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Chapter 1849: Earth-Grade Cultivation Technique?

The destructive power of the wolf tooth copper rod was immense and it was even more terrifying in Su Zimo’s hands!

Even with the powerful physique of the Black Scale Fiend Wolf, there would be a few shocking bloody holes if it was struck by the wolf tooth copper rod!

Although the wolf riders were fast, they were defeated even faster!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten corpses appeared on the ground.

The Black Scale Fiend Wolves were not spared either. Their bodies were either pierced by the wolf tooth copper rod or their tendons and bones were snapped and they were dead!

“This Su Zimo is truly not afraid of death. He even dares to kill in front of the Evil Wolf Army of 10,000.”

“What else can he do if he doesn’t attack? With such a huge lineup, there’s no way the Evil Wolf Army will let him off.”

Many cultivators on the city wall discussed.

Commander Liu harrumphed and said coldly, “He’s merely struggling on the brink of death.”

When they heard Commander Liu’s unfriendly tone, the discussions around them quietened down.

Beneath Dragon Abyss City.

The expressions of the two bosses turned extremely terrible.

The loss of more than ten cultivators was not a huge loss for the Evil Wolf Army.

Most importantly, there were people of the major factions, commanders of the city and powerful experts of the Dragon Abyss Star watching on the city walls right now. The two bosses felt extremely embarrassed.

“Third, stop wasting time with him,”

The Fourth Boss frowned. “If our army charges forward, the Black Scale Fiend Wolves that we’re riding on can crush him into sludge with a single stomp!”

“Alright, we’ll do as you say!”

The Third Boss pointed at Su Zimo from afar and hollered, “Kill!”


Many of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers could not hold it in any longer. When they heard the orders of the Third Boss, they roared and charged out excitedly!

Dust billowed as the fiend wolves sprinted!

The Evil Wolf Army had dominated the Dragon Abyss Star for many years and was one of the Four Great Bandits—it was not without reason.

The 10,000-strong army moved at the same time like a massive torrent with a terrifying might. They surged forward with an extremely frightening aura!

Even the cultivators on the city walls were slightly shocked and wary, let alone those beneath the city.

Who could survive such a torrent?


Against the incoming torrent, Su Zimo laughed fearlessly and shouted, “Today, I’ll let you guys witness my capabilities as well!”

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he rose into the air slowly, emitting a shuddering aura from his glabella.


Su Zimo opened his mouth and roared at the 10,000-strong Evil Wolf Army that was charging over!


The roar was like a dragon’s roar and a phoenix’s cry. It was extremely terrifying and released an endless might, as though it could command all demons and look down on all living beings!

The cultivators watching on the city wall shuddered.

At that moment, they even had an illusion.

What floated in midair was not a person, but an ancient and terrifying ferocious beast. Its body was massive and its wings flapped, burning with flames!

Dragon Phoenix Roar!

Although this Green Lotus True Body did not have the bloodline of the Dragon Phoenix and could not suppress other ferocious beasts through its bloodline, it had the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit and could release the aura and roar of a Taboo Dragon Phoenix!

The many human cultivators in the Evil Wolf Army were not affected much.

After all, with more than 10,000 people gathered and wolves howling, their formation was overwhelming and could reduce the lethality of the Dragon Phoenix Roar to a minimum.

Some of the Grade 5 Black Immortals merely shuddered and frowned slightly, feeling their ears sting.

However, the Black Scale Fiend Wolves they were riding on seemed to have received an immense shock.

Suddenly, their limbs went limp and they collapsed to the ground in fear!

Some cultivators who were riding on the wolves were caught off guard and were sent flying, landing on the ground.

Instantly, the 10,000-strong Evil Wolf Army was in chaos.

“Beast, get up!”

“What are you afraid of? I’m right here!”

Many Evil Wolf Army soldiers cursed and urged the Black Scale Fiend Wolves beneath them.

Su Zimo sneered and channeled his mental cultivation technique and Essence Spirit without giving the Evil Wolf Army a chance.


Suddenly, three balls of flames of different colors rose beside him!

Every single ball of flames emitted an extremely terrifying temperature and aura!

The black Dao Fire was fiendish.

The golden Dao Fire was divine and peaceful.

The scarlet Dao Fire was scorching.

Many Dharmic arts of the lower world were difficult to release in the upper world.

That was because once those Dharmic arts were fused with Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, if the level of the Dharmic art was not high enough and could not withstand the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi, it would dissipate immediately.

However, the three Dao Fires that Su Zimo cultivated were different!

For the past ten years, Su Zimo had tried to fuse Heaven and Earth Essence Qi into the three Dao Fires.

Not only did the Dao Fires not extinguish, they fused perfectly with the Essence Qi and burned brighter with an increasingly terrifying power!

In reality, the Samadhi Dao Fire that Su Zimo cultivated had long transcended its original form as a Dharmic art.

Along the way of his cultivation, Su Zimo had dabbled in the Dao of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and was extremely accomplished.

The three Dao Fires had already fused with his cultivation and foundation!

The deeper one’s cultivation in the immortal Dao, the stronger the power of the immortal Dao Fire.

It was the same for the Buddhist and fiend Dao Fires.

The three Dao Fires would increase in strength along with his cultivation!

For example, among the three Dao Fires, the power of the Buddhist Dao Fire was clearly stronger than the two Dao Fires of the immortal and fiend sects.

That was because the golden Buddhist Dao Fire contained the profoundness of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra!

Although there was still a distance between Su Zimo and the Evil Wolf Army, many of them could already feel the terrifying heat!

Within a few breaths, the faces of many of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers were flushed red and they were drenched in sweat.

Some of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers could not take it and even took off their heavy armor.

On the city wall.

A look of surprise flashed through Yan Fei’s eyes as she nodded slightly and praised, “The grade of this immortal art for flames is probably not low!”

Commander Liu was expressionless and remained silent.

Jiang Li of Heavenly Fire Palace had a grim expression.

The reason why Heavenly Fire Palace was able to establish themselves on the Dragon Abyss Star was because they specialized in the Dao of flames.

Her father possessed a cultivation technique called the Heavenly Fire Dao Technique. It was an high quality light-grade and was extremely powerful.

Jiang Li had a deep understanding of this Dao after obtaining her father’s inheritance.

However, the moment Su Zimo’s three balls of flames appeared, Jiang Li realized that each of them was superior to the Heavenly Fire Dao Technique she cultivated!

“The cultivation technique that this person is cultivating is at least a low quality black-grade. There’s a high chance it’s a high quality black-grade,”

Jiang Li murmured softly.

The moment she said that, Su Zimo waved his hands beneath Dragon Abyss City and the three balls of flames of different colors collided, forming an even hotter fireball!

The temperature in the world rose suddenly!

It was as though a blazing sun had descended beneath Dragon Abyss City with flames surging into the skies!

Under the illumination of the flames, Jiang Li’s face was a little pale. With a shocked expression, she said with a trembling voice, “T-This cultivation technique… Could it be earth-grade…”