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Chapter 1851: Divine MightTranslator: Legge

On the city wall.

All the cultivators who saw that were shocked!

The Evil Wolf Army had dominated the Dragon Abyss Star for many years. As one of the Four Great Bandits, they had even destroyed three major factions. They were ferocious and cruel, killing people like flies—they had never suffered such a huge loss!

The reason why the two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army mobilized such a large force and led an army of 10,000 to deal with a Grade 5 Black Immortal personally was because they wanted to establish their dominance without any mishaps!

However, nobody expected this situation to happen the moment the battle broke out.

No matter

That was also her worry!

If she and the blue-dressed woman could think of it, the other factions could as well and so could the two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army.

Under normal circumstances, releasing the Caturadhi Dao Fire with all his might would indeed take a huge toll on Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit.

However, no one knew that Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was not at the Level 5 Black Essence realm, but Level 7!

He cultivated the Prajna Nirvana Sutra and fused the Dragon Phoenix and Green Lotus Essence Spirits. Coupled with the power of Illumination and Nether Glow, his Essence Spirit was even more condensed and terrifying than ordinary Grade 7 Black Immortals!

The release of the Caturadhi Dao Fire did not affect him much.

The sea of flames gradually faded.

Some of the Grade 6 Black Immortals in the Evil Wolf Army were charred black and disfigured. Relying on their trump cards and lifesaving methods, they managed to survive.

The two bosses had grim expressions and made a rough count.

There were only a few hundred people left from the Evil Wolf Army that survived!

Most of the Evil Wolf Army died in the sea of flames.

That fire burned the army of 10,000 to less than a thousand people!

More than half of the 10,000 Black Scale Fiend Wolves were dead or injured as well. The remaining wolves had long dispersed and fled without a trace.

The remaining hundreds of Evil Wolf Army soldiers were almost all severely injured as well. The fire penetrated their bodies and all of them sat on the ground, coughing black dust with frightened expressions—they had already lost their combat strength.

It was way too tragic!

Even if a huge battle broke out with the major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star, the Evil Wolf Army would not end up in such a state.

But now, everything was all because of a single person’s attacks!

“Su… Zi… MO!”

The Third Boss’s eyes were widened in rage as he roared with bloodshot eyes, “I’m going to kill you and use your blood to pay respects to my dead Evil Wolf brothers!”

The Third Boss wielded his golden maces with both hands and grit his teeth, charging towards Su Zimo with a menacing expression!

He was worried that if Su Zimo roared again, the Black Scale Fiend Wolf he was riding on would be scared off and become his burden.

Therefore, he decided not to use it.

The Fourth Boss’s expression was cold as ice. Without saying anything, he floated down from the Black Scale Fiend Wolf’s back as well and strode forward. Gripping the handle of the saber at his waist with his right hand, he bent down slightly and sped towards Su Zimo!


Su Zimo sneered and stood in midair, looking down at the Third Boss who was charging over. “You still want to kill me? Today, I’ll let the two of you die beneath Dragon Abyss City!”


In a flash, Su Zimo burst forth and swooped down!


The Third Boss was fearless as he raised the golden mace in his palm and channeled his blood qi, smashing it towards Su Zimo who was charging down!

Su Zimo was still in midair when his glabella shone and a Bronze Square Tripod flew out.

He reached out and grabbed the Bronze Square Tripod, swinging it in a semicircular manner towards the Fourth Boss’s golden maces!


The golden mace collided against the Bronze Square Tripod with an ear-piercing sound.

A visible shockwave burst forth between the two Dharmic treasures and spread in all directions!

Su Zimo did not use his blood qi this time round for fear of his Green Lotus bloodline being recognized.

Even so, with the burst power of his dive, the strength of the Green Lotus Body as well as the Bronze Square Tripod, he still had the upper hand in this clash!

Su Zimo descended from the skies like a god with an unparalleled might!

The Third Boss shuddered and took half a step back!

A tremendous force arrived and his entire foot sank into the ground!

The Third Boss’s eyes were filled with shock!

He could not imagine that this seemingly skinny body could release such a terrifying, ferocious and savage power!


Without giving the Third Boss a chance to catch his breath, Su Zimo raised the Bronze Square Tripod and smashed down once more!

The Third Boss could only swing his other golden mace to receive it.


Another loud bang sounded!

The Third Boss grunted dully and his teeth loosened, causing fresh blood to flow. His arms trembled slightly and ached!

Instinctively, his gaze landed on his golden mace and his pupils constricted!

The lines on his golden maces were flattened after the two collisions with that battered Bronze Square Tripod!

The Third Boss did not know that if it was any other weapon, such as sabers, spears, swords and halberds, they would have been snapped by the Bronze Square Tripod!