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Chapter 1839: Auction

There were many guards guarding the surroundings of the palace and their cultivation realms were not low. If anyone dared to cause trouble here, the guards would attack immediately!

Su Zimo and the others paused for a moment before heading towards the entrance of the underground palace.

Yue Hao and the others had only heard of the Night Marketplace before. This was their first time here and they surveyed the place curiously.

After entering the palace, there was a commotion.

Although the palace was built underground, it was spacious and could accommodate at least tens of thousands of people!

In the middle of the palace was a gigantic raised platform.

At the top of the palace, there was a circle of resting areas with various spirit fruits and immortal peaches in front of them that emitted fragrance.

Those seats were above the many cultivators below and had the best view. Only those with noble statuses could take the seats.

Many cultivators were already seated and chatting among themselves.

Su Zimo could clearly see that there were even a few Grade 8 Black Immortals among them!

Yue Hao whispered, “Those who can sit on it are usually the Exalted Immortals of Dragon Abyss City. They call the shots in the city and are famous.”


“The eight major factions are nothing in the eyes of these Exalted Immortals. Look at the young masters of these factions. They can only stand below.”

The high platform was already filled with people.

Su Zimo swept his gaze.

Before long, he caught sight of some familiar faces in the crowd below.

Ding Yu of Black Yin Mountain and Jiang Li of Heavenly Fire Palace each occupied an area. The two of them stood at the front with many cultivators guarding behind them.

At the same time, Ding Yu caught sight of Su Zimo.

Ding Yu sneered at Su Zimo and placed his palm beneath his neck, making a beheading gesture in a provocative manner!

Su Zimo retracted his gaze and ignored it.

Another group of people stood in the area beside Ding Yu.

Their leader was a young man with a menacing expression—he was the young master of one of the eight factions, Heaven Bane Sect!

“Brother Ding, to think that this lad would dare to accept the challenge,”

The young master of Heaven Bane Sect gestured with his hands.

Ding Yu smiled. “He has no choice! Commander Liu gave the order personally. If he dares to disobey, he’s courting death!”

The young master of Heaven Bane Sect held a huge pork joint in his hands and grinned, his mouth filled with grease. “I’ll wish you success here then, brother.”

The moment Su Zimo entered the palace, many people on the raised platform looked over.

Apart from Blood Sun Valley, the other eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star, Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold, Thunder Shock Hall, Twin Dragon Sect, Heaven Bane Sect, Black Yin Mountain, Heavenly Fire Palace and Black Light Sect were all present!

“Fellow Daoist Su, this way,”

Right then, a soft cry sounded from the crowd.

Not far away, Xu Wan of Twin Dragon Sect beckoned to Su Zimo.

Although the people from the major factions were also standing below, they were all close to the raised platform and occupied an area each with a good view.

Hesitating slightly, Su Zimo still walked over.

Ding Yu and the others sneered when they saw that.

A look of surprise flashed through the blue-dressed woman’s eyes as well.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Zimo was already a man on the brink of death. Nobody expected Twin Dragon Sect to choose to befriend him at this moment.

At that moment, everyone was gathered in the hall.

However, the auction for the Night Marketplace had yet to begin.

Before long, a group of people walked in slowly from the entrance of the palace. Their leader was Commander Liu!

At that moment, Commander Liu had already changed out of his armor and wore an ordinary brocade robe, heading towards his seat at the top.

“Brother Liu, you’re late. We’ve been waiting for you,”

A square-faced burly man greeted Commander Liu from his seat.

Xu Wan whispered, “This is another commander of Dragon Abyss City, Yan Fei. His status is similar to Commander Liu.”

Yan Fei said, “Brother Liu, I heard that you’ve arranged a fight today?”

Commander Liu smiled faintly. “I’m just playing around. Do you want to make a bet with me, Brother Yan?”

“Oh? With what?”

Yan Fei asked.

Commander Liu said, “Let’s bet on your Rainbow Sword Art. If I win, can you lend it to me?”


Yan Fei burst into laughter. “You’ve been coveting my sword art for quite some time now. You’ve sure planned this well. I heard that there’s a difference of a cultivation realm between the two of them today.”

Commander Liu said, “We can change the way we gamble. We’ll bet on how many rounds Ding Yu will take to kill that person!”

“That’s interesting,”

Yan Fei rubbed his chin in deep thought.

Both of them did not conceal their conversation given their high statuses.

Although Su Zimo and the others were in the crowd, they heard their conversation clearly.

Xu Wan smiled bitterly and sent a voice transmission secretly, “Fellow Daoist Su, those of us who ascended from the lower world are merely toys in their eyes.”

“These Exalted Immortals often arrange for such fights and gambles. This is one of their joys.”

Su Zimo was silent.

To be precise, Commander Liu and the other Exalted Immortals did not take them seriously at all!

“Everyone, please be silent!”

Right then, a pleasant voice sounded from the raised platform.

Unknowingly, a woman had already arrived on the raised platform. Wearing a thin veil, her alluring and graceful figure was faintly discernible. Her red lips were flirtatious and charming to the bones.

Shen Fei was stunned and could not help but gulp.

“Exalted Immortals, please take your seats. Today’s auction shall officially begin,”

The veiled woman smiled gently.

Xu Wan said in a low voice, “Typically, fights between cultivators will only begin after the auction is over.”

Su Zimo nodded.

On the raised platform, the veiled woman waved her hand gently.

Not far away, a young girl walked over and ascended the raised platform with light steps. She held a tray with both hands that was covered with a black cloth.

“The first item up for auction is a cultivation technique, the Heavenly Thunder Dragon Tiger Sutra, a high quality light-grade technique!”

The veiled woman lifted the black cloth and revealed an ancient book within.

There were four grades of cultivation techniques—Heaven, Earth, Black and Light. Each grade had different qualities.

Right now, most of the cultivation techniques cultivated by the cultivators of the Dragon Abyss Star were low quality and could not even be considered as low quality light-grade!

Now that the Heavenly Thunder Dragon Tiger Sutra appeared, it attracted the attention of many cultivators.

The blue-dressed woman from Thunder Shock Hall was invigorated as she glared at the ancient book with a burning gaze.

“The starting price of this cultivation technique is 500,000 Essence Condensation Pills!”

The veiled woman said slowly.

“Good lord, the starting price is 500,000 Essence Condensation Pills!”

Duan Tianliang shuddered and almost bit his tongue!

Su Zimo frowned slightly as well.

Even the number of Essence Condensation Pills in his storage bag was less than 500,000.

Of course, he was not interested in the ancient book.

Although he did not know the grade of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra, it was definitely above earth-grade and might even be a heaven-grade cultivation technique!

If that was not the case, he would not have been able to subdue Yin Yang and fuse the Dragon Phoenix and Green Lotus Essence Spirits.