

However, by the looks of it, at least seven factions were fighting for that leaf—it would most likely be extremely difficult for him to get his hands on it.

“Fellow Daoist Su, have you joined any faction? If not, why don’t you join Twin Dragon Sect?”

Xu Wan made an invitation. “Fellow Daoist, if you’re willing to join our sect, Twin Dragon Sect will definitely step in to resolve this crisis with all our might.”

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Fellow Daoist,”

Su Zimo cupped his fists gently. “Let me consider this matter.”

Xu Wan did not insist. “Fellow Daoist, if you’ve made up your mind, you can come look for me at any time.”

The two of them exchanged a few more words before bidding farewell and leaving.

“Miss, although this person is courageous, he’s only a Grade 5 Black Immortal and has offended the Evil Wolf Army. Why did you take the initiative to recruit him?”

After Su Zimo left, the middle-aged burly man behind Xu Wan asked with a frown.

“I have no idea as well,”

Xu Wan said thoughtfully, “I just feel that this person is special.”

Actually, Xu Wan inherited her father’s bloodline and a trickle of dragon blood flowed through her body as well.

As for Su Zimo, he possessed the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit!

Even a true divine dragon would have to bow down in the face of a Dragon Phoenix, let alone Xu Wan who merely had a trickle of dragon blood!

Therefore, Xu Wan had a special feeling the moment she saw Su Zimo.

Under Yue Hao’s lead, Su Zimo arrived at a residence in Dragon Abyss City and handed over more than 3,000,000 immortal herbs in exchange for more than 300,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

Including the Essence Condensation Pills he obtained from the Blood Sun Valley army, he had close to 500,000 Essence Condensation Pills in his storage bag!

Those Essence Condensation Pills were enough for him to cultivate for a long time.

“Fellow Daoist Su, if you can obtain the protection of Twin Dragon Sect, you might truly have a chance of resolving this calamity,”

Yue Hao analyzed.

Yue Hao and the others were not worried about the fight between Su Zimo and Ding Yu.

In their opinion, even if Su Zimo was defeated, he would be able to survive with the methods he displayed previously.

The true danger was the pursuit of the other cultivators after leaving Dragon Abyss City!

At that moment, they did not know that the Evil Wolf Army had already received the news and was sending an army over!

A protector of Blood Sun Valley was about to arrive at Dragon Abyss City as well!

Although Dragon Abyss City seemed calm, there were already undercurrents surging!

Today’s events and subsequent development had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations!

After exchanging for the Essence Condensation Pills, Su Zimo found a random place to rest and recuperate while waiting for night to descend.

In his boredom, Su Zimo took out the turtle shell from his storage bag and examined it carefully.

Others might not be able to tell how special the turtle shell was, but Su Zimo had once cultivated the Black Tortoise phenomenon and even possessed the innate divine power of the Spirit Turtle Shield. He discovered right away that there was something strange about the patterns on the turtle shell!

Su Zimo stared at the patterns on the turtle shell for a long time without even realizing that night had fallen.

Yue Hao had to push Su Zimo gently to wake him up.

“Fellow Daoist Su, the Night Marketplace has already opened,”

Yue Hao reminded.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Shen Fei asked, “What’s so special about this turtle shell that you’re so engrossed in it, Fellow Daoist?”

Su Zimo smiled and did not hide anything. “The patterns on the turtle shell were actually etched by later generations. There’s a formation diagram recorded on it.”

The formation diagram recorded on the turtle shell was far from the formations of the lower world and was extremely mysterious.

Even with Su Zimo’s attainments in array formations, he had some difficulties understanding it.

That was the reason why he was immersed in it and forgot about the passage of time.

“Let’s go to the Night Marketplace,”

Putting away the turtle shell, Su Zimo rose with a look of joy in his eyes.

The value of this turtle shell was more than 2,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills, even 20,000,000!

Everyone followed the crowd and before long, they arrived at an extremely ordinary-looking residence.

However, after entering the residence, they saw a gigantic underground entrance.

Everyone walked down the stairs and after a while, they heard a commotion.

After turning a corner, the path ahead opened up and a gigantic and luxurious palace stood not far away. It was brightly lit and filled with figures!