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Chapter 1853: Taking Advantage of the SituationTranslator: Legge

Even at the moment of his death, the Fourth Boss of the Evil Wolf Army did not understand how Su Zimo disappeared into thin air and appeared behind him.

Even the outsiders on the city wall were shocked and did not know what happened, let alone him.

“What’s going on?”

“Was that teleportat ave to snatch his storage bag!”


Everyone from Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold replied with voice transmissions.

The old man behind the young master of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold, a Grade 7 Black Immortal, said in a low voice, “Young master, don’t go down. I’ll lead more than ten people over.”

The young master of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Uncle Jiang, I’ll leave it to you then.”

“Don’t worry, young master,”

The old man named Uncle Jiang said, “That lad should have used up most of his trump cards up till this point of the battle. He’s not a threat.”

“Let’s go!”

Uncle Jiang waved his hand gently and slipped down the city wall with more than ten Grade 6 Black Immortals of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold.

Almost at the same time, cultivators from Heaven Bane Sect, Heavenly Fire Palace and Black Light Sect flashed out and descended along the city wall, charging towards the battlefield!

Only Twin Dragon Sect and Thunder Shock Hall chose to stay put.

Since Twin Dragon Sect’s Xu Wan wanted to befriend Su Zimo, she naturally could not hit him when he was down.

The other cultivators of Thunder Shock Hall wanted to attack but were stopped by the blue-dressed woman!

The blue-dressed woman had a vague feeling that she had better not get involved today.

One of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star, the army of Blood Sun Valley, had long been killed by Su Zimo in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Everyone from Black Yin Mountain was also killed by Su Zimo in the Night Marketplace and the young master of Black Yin Mountain died!

Apart from those four factions, among the eight major factions, Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold, Black Light Sect, Heavenly Fire Palace and Heaven Bane Sect charged into the battlefield, wanting to take advantage of the situation and snatch the treasures!

The four factions were led by the personal guards of the young masters, four Grade 7 Black Immortals.

Including the Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army, there were five Grade 7 Black Immortals!

There were also dozens of Grade 6 Black Immortals behind them!

Although there did not seem to be many cultivators and they were not as massive as the Evil Wolf Army, they were extremely strong.

Everyone knew that the flames that burned the Evil Wolf Army earlier on had consumed too much energy and Su Zimo could not release it again within a short period of time.

Even if it could be released, the five Grade 7 Black Immortals could suppress the flames completely!

When Su Zimo sensed that, he was unmoved and merely sneered. Without even looking at them, he flicked his toes and grabbed the storage bag and pitch-black broken blade of the Fourth Boss.

The pitch-black broken blade was a sentient Dharmic treasure. Although it was abandoned, it was of great use to him!

Su Zimo was delighted and put away the pitch-black broken blade.

In that short period of time, cultivators of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold, Black Light Sect and the other four major factions arrived and surrounded Su Zimo!

“Fellow Daoists, let’s join forces and fight this lad head-on later on,”

Uncle Jiang said in a deep voice, “Everyone else, there’s no need to advance. Look for an opportunity at the outer perimeter and attack with all your might!”


The Grade 7 Black Immortals of Black Light Sect and the other factions nodded as well.

The Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army naturally had no objections.


Su Zimo was surrounded but there was no hint of panic. Instead, his expression turned increasingly wild as he surveyed his surroundings and sneered, “The few of you want to join forces with the Evil Wolf Army?”

The Grade 7 Black Immortals of the major factions were silent and merely looked at Su Zimo coldly with wary expressions.

They did not want to suffer a huge loss at this moment!

The green-robed cultivator had many trump cards and unfathomable methods. Even though they had the advantage in numbers, they did not dare to be careless.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded. “Very good. Since you guys want to take advantage of the situation, don’t blame me for starting a massacre!”

Although Su Zimo was smiling, his words shocked everyone present!

“Lad, you’re arrogant and overestimate yourself!”

Uncle Jiang hollered, “Let me tell you, a Grade 5 Black Immortal like you can’t call the shots on the Dragon Abyss Star! You’re not qualified to be arrogant here!”


The moment he said that, the five Grade 7 Black Immortals attacked at the same time!

The Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army swallowed a scarlet pill and his aura suddenly turned extremely berserk. With bloodshot eyes, he roared and charged towards Su Zimo.

Uncle Jiang conjured an immortal art and channeled his Essence Spirit. Biting the tip of his tongue, he spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood and shouted, “Heavenly Scorpion Descent!”

That mouthful of Essence Blood was equivalent to hundreds of years of cultivation!

The moment Uncle Jiang attacked, he used his full strength!