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Chapter 1843: Instant Kill

When Ding Yu released his Black Yin Technique, streams of dark qi appeared where Su Zimo was initially standing and shrouded him with a chilling intent.

However, Su Zimo was even faster!

The moment the dark qi was formed, Su Zimo had already vanished from the spot and arrived before Ding Yu.

The two of them were inches apart!

Ding Yu’s eyes were filled with deep panic and fear.

To be precise, he was not a cultivator who had ascended from the lower world.

He was born on the Dragon Abyss Star of the upper world.

Cultivators born in the upper world had a high foundation because they absorbed and refined Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

He had already cultivated to the Level 6 Black Essence realm at such a young age.

However, in terms of combat experience, he was far inferior to the ascender who fought his way through the lower world and experienced countless dangers before finally undergoing the Tribulation Transcendence with a slim chance of survival!

Among the many ascenders, Su Zimo was the strongest after transcending the Four of Nine Heavenly Tribulation!


Su Zimo did not bother to fight him using equivalent techniques.

When Ding Yu released his immortal art, Su Zimo made use of his terrifying physique to burst forth and retaliate instantly!

Ding Yu had never seen such a terrifying burst power!

Against Su Zimo who was right in front of him, his mind was in chaos and he did not know how to defend.

In his hurry, he reached out instinctively, wanting to take out his Dharmic treasure to defend.

However, at this distance, Ding Yu was already a dead man.

Su Zimo had a hundred methods to kill him on the spot!

Su Zimo extended his palm and patted Ding Yu on the forehead gently.


Ding Yu shuddered and his gaze turned sluggish as the light in his eyes dimmed rapidly.

There were no injuries on his head.

However, the power of that palm shattered his Essence Spirit!


Ding Yu’s eyes were widened and lifeless as he fell stiffly onto the arena.

With a scoop, Su Zimo removed the storage bag on Ding Yu’s waist and kept it.

The palace fell into a dead silence!

All the cultivators were dumbfounded as they looked at everything in shock and doubt.

It was as though everyone was choked at that moment!

“H-How is that possible?”

The blue-dressed woman from Thunder Shock Hall was stunned and her eyes were filled with disbelief as she murmured in a daze, “Ding Yu is dead?”

The young master of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold gloated and chuckled. “He deserves it! Who asked him to be so arrogant earlier on and fight with me for the Sal Tree Leaf?”

“Young master, the Sal Tree Leaf seems to be in the possession of that person now,”

The guard behind him reminded softly.


The young master of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold focused his gaze.

The young masters of the other major factions were shocked as well with different expressions.

When he saw that, Commander Liu’s expression turned terrible as he clenched his fists—it was clear that he was enraged!

He had not expected Ding Yu to be so disappointing. Not only did he fail to kill Su Zimo within 20 rounds, he was even killed by a single palm strike!

Yan Fei snapped out of his stupor and let out a long breath before chuckling. “Brother Liu, I won!”

Actually, the reason why he dared to make this bet with Commander Liu was because he had obtained some news previously and deduced something.

With a dark gaze, Commander Liu did not say anything and merely glared at the green-robed cultivator coldly.

With Ding Yu’s death, the formation barrier around the arena gradually dissipated as well.

It was only then that many cultivators snapped out of their stupor and a deafening commotion broke out in the palace!

“Ding Yu is dead!”

“Heavens, a Grade 6 Black Immortal was killed by a Grade 5 Black Immortal who was a realm beneath him!”

“Furthermore, it was an instant kill! Ding Yu could not retaliate at all and was killed by a single palm strike!”

“It was too fast! What was the background of this man?”

Many cultivators guessed that even if they were in Ding Yu’s position and were unprepared, it would be difficult for them to avoid that fatal blow.

“However, Ding Yu’s death is equivalent to a huge trouble for that person. He’s definitely not going to survive!”

“That’s right. There’s no way the cultivators of Black Yin Mountain will let him off.”

Before the sentence was finished, many cultivators of the Black Yin Mountain had already lunged forward.

“Young master!”

Some cultivators charged towards Ding Yu.

Ding Yu’s guard, the Grade 7 Black Immortal, charged towards Su Zimo with a cold expression filled with killing intent. “Thief, pay with your life for my young master!”

“What are you guys doing?! You want to bully with numbers just because you can’t win?!”

Yue Hao could not stand it any longer and roared. Retrieving his gigantic axe from his storage bag, he charged into the arena as well and blocked the Grade 7 Black Immortal of the Black Yin Mountain!

Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun attacked as well.

In their hearts, Su Zimo was their savior and they naturally would not allow him to be surrounded like this!

Duan Tianliang and Big Yellow knew that their cultivation realms were not high enough and stood obediently in the crowd.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dharmic treasures collided, divine powers clashed and immortal arts surged!

In the blink of an eye, the entire palace fell into chaos. The surrounding cultivators retreated one after another, afraid that they would be implicated and hurt themselves.

“Oh no!”

As though she recalled something, Xu Wan frowned and exclaimed softly.

On the other hand, Duan Tianliang had a relaxed expression as he waved his hand. “The few people from Black Yin Mountain are not enough. Exalted Immortal, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about these people from Black Yin Mountain,”

Xu Wan shook her head. “Ding Yu’s death means that Commander Liu lost the gambit earlier on! That means that Fellow Daoist Su has offended this commander of Dragon Abyss City by implication!”

“If he finds an excuse to attack, Fellow Daoist Su’s life will be in danger!”

Right then, a figure in armor barged in from outside the palace. From his attire, he was a guard of the city!


The moment the guard entered the palace, he shouted and sprinted towards Commander Liu and Yan Fei.

“What happened?”

Yan Fei stood up and asked in a deep voice.

The guard said hurriedly, “There’s an army of cultivators gathered outside the city and I can vaguely hear wolves howling. It should be one of the Four Great Bandits, the Evil Wolf Army. There are thousands of them!”

“What is the Evil Wolf Army trying to do? Do they have a death wish?!”

Yan Fei’s expression turned cold. “We did not go hunt these bandits but they came knocking on our door? Are they declaring war on Dragon Abyss City?”

“I don’t think so,”

The guard shook his head with a hesitant expression.

Commander Liu’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly said, “Brother Yan, you don’t have to bother about this matter. The Evil Wolf Army isn’t here for us, it’s for him!”

Commander Liu pointed to Su Zimo below.

When many cultivators heard that, they realized that the Evil Wolf Army was clearly here for Su Zimo!

Duan Tianliang was a little nervous as well and his palms were sweating. “The situation doesn’t seem too good.”

Ding Yu only brought more than ten guards with him this time round.

These few guards won’t be able to cause much of a stir.

However, the thousands of troops from the Evil Wolf Army were all vicious and savage!