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Chapter 1854: Arrival of the Divine Elephant!

The Essence Blood evolved rapidly in midair, forming a gigantic scorpion that was dozens of feet long. Its tail was curved and its poison needle hovered above its head as it charged towards Su Zimo.

“Myriad Phenomenon Fist!”

The Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect channeled his blood qi and charged over in huge strides. His Essence Qi condensed and he punched towards Su Zimo!

That person was clearly wearing a black-grade glove.

With a single punch, a myriad of phantoms appeared and a malevolent aura surged over in a shuddering manner!

“Black Light Lock!”

The Grade 7 Black Immortal of Black Light Sect was a beautiful middle-aged woman. She waved her fair hands and mysterious rays of light surged from her fingertips.

The power of divine powers spread.

Immediately after, chains that shone with divine light appeared on Su Zimo’s body. They were etched with mysterious runes that coiled around his limbs and shrank continuously!

“Heavenly Fire!”

The Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heavenly Fire Palace conjured an immortal art and extended his finger, pointing at Su Zimo’s head!


A gigantic column of flames descended from the skies and smashed towards Su Zimo!

The five Grade 7 Black Immortals attacked with all their might, releasing their immortal arts and divine powers as well as melee and long-range attacks. They had a tacit understanding and sealed Su Zimo’s escape path instantly!

That attack was much more terrifying than the attack of the two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army!

This time round, the Third Boss and the Grade 7 Black Immortals from Heaven Bane Sect were in melee combat.

Far away, the Grade 7 Black Immortals of Heavenly Scorpion Stronghold, Black Light Sect and Heavenly Fire Palace released their immortal arts and divine powers as well and surged over with a terrifying might!

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

After all, his cultivation realm was much lower than the five of them.

Right now, he did not dare to use his blood qi. Although he could still gain the upper hand in melee combat, it would be difficult for him to win in a short period of time.

The lethality of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art and Earth Slaying Sword Art was extremely terrifying.

However, once the sword qi was dispersed, they might not be a threat to Grade 7 Black Immortals.


Right then, the dozens of Grade 6 Black Immortals lingering at the edge of the battlefield attacked one after another, summoning their Dharmic treasures and divine powers to descend in an overwhelming manner.

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified as he channeled his Essence Spirit once more and released an innate divine power!

Suddenly, two gigantic white elephant tusks grew on both sides of his back. They were menacing and sharp, as though they could penetrate everything and the void!

Innate divine power, Six Tusk Divine Strength!

In Tianhuang Mainland, Su Zimo had already comprehended that innate divine power to its peak. Once released, the power of all six divine elephant tusks would grow.

His strength would increase by six times!

However, in the upper world, he was restricted by the laws of the world.

Furthermore, releasing that innate divine power took a huge toll on his Essence Spirit.

Even with his Level 7 Black Essence Spirit cultivation, Su Zimo could only barely release two divine elephant tusks!

Even so, his strength doubled instantly!

Not only did his physical strength increase, even the power of his Essence Spirit rose significantly, as though he had touched another level!

“What is that?!”

“Why haven’t I seen that divine power before?”

“Why do I feel that this lad’s aura has increased significantly, as though he’s a different person!”

Everyone on the city wall was shocked!

“Look, what’s that?!”

Many cultivators focused their gazes and saw a gigantic divine elephant vaguely appear behind Su Zimo. It had six jade-white elephant tusks and exuded a thick and majestic might!

When the Six Tusk Divine Elephant descended, many cultivators in Dragon Abyss City felt an inexplicable sense of trepidation and wanted to bow down and kowtow!

Even the Grade 8 Black Immortals and Commander Liu were shocked!

The Six Tusk Divine Elephant was like an ancient god!

When it descended on the Dragon Abyss Star, it was as though the star could not withstand the immense pressure of the Six Tusk Divine Elephant and trembled slightly!

Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and roared into the skies!

At the same time, the divine elephant phantom behind him swung its trunk and reared its head as well, roaring in rage!

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Instantly, the black light chains on Su Zimo’s body snapped and turned into nothingness!

At the same time, Su Zimo waved his sleeves and raised a handful of yellow sand.

The yellow sand scattered and shone with a golden light, forming a gigantic yellow sand barrier that blocked the Dharmic treasures and divine powers of dozens of Grade 6 Black Immortals!

This was an utmost treasure evolved from the Grade 9 Creation Green Lotus!

Not many people in this world knew what changes would happen when the Creation Green Lotus became Grade 9.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, even Die Yue merely said that the Creation Green Lotus would obtain even greater opportunities later on, but she did not know the exact reason.

Therefore, Su Zimo was not worried that others would recognize it when he released the Nine Heavens Living Soil.

At the same time, Su Zimo raised the Bronze Square Tripod with his left hand and suppressed the Third Boss who was charging forward.

Gripping his right hand tightly, he punched in reverse against Heaven Bane Sect’s Myriad Phenomenon Fist without turning back!


A loud bang sounded almost at the same time!

The Third Boss shuddered and felt a terrifying and ferocious power surge into his body through the golden mace!

Even with his physique, he could not withstand it!

That power was much stronger than the power that Su Zimo released initially!


The Third Boss shrieked.

The Bronze Square Tripod sent the golden mace in his hands flying and he could not hold on to them at all. His palm was torn and fresh blood flowed!

The golden mace sent flying and possessed an extremely terrifying power. Turning into a golden streak of light, it smashed into the crowd outside.

Two Grade 6 Black Immortals could not dodge in time and were struck by the golden light, shattering on the spot with a blood mist and dying!

On the other side, the fists collided.

The fist of the Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect carried a black-grade Dharmic treasure and released the immortal art of the Myriad Phenomenon Fist, creating boundless phenomenons.

However, the phantoms of the phenomenons were shattered by a single punch from the Green Lotus True Body!

The Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect was shocked as well and the clothes on his arm were shattered by the violent power that surged in!

His arm was already filled with blood scars.

It was clear that this was because it could not withstand the power of Su Zimo’s punch!

The person glared at his arm with a pained expression and let out a deep growl!


Immediately after, under countless gazes, the arm exploded and flesh splattered everywhere. In the blink of an eye, only a few pieces of white bones were left, hanging casually outside.

The immense pain triggered the person’s consciousness and he nearly fainted on the spot!

Right then, he caught sight of a white light from the corner of his eye.

Immediately after, an extremely sharp aura arrived instantly with a killing intent. The person felt chills run down his spine as though he had fallen into an ice cellar!

“Not good!”

Those words flashed through the mind of the Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect.

The next moment, a white sword qi entered his forehead.


A bloody hole appeared on the person’s glabella with fresh blood oozing out.

A Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect was dead!