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Chapter 1841: Ownership of the Leaf


Suddenly, Ding Yu sneered, “3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills is not something that a Grade 5 Black Immortal like you can casually take out! You must be intentionally causing trouble at this auction!”

Without another word, Ding Yu pinned a crime on Su Zimo.

Xu Wan frowned slightly and sent a voice transmission hurriedly, “Fellow Daoist Su, if you can’t take out 3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills, it’s better not to bid. Otherwise, you’ll get into trouble!”

The veiled woman on the raised platform looked at Su Zimo and asked with a smile, “Fellow Daoist, can you take out 3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills for me to take a look at?”

“On what basis?!”

Shen Fei felt indignant and asked, “The others were bidding as well. Why didn’t you check on the others?”

Ding Yu and the others roared in laughter with disdainful expressions.

The veiled woman was extremely patient and explained, “Most of the other cultivators are from major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star or have significant cultivation realms.”

“However, this Fellow Daoist is only a Grade 5 Black Immortal. 3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills is not a small sum.”

Shen Fei wanted to argue but Su Zimo raised his hand slightly to stop him. Thereafter, he threw a storage bag over and asked, “Take a look at these things. Are they worth 3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills?”


The veiled woman received the storage bag and scanned it with her spirit consciousness. Her petite body shuddered and a look of surprise flashed through her eyes.

There were more than a thousand black-grade Dharmic treasures in the storage bag!

Although they were all inferior black-grade, a single inferior black-grade Dharmic treasure was worth around 10,000 Essence Condensation Pills.

In other words, the value of that storage bag was around 10,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills!

The veiled woman’s expression returned to normal before long as she handed the storage bag back to Su Zimo. “Fellow Daoist, please keep it well. You’re indeed qualified to bid.”

Su Zimo obtained more than 3,000 black-grade Dharmic treasures after killing the army of Blood Sun Valley!

There was no need for him to take them all out and he merely took out 1,000 inferior black-grade Dharmic treasures and tossed them over.

Many cultivators were shocked by the veiled woman’s words!

Even Xu Wan turned around and looked at Su Zimo deeply.

She realized that the green-robed man seemed to be even more mysterious than she had imagined!

The commanders and Exalted Immortals seated on the raised platform were not bothered by this small interlude at the auction.

However, Commander Yan Fei narrowed his gaze and sent a voice transmission to the veiled woman, “Li Ji, what was in his storage bag earlier on?”

Li Ji hurriedly sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness and replied, “There are 1,000 inferior black-grade Dharmic treasures in that storage bag.”


Yan Fei looked at Su Zimo in the crowd and his eyes flickered in deep thought.

“3,000,000 going once! Anyone else?”

The veiled woman surveyed her surroundings and asked loudly.

The auction continued.

Ding Yu did not expect to return empty-handed after his attack. He could not help but feel frustrated. Just as he was about to continue raising the bid, the guard behind him sent a voice transmission secretly, “Young master, you can’t.”


Ding Yu frowned.

The guard said, “The most important thing for us to do this time round is to get our hands on the Sal Tree Leaf. There’s no need for us to waste our Essence Condensation Pills on this.”

“Furthermore, so what if he buys it? He’ll still die in your hands later on. Isn’t his storage bag still yours?”

Ding Yu was enlightened and nodded to himself.

The guard continued, “If you raise the price too high and he can’t afford it, we’ll be the ones at a loss if he suddenly backs off.”

“You’re not wrong,”

Ding Yu smiled and decided not to raise the bid.

The veiled woman shouted twice more but still, no one raised the bid. Only then did she announce that the spirit treasure fragment belonged to Su Zimo.

After bidding for the fragment, someone sent it to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo took out 300 inferior black-grade Dharmic treasures from his storage bag and placed them in a storage bag before handing them over.

Inferior black-grade Dharmic treasures could easily be exchanged for Essence Condensation Pills in Dragon Abyss City.

“Everyone, the next treasure is the leaf of one of the three legendary sacred trees of the Buddhist monasteries, the Sal Tree!”

Immediately after, the veiled woman finally removed the veil of the treasure!

A palm-sized leaf was placed on a crystalline jade plate.

The leaf was rather strange—it was a compound leaf made up of seven leaves.

The leaf had fallen for a long time and was already slightly yellowed.

Even so, many cultivators could sense that the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi around the leaf had turned richer!

Everyone from the major factions were invigorated and their gazes burned.

When Su Zimo noticed that, he thought to himself, “By the looks of it, it’s going to be difficult to bid for the Sal Tree Leaf.”

The veiled woman did not introduce much and went straight to the point. “The starting bid for the Sal Tree Leaf is 10,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills. Each increment must not be less than 100,000!”


Shen Fei exclaimed and nearly bit his tongue.

Gu Wenjun was equally shocked as she whispered, “The starting price is already so high!”

Yue Hao explained softly, “The Sal Tree Leaf can accelerate the growth of the immortal herbs and bring benefits to the major factions that are far beyond 10,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills.”

“Furthermore, the benefits only increase over time.”

Xu Wan nodded as well. “The only risk is that the Sal Tree Leaf is already turning yellow. Once it withers completely, it won’t possess the effect anymore.”

Even so, all the major factions swarmed over and placed bids one after another.




As time passed by, the bid for the Sal Tree Leaf increased as well.

During this period of time, Xu Wan even shouted a bid once. However, she was quickly suppressed by the other factions.

Initially, the bids of the major factions rose rapidly.

However, later on, when the price rose to 30,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills, the bids of the major factions became slower and more cautious.

In the end, five of the seven factions withdrew from the competition.

Only Black Yin Mountain and Black Light Sect were left.

Even if Su Zimo exchanged for the remaining black-grade Dharmic treasures in his storage bag, he would only have less than 30,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills.

He had already temporarily given up on competing for the Sal Tree Leaf.

“Sister Xu, who do you think this leaf will end up with?”

The blue-dressed woman of Thunder Shock Hall asked.

Xu Wan said deeply, “It should be Black Yin Mountain.”

“Why do you say that?”

The blue-dressed woman was surprised.

Xu Wan said, “The reason why Ding Yu and Jiang Li of Heavenly Fire Palace are here is because of this leaf. I’m guessing that the two factions have already joined forces.”

“No matter how rich Black Light Sect is, they can’t compare to the foundation of the two factions.”


Before long, when the price of the leaves rose to 35,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills, Black Light Sect withdrew!

Ding Yu was delighted.

Jiang Li of Heavenly Fire Palace heaved a sigh of relief as well.