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Chapter 1845: Certain Death

In that short period of time, more than ten guards of Black Yin Mountain were either dead or injured in the arena.

Even Ding Yu’s personal guard, the Grade 7 Black Immortal, spat out blood from Yue Hao’s gigantic axe and was forced to retreat repeatedly!

Even though Su Zimo was only accompanied by Yue Hao, Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun, they had already defeated more than ten guards of Black Yin Mountain!

In reality, Su Zimo was rather restrained in his attacks.

Right from the beginning, he did not use any earthshaking trump cards or secret skills nor did he display the shocking scene in the Hundred Thousand Mountains!

Others might not be able to tell, but Duan Tianliang who knew some of Su Zimo’s background knew that the latter was clearly holding back.

Su Zimo had two considerations.

First, there were some Exalted Immortals watching in Dragon Abyss City. He did not dare to reveal the bloodline of his Green Lotus True Body, afraid that he would be recognized.

Of course, even without using his bloodline, the powerful body of the Green Lotus True Body was enough to suppress the guards of Black Yin Mountain!

His second consideration was Commander Liu who was standing high above!

From the moment the battle broke out, Commander Liu’s gaze had been fixed on him.

His spirit perception could clearly sense the killing intent in Commander Liu’s heart!

This was a Grade 8 Black Immortal that was three minor realms above him.

Su Zimo did not dare to be careless.

A Grade 8 Black Immortal had already surpassed him in terms of strength.

Even if he used all his trump cards, he might not be a match for a Grade 8 Black Immortal.

Furthermore, this Commander Liu was a native immortal of the upper world and had cultivated for countless years. He definitely knew many powerful immortal arts and nobody knew what trump cards he had.

Therefore, although Su Zimo was fighting against the guards of Black Yin Mountain, most of his attention was focused on Commander Liu.

He knew that once Commander Liu made a move, it would definitely be a thunderous attack!

When the guard relayed the news of the Blood Sun Valley army almost completely wiped out, Su Zimo could clearly sense the killing intent emanating from Commander Liu intensifying!

That person was about to attack!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Although his back was facing Commander Liu, at that moment, his hairs stood on end!


Right then, a chuckle sounded from the seats.

Yan Fei looked at the murderous Commander Liu not far away and asked with a smile, “Brother Liu, what are you trying to do by being so angry?”


Commander Liu’s tone was cold and he did not conceal his intentions at all.

As a commander of Dragon Abyss City, no one would dare to say anything even if he killed the leaders of the eight major factions, let alone a Grade 5 Black Immortal!

Yan Fei smiled and whispered, “Brother Liu, there’s no need for that. We’ve known one another for many years and it’s just a small gambit. Why lower yourself to the level of a lowlife?”

Narrowing his gaze, Commander Liu turned to Yan Fei and asked with raised brows, “Why? You want to protect him?”


Yan Fei shook his head and laughed. “He’s just a lowlife. Why should I protect him? However, if you kill him because of the gambit between us, it won’t be good for your reputation either. It will make you seem petty.”

Commander Liu’s expression darkened as he harrumphed coldly.

Yan Fei continued, “Actually, even if you don’t kill this person, he won’t be able to live for long. Don’t forget, he offended Blood Sun Valley and Mystic Yin Mountain. There are even thousands from the Evil Wolf Army waiting outside the city.”

“How can a Grade 5 Black Immortal survive against all three major factions who want him dead?”

Commander Liu’s gaze flickered and he suddenly said in a deep voice, “Men!”


Four Dragon Abyss City guards stood out immediately.

Commander Liu pointed at Su Zimo below and declared, “Chase that man out of Dragon Abyss City!”

Yan Fei frowned. “Brother Liu…”

Commander Liu waved his hand and interrupted Yan Fei. Expressionlessly, he said in an unfriendly tone, “Why? Are you bent on going against me today, Brother Yan?”

Yan Fei replied hurriedly, “Brother Liu, why do you say that? It’s just that… kicking that person out of the city for no reason? Isn’t that…”

“Why is it for no reason?”

Commander Liu declared loudly, “This is the Night Marketplace, but this man fought against others lawlessly here. I’m already showing mercy by only kicking him out of the city!”

Yan Fei was silent.

Everyone knew that there were thousands from the Evil Wolf Army outside the city, waiting for Su Zimo to leave with bloodshot eyes.

If Su Zimo was kicked out of the city, he would be torn into pieces instantly.

Commander Liu had no intention of letting Su Zimo off—it was clear that he wanted to kill with a borrowed knife!

At the end of the day, Su Zimo was only a Grade 5 Black Immortal and was not related to Yan Fei at all.

The reason why Yan Fei helped and stopped Commander Liu earlier on was because Su Zimo had helped him win the gambit after all.

Furthermore, he admired this person from the depths of his heart.

However, Commander Liu had already made up his mind. There was truly no need for him to be on bad terms with Commander Liu because of this person.

At that thought, Yan Fei sighed and said nothing more.

“Thank you for earlier on, Commander Yan,”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Yan Fei’s ears.

Yan Fei was slightly stunned.

That voice was a voice transmission from Su Zimo to thank him!

The conversation he had with Commander Liu earlier on could not be heard by anyone in the noisy and chaotic palace.

To think that this person’s hearing was not bad and could even hear their conversation in the midst of the battle!

Without batting an eyelid, Yan Fei sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness as well, “There’s not much I can do. Guaranteeing that you’ll be fine in the city is as far as I can help you.”

“It’s enough,”

Su Zimo sent a voice transmission.

He knew very well that if Yan Fei had not stopped Commander Liu earlier on, the latter’s attack would have triggered a chain reaction!

Naturally, there was no way he would allow himself to be captured—the situation would only escalate.

Behind Commander Liu was the elite army of Dragon Abyss City!

Once the situation was out of control and the army gathered, even he might not be able to leave Dragon Abyss City alive, let alone Yue Hao, Duan Tianliang and the others.

Yan Fei thought for a moment and continued, “The situation you’re facing is much more dangerous than you imagine!”

“When you’re outside the city, cultivators can kill one another at will. The Evil Wolf Army isn’t the only thing you’ll be facing. Don’t forget, you just took Ding Yu’s storage bag with the treasure, the Sal Tree Leaf.”

“Many of the major factions in the palace are targeting that storage bag in your hands!”

Su Zimo nodded.

Yan Fei was not exaggerating.

At that moment, Su Zimo could clearly sense that many cultivators in the surrounding crowd were extremely hostile towards him.

However, because this was Dragon Abyss City, it was inconvenient for many cultivators to attack.

If they were outside the city and everyone no longer had any reservations, who knew who would jump out at that time!

That was also the reason why Commander Liu stopped and chose to chase Su Zimo out of Dragon Abyss City.

Yan Fei sighed internally and sent a voice transmission, “You can only pray for the best outside the city.”

He did not say it explicitly.

Actually, in his opinion, Su Zimo would definitely die the moment he left the city!