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Chapter 1850: Complete Annihilation

On Dragon Abyss Star, be it Heavenly Fire Palace or other powerful factions, none of them had the chance to come into contact with high quality cultivation techniques and secret skills.

The strongest cultivation techniques that the major factions could cultivate were only high quality light-grades.

Black-grade cultivation techniques were only available to some of the commanders and immortals of Dragon Abyss City.

Earth-grade cultivation techniques were something that even the City Lord of Dragon Abyss City might not be able to come into contact with, let alone the cultivators of the major factions.

That was the reason why Jiang Li was so shocked when she saw the gigantic fireball!

Even the commanders on the city walls and the guards of Dragon Abyss City were shocked, let alone her.

Greed flashed through the eyes of many Dragon Abyss City guards and they were tempted.

If this cultivation technique of the Dao of fire was truly earth-grade, it would be an irresistible attraction for them!

At that moment, everyone on the city wall had yet to realize that the fireball that Su Zimo condensed was not the final form of the immortal art!

Beneath Dragon Abyss City.

The Black Scale Fiend Wolves trembled in fear from the Dragon Phoenix Roar and did not dare to get up.

Thousands of cultivators from the Evil Wolf Army leaped down one after another and roared, charging towards Su Zimo murderously.

However, when Su Zimo’s Samadhi Dao Fire fused into the fireball, the many Evil Wolf Army soldiers stopped in their tracks!

It was not out of fear, but because they truly could not take another step forward!

The gigantic fireball at the front was like a blazing sun. It was red and burned with flames, emitting a terrifying heat!

The sweat on the bodies of many Evil Wolf Army soldiers evaporated the moment they seeped out!

They could already feel a sharp pain on their faces and their lips were dry, as though their bloodlines were about to be incinerated!

The small group of Evil Wolf Army soldiers that were charging at the front was in an even worse state and could not stop in time.

At that moment, the armor of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers melted and turned into scorching molten metal that flowed down their bodies slowly!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The Evil Wolf Army soldiers let out tragic cries and smoke billowed from their bodies.

Flames burst forth from the bodies of the Evil Wolf Army soldiers in the scorching molten metal and they were burned to ashes in a few breaths!

Just as the many Evil Wolf Army soldiers were hesitating, the Fourth Boss suddenly shouted coldly, “There’s so many of us. With just a single immortal art, divine power or Dharmic treasure from each of us, we’ll be able to shatter that fireball!”

The many Evil Wolf Army soldiers reacted one after another and conjured their immortal arts, summoning their Dharmic treasures, ready to strike.


The Fourth Boss ordered!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immortal arts surged and divine powers descended!

Dharmic treasures tore through the void and shot towards the gigantic fireball in front of them!

Everyone’s only goal was to shatter the fireball!

Su Zimo smirked coldly and hollered softly, “Good timing!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo pushed with both hands and rolled the gigantic fireball towards the Evil Wolf Army!

At the same time, his glabella shone and a scarlet flame burst forth, entering the gigantic fireball!

Essence Spirit Dao Fire!

The Caturadhi Dao Fire was formed!

To be precise, apart from the flames of the Green Lotus Essence Spirit, there was also the power of the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit’s flames! The overall power had increased exponentially!

The moment the fireball collided with the many divine powers, immortal arts and Dharmic treasures, it expanded more than ten times and the temperature rose rapidly as flames surged into the skies!

Instantly, it was as though there were no other living beings in the world, only a blazing sun!

The Caturadhi Dao Fire was formed and illuminated the entire night sky like daylight!

The fireball expanded dozens of times and devoured the hundreds of Evil Wolf Army soldiers closest to it.

Before the Evil Wolf Army soldiers could react, they were burned into nothingness by the fireball and their Essence Spirits were destroyed!


On the city wall, many cultivators were shocked and dumbfounded!

Nobody expected that the fireball formed by the three balls of flames earlier on was not the peak of the immortal art’s power!

The current fireball was many times stronger than the one earlier on!

Jiang Li was completely speechless and had a lost expression. She could only stare at the scene beneath the city in disbelief.

Could that immortal art be a high quality earth-grade or…


Absolutely impossible!

Jiang Li shook her head and did not dare to continue thinking.

Yan Fei had a grim expression as he whispered, “Given the power displayed by that cultivation technique, it’s probably at least a high quality earth-grade cultivation technique. Furthermore, there’s a high chance it’s a heaven-grade cultivation technique!”

At that point, the crowd was in an uproar!

Heaven-grade cultivation techniques were almost legendary treasures and only the royalty of the Great Jin Country would possess such powerful cultivation techniques!


Commander Liu said resolutely, “What sort of a treasure is a heaven-grade cultivation technique? It’s not something that a Grade 5 Black Immortal can come into contact with!”

“Notwithstanding the fact that he can’t come into contact with it, even if he’s given it to cultivate, he won’t be able to comprehend it. His body won’t be able to withstand it either!”

Even so, Commander Liu’s gaze turned fervent.

No matter what, even if that immortal art was not heaven-grade, it was definitely earth-grade!

If he could cultivate that immortal art to greater mastery, wouldn’t he be able to possess combat strength that could kill above his level as well?!


“Hurry and retreat!”

The Third Boss had already realized that something was amiss and shouted at the top of his lungs!

However, it was already too late!

The thousands of Evil Wolf Army soldiers attacked and many immortal arts, divine powers and Dharmic treasures tore through the air, covering the skies.

No matter how strong Su Zimo’s Caturadhi Dao Fire was, it could not withstand that power.

The gigantic fireball was shattered by the combined forces of the 10,000-strong Evil Wolf Army!

At that moment, the calamity had just begun.

The fireball split into pieces and turned into countless flames that scattered everywhere into the crowd like flowers!

Even the Grade 6 Black Immortals of the Evil Wolf Army that were struck by the flames could not withstand it and were burned to ashes on the spot, dying without corpses!

Countless flames formed a gigantic sea of flames that engulfed the many Evil Wolf Army soldiers!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

Countless Evil Wolf Army soldiers struggled, shrieked, ran and cried for help in the sea of flames!

It was like a fiery hell!

Countless living beings struggled within that purgatory but none of them could ever escape!

On the city wall.

Many cultivators looked pale with a hint of fear in their eyes.

The fact that a Grade 5 Black Immortal could release such methods was truly terrifying!

The eyes of the third and fourth bosses widened and their faces turned pale.

They did not advance and were not injured by the Caturadhi Dao Fire.

However, even at the edge of the scorching sea of flames, the two of them still felt chills!

It was over!

Everything was over!

The 10,000-strong Evil Wolf Army was almost completely annihilated by that terrifying flame!

Through the sea of flames, the two of them looked at the green figure in midair opposite them, as though he was a fiend that had crawled out of Hell!