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Chapter 1847: Two Bosses

Dragon Abyss City.

Although it was already late at night, both sides of the road were still brightly lit.

Many cultivators gathered and discussed, converging together like a torrent that surged over from one end of the road.

The chaotic footsteps woke up many cultivators who were resting in Dragon Abyss City.

Some cultivators walked out of their houses and looked over.

Immediately after, everyone witnessed a strange scene.

At the front of the crowd was a black-haired, green-robed man. He had refined features and deep eyes as he walked out of the city with a calm expression.

The green-robed man looked meek and exuded a scholarly aura as he walked at an unhurried pace.

The many cultivators behind him followed unhurriedly as well.

“Strange, why is it so lively in the middle of the night?”

“I think it’s the group from the Night Marketplace.”

“In the past, this group of people would disperse and return home after the auction. What are they doing now? Who is that green-robed cultivator?”

“I think his name is Su Zimo. He’s being hunted by the Evil Wolf Army.”

“Fellow Daoist, what’s going on?”

Someone could not help but ask curiously when he saw someone he knew in the crowd.

Before long, that person found out about what happened in the Night Marketplace and could not help but feel invigorated. He joined the crowd and prepared to head up the city wall to watch the show.

The crowd grew and the commotion grew.

Before long, more than half the cultivators of Dragon Abyss City were alarmed!


A guard of Dragon Abyss City looked at Su Zimo’s back view and suddenly sneered, “Look at that person. He’s still pretending to be calm. He’s probably scared out of his wits.”

“Actually, there’s no need for such a huge commotion,”

Another guard pouted his lips slightly. “He’s only a Grade 5 Black Immortal. I reckon that he’ll be crushed by the Evil Wolf Army within a few breaths outside the city!”

“I hope that he can last a little longer against the attacks of the Evil Wolf Army so that we’ll have more to watch later.”

Another person laughed.

“Who led the Evil Wolf Army this time round?”

“I heard it’s the third and fourth bosses.”

“Tsk, tsk. To think that they would send two leaders to deal with a Grade 5 Black Immortal. The Evil Wolf Army is trying to kill to establish their dominance! These two bosses are ruthless characters!”

As they discussed, Su Zimo had already arrived at the city gate.

Above the city wall, Commander Liu, Yan Fei and other prestigious experts in Dragon Abyss City had already arrived a step earlier.

Commander Liu stood above and looked down at Su Zimo.

Su Zimo looked up.

Their gazes met in a fierce manner!

Su Zimo did not dodge at all!

The corners of Commander Liu’s lips curled as a cruel look appeared in his eyes. He raised his hand slowly and said in a deep voice, “Open the city gate!”


Accompanied by an ear-piercing sound, the city gate opened slowly.

The gigantic city gate was like the mouth of an ancient ferocious beast, waiting for Su Zimo to step in!

The moment the city gate opened, many cultivators smelled blood!

Outside the city, it was pitch black and extremely quiet.

The quieter it was, the more unusual it was.

Even the cultivators behind Su Zimo felt a sense of pressure, as though a dark cloud was looming over the city and an army was approaching!

Looking at the darkness outside the city gate, Su Zimo suddenly smiled and walked towards the city gate.

There were even some Dragon Abyss City guards guarding both sides of the city gate.

The few guards had already found out about this matter as well. They crossed their arms and looked at Su Zimo who was walking over step by step. Some of them pursed their lips, some of them shook their heads and some of them sneered.

“Of all people, you chose to offend Commander Liu. You must be tired of living.”

“Isn’t that good? We were just feeling bored standing guard here and now, a good show has arrived. We can watch the show as well.”

A few guards burst into laughter.

“Do you want to watch a show?”

Amidst the laughter of the guards, Su Zimo crossed the city gate.

He passed by the guards and said indifferently, as though he was talking to himself, “Alright, I’ll let you guys watch a good show today…”

By the time he said that, Su Zimo had already left Dragon Abyss City.

“Was he talking to us?”

“I’m not sure. He must be scared out of his wits.”

The few guards were confused and did not think too much about it. They chuckled and pushed the city gate closed slowly, locking Su Zimo outside the city!

The many cultivators that followed him rushed up the city walls hurriedly as well.

Thankfully, Dragon Abyss City was tall and majestic. The city walls extended like a mountain range and it did not feel crowded even when many cultivators stood on the city walls.

Everyone looked down.

Su Zimo left Dragon Abyss City and stopped in his tracks before long.



A tragic wolf howl tore through the silence of the night!

Immediately after, more wolves howled and the ground shook!

Although it was night, from above the city walls that were a hundred feet tall, the cultivators could still see the billowing dust in the distance!

Many cultivators gasped in shock.

From the looks of it, the Evil Wolf Army should have more than a few thousand people!

Before long, green lights appeared densely in the darkness ahead—those were the eyes of the Black Scale Fiend Wolves!

After the pairs of ghastly green wolf eyes, many gigantic Black Scale Fiend Wolves appeared one after another with a murderous aura, forming a gigantic semicircle that sealed all of Su Zimo’s escape routes!


“There’s so many people! There must be at least 10,000 of them!”

A series of exclamations sounded from the city wall.

Yue Hao and the others gripped their fists tightly with sweaty palms and nervous expressions.

The current situation was even more dangerous than they had expected!

The combat strength of an army of 10,000 was not limited to 10,000 people.

That was because there were also 10,000 violent Black Scale Fiend Wolves beneath the 10,000-odd Evil Wolf Army!

Those Black Scale Fiend Wolves could also release extremely terrifying lethality.

Once the Evil Wolf Army swarmed, even Grade 6 and 7 Black Immortals would be trampled into sludge, let alone Grade 5 Black Immortals!

Xu Wan frowned and whispered, “There’s no more chance. This time round, the third and fourth bosses of the Evil Wolf Army are here.”

“Of the two of them, one specializes in body tempering and has immense strength that can fight against ferocious beasts. The other has a sinister saber technique that’s impossible to defend against!”

The moment Xu Wan said that, the Evil Wolf Army dispersed and two figures walked out.

The person on the left was tall and strong. He was clad in armor and his exposed arms were thicker than an ordinary person’s thighs. He wielded two gigantic golden hammers with immense strength.

That person’s eyes were widened and he had a ferocious expression—it was the Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army!

The person on the right was dressed in black and had a long saber slung across his waist. His expression was cold and his gaze was icy as a blade!

He was the Fourth Boss of the Evil Wolf Army!

When he saw that, Commander Liu who was on the city wall glanced sideways and said leisurely, “Brother Yan, why don’t we make another bet to see how long this person can live? Hahahaha!”

Before he could finish, Commander Liu burst into laughter.

Yan Fei was silent and merely shook his head and sighed.

To think that a gambit between the two of them would cause this person to lose his life.