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Chapter 1846: A Good Show

“Get lost from Dragon Abyss City!”

The four Dragon Abyss City guards arrived before Su Zimo with cold expressions and a disdainful tone, as though they were chasing away an ant whose life was worthless.


Yue Hao clenched his fists in anger.

Everyone could tell that Commander Liu was trying to kill with a borrowed knife!

Disregard of the law was merely an excuse that Commander Liu made up.

Even if they were not allowed to attack casually here, Su Zimo was only forced to retaliate because the Black Yin Mountain faction provoked him first.

Su Zimo raised his hand slightly and stopped Yue Hao from arguing.

He glanced at the four Dragon Abyss City guards and smiled indifferently. “Today, you guys can chase me out of Dragon Abyss City, but I’ll return in the future. At that time, nobody will be able to chase me away!”

“Dream on!”

“You don’t even know that you’re about to die!”

The four city guards sneered.

“Stay in the city. There’s no need to follow me,”

Su Zimo ignored the four guards and turned to Yue Hao and the other two. Thereafter, he turned and walked out of the palace with firm steps and a fearless expression!

“Big brother, what should we do?”


Gu Wenjun looked at Su Zimo’s back view with deep worry and a conflicted expression.

She knew it as well.

Su Zimo’s departure was a one-way trip.

Even if she followed, it would be useless and she would be torn into pieces by the countless Evil Wolf Army.

However, Su Zimo was her savior after all. Was she going to watch him die alone?

At the side, Yue Hao suddenly took a deep breath and a resolute look flashed through his eyes. “Brother Su, I’ll accompany you!”

Thereafter, he turned to Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun. “Second brother, sister, I’ll leave Sun Vanquishing Stronghold to you guys!”

With that said, Yue Hao strode towards Su Zimo.

Yue Hao knew that he would die in battle outside the city as well.

Even so, he wanted to fight alongside Su Zimo!

Su Zimo stopped in his tracks and turned around, shaking his head. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Brother Su,”

Yue Hao laughed. “You’re the one who gave me my life. If I hadn’t met you, I would have died a long time ago! Now that my brother is in trouble, how can I cower in fear?!”

He had a relaxed expression but his tone was filled with pride!

Even though he knew that he was doomed, he had to press forward!

“Big brother, Brother Su, wait for us!”

Right then, Shen Fei and Gu Wenjun caught up as well.

“We’re sworn siblings. How can we be missing from a battle as such?!”

Shen Fei smiled.

The fear and hesitation in Gu Wenjun’s eyes vanished as she smiled. “That’s right. Since we came here together, we’ll leave together today!”

Many surrounding cultivators were moved when they heard that.

Everyone knew that they would definitely be surrounded by countless cultivators the moment they left the city. However, the three of them did not retreat and stood firmly beside Su Zimo!

Su Zimo smiled as well and patted Yue Hao on the shoulder. “You guys are good.”

Right then, Xu Wan sighed softly and cupped her fists towards Su Zimo with an apologetic expression. “Fellow Daoist Su, I…”

Given the circumstances, no matter how much Xu Wan valued Su Zimo, she would not dare to help Su Zimo against the pressure of Commander Liu and the three major factions.

“It’s fine, I can understand,”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said, “Fellow Daoist Xu, can I ask you for a favor?”


Xu Wan replied hurriedly.

Su Zimo pointed to Yue Hao and the other two, as well as Duan Tianliang, Big Yellow and the Ying Zhao. “Please take them in for the time being. Bring them along when you leave the city.”

“Fellow Daoist Su, don’t worry. I’ll definitely ensure their safety!”

Xu Wan agreed without hesitation.

“Brother Su, this is…”

Yue Hao frowned and wanted to argue.

Su Zimo interrupted him with a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness and said straightforwardly, “Yue Hao, the three of you will distract me if you follow me out of the city.”

“Given my capabilities, it’s easier to be alone without attachments. If I want to leave, I can do so at any moment. Even if there are thousands from the Evil Wolf Army, they won’t be able to stop me!”

If anyone else said something like that, they would definitely be mocked.

However, when Su Zimo said it, Yue Hao and the other two felt that it was only right.

They had witnessed Su Zimo’s methods before and were indeed terrifying.

It was as though the apocalyptic scene in the Hundred Thousand Mountains had happened yesterday. Even now, it was still incomparably shocking!

However, Yue Hao and the other two knew that today’s battle was ten times more dangerous than before!

This time round, the Evil Wolf Army came prepared and was definitely even more terrifying than the Blood Sun Valley army.

Furthermore, at that time, Su Zimo might not only have to face the Evil Wolf Army, but experts of other factions as well!

Yue Hao was still hesitant.

Su Zimo’s voice sounded once more, “If you leave the city, follow Xu Wan and leave after ensuring your safety.”

“Duan Tianliang and Big Yellow know my location. At that time, they will naturally look for me,”

Duan Tianliang nodded hurriedly.

Right from the beginning, he had not stood out to fight alongside Su Zimo.

That was because he knew that he would definitely become Su Zimo’s burden if he left the city with the latter.

“That’s settled then,”

Su Zimo added with an unquestionable conviction.

Yue Hao and the other two exchanged glances and could only nod.

“Hurry, don’t dawdle!”

Right then, a city guard sneered and hollered when he saw Su Zimo standing in the crowd motionlessly!

“Lad, it’s too late to be afraid now!”

“Hurry and leave! Don’t force us to chase you out of the city!”

The other guards sneered as well.

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent as he nodded to Xu Wan before turning to leave.

In the crowd, Protector Xue of Blood Sun Valley watched the entire process and nodded to himself.

The development of the situation was similar to what he had expected.

Even if he did not attack, Su Zimo would definitely be torn into pieces by the Evil Wolf Army!

Before long, under the watch of four city guards, Su Zimo walked out of the underground palace and disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

Above the palace.

With a smug expression, Commander Liu smiled gently and suddenly declared, “Everyone, we’re destined to have no sleep tonight. Why don’t we head up the city wall and watch a good show?”

“Let’s do that!”

“Let’s go!”

Many Dragon Abyss City guards burst into laughter.

The many cultivators and young masters of the major factions below moved one after another as well.

Even without Commander Liu’s words, they would have watched from the city walls!

Su Zimo had a Sal Tree Leaf in his possession—that was a treasure that all the major factions coveted!

The frustration in Commander Liu’s heart lessened slightly.

The reason why he lost the gambit today was entirely because of Su Zimo.

If he could see Su Zimo being torn into pieces by the Evil Wolf Army, he would naturally feel extremely comfortable.

This feeling would be even more satisfying than if he had attacked personally!

Commander Liu looked at Yan Fei beside him and said with a smile, “Let’s go, Brother Yan. Let’s head over and take a look together. You’re right, why do I have to deal with an ant like him personally?”

“Fufu, even if I stomp it to death, I’m afraid of dirtying my shoes!”