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Chapter 1842: Showdown

Now that the Sal Tree Leaf was sold, the auction of the night was over.

Thereafter, it was time for the cultivators to fight!

In the high seats of the palace, Commander Yan Fei suddenly said, “Brother Liu, how do you explain the gambit you mentioned earlier on?”

“Are you interested, Brother Yan?”

Commander Liu chuckled. “There’s no doubt that Ding Yu will be able to kill this person. Let’s bet on how many rounds he takes!”

In Commander Liu’s heart, given Ding Yu’s capabilities, it was extremely easy for him to kill a Grade 5 Black Immortal.

Ten rounds was enough!

However, out of caution, he pondered for a moment before saying slowly, “I’ll bet that Ding Yu will kill this person in 20 rounds!”

Yan Fei smiled. “Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll bet that this person can last 50 rounds!”


When he heard that, Commander Liu burst into laughter. “Brother Yan, you’re bound to lose this round! Seems like your Rainbow Sword Art is destined to be read by me!”


Yan Fei’s expression was calm. “If I lose, I’ll naturally hand over the sword art with both hands. What happens if you lose?”

“You’ve coveted my Burning Sea Heaven Pattern Technique for many years. If I lose, I’ll lend you this cultivation technique!”

Commander Liu waved his hand confidently.


Yan Fei’s eyes lit up.

If he could cultivate the Burning Sea Heaven Pattern Technique, there was a high chance that his cultivation would advance and he might even have a chance to advance to the Level 9 Black Essence realm!

Commander Liu stood up and declared, “There’s no need to wait. Arrange for the lowlifes to fight. The first match will be between Ding Yu and that person!”

Given Commander Liu’s status in Dragon Abyss City, he could naturally change the schedule at will.

Ding Yu was eager and excited as well.

Commander Liu looked at Ding Yu with a stern expression. “Ding Yu, I’ve got a gambit with someone. I’ll only give you 20 rounds! You had better not disappoint me!”

“Don’t worry, Commander Liu. Three rounds will suffice!”

Ding Yu was high-spirited and confident as he cupped his fists.

Still worried, Commander Liu reminded, “Don’t underestimate your opponent!”

“I will heed your teachings, Commander Liu.”

Ding Yu bowed hurriedly with a humble expression.

On the other side, Su Zimo sensed something from the crowd and frowned, turning to look at a seat high above.

A square-faced cultivator was looking at him with a fake smile—it was the commander named Yan Fei.

The palace was bustling with people.

Although outsiders could not hear the gambit between Yan Fei and Commander Liu, Su Zimo heard it clearly.

Yan Fei seemed to know something and that was why he dared to make that gambit with Commander Liu.

The blue-dressed woman of Thunder Shock Hall shook her head and looked at Su Zimo. “You really shouldn’t have accepted this battle.”

“Do you know that the battle won’t end unless one party dies in that arena?”

“What does that mean?”

Yue Hao frowned and could not help but ask.

Xu Wan explained, “There’s an array formation in the arena. Once both parties enter the arena, the formation will activate and form a barrier similar to a cage.”

“Unless only one person is alive in the arena, the formation barrier will continue to exist.”


Su Zimo replied with a calm expression, as though he did not care.

The blue-dressed woman looked at Su Zimo with pity in her eyes. “Haven’t you realized your situation? At that time, it’ll be useless even if you want to admit defeat. There’s nowhere for you to run!”

Su Zimo was still indifferent.

However, Duan Tianliang who was beside him grinned and shook his head with a sigh. “Sigh, this is bad. Someone is going to die.”

A look of disappointment flashed through the blue-dressed woman’s eyes.

Initially, she admired Su Zimo’s guts and character back in Dragon Abyss City.

From the looks of it, this person’s courage and temperament might be because he was slow to react and wasn’t smart!

Even the Grade 3 Black Immortal fatty beside him sensed the danger but this person was oblivious.

The blue-dressed woman did not realize that when Duan Tianliang said that someone was going to die, he was not referring to Su Zimo!


Su Zimo frowned slightly and felt a strong sense of hostility and killing intent as though he was being spied on!

He turned around slowly and looked in a direction in the crowd.

Many cultivators were pointing at him and discussing.

Su Zimo’s gaze swept across the cultivators before landing on a skinny old man.

The skinny old man looked no different from the surrounding crowd except that his cultivation realm was slightly higher—he was a Grade 7 Black Immortal.

Su Zimo retracted his gaze expressionlessly.

At the same time, a cold glint flashed through the skinny old man’s eyes as he thought to himself, “This lad’s senses are so sharp!”

The skinny old man was Protector Xue who had rushed over from Blood Sun Valley!

At that moment, most of the cultivators in the palace were focused on Su Zimo and Ding Yu.

However, under the gazes of so many people, Su Zimo could sense something unusual and capture the killing intent from him—that was a little terrifying!

“Everyone, please enter the arena!”

The veiled woman looked at Ding Yu and Su Zimo and said slowly.

Ding Yu had long been impatient. With a single leap, he arrived at the raised platform in the middle of the palace and looked down at Su Zimo with a provocative expression.

“Fellow Daoist Su, watch out,”

Xu Wan whispered.

Su Zimo nodded slightly and walked out of the crowd. In a flash, he landed on the raised platform with a nimble movement technique.

The moment Su Zimo entered the arena, formation patterns lit up one after another on the raised platform and converged to form a barrier!

In the blink of an eye, the entire arena had turned into an impenetrable cage!

Of the two people in this cage, only one could leave alive!

“Ding Yu has struck gold this time round!”

“That’s right. That person’s head is worth 100,000 Essence Condensation Pills. In his storage bag, there’s also a spirit treasure fragment worth 3,000,000 Essence Condensation Pills.”

“Once that person dies, everything will belong to Ding Yu.”

The cultivators below the arena discussed among themselves.

When he heard those voices, Ding Yu was even more smug. He glared at Su Zimo with a ferocious gaze and laughed menacingly. “Lad, I’ll let you witness my capabilities today!”

“Black Yin Technique!”

Ding Yu’s eyes shone with a strange glint as he waved his hands and conjured hand seals repeatedly, releasing the top immortal art of the Black Yin Mountain!

Even against a Grade 5 Black Immortal, he did not hold back.

He wanted to kill Su Zimo as soon as possible!



Su Zimo took a step forward and his feet landed on the ground. The gigantic platform trembled and dust fell!


A green shadow approached Ding Yu rapidly at an extremely fast speed. The figure tore through the air and even let out a strange and ear-piercing howl!

The green shadow arrived instantly!

Ding Yu’s pupils constricted violently!

The crowd exclaimed as well.


Commander Liu’s expression changed and he rose in shock.

Yan Fei’s eyes lit up.

It was too fast!

The burst of that power had exceeded everyone’s expectations!