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Chapter 1855: Overnight Fame

The moment Su Zimo repelled a Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect with a single punch, he flicked his finger gently and released a Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

A single sword qi killed that person!

Right then, heavenly fire descended.

Su Zimo threw the Bronze Square Tripod in his hands up and it hovered above his head.

During the Tribulation Transcendence, the Bronze Square Tripod had already established a connection with Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit through the refinement of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

In Tianhuang Mainland, Su Zimo could only pick up the Bronze Square Tripod and smash people with it.

However, at that moment, he could already control the treasure!

The Bronze Square Tripod hovered above Su Zimo’s head. Although three sides were still filled with cracks, the intact side emitted a mysterious and ancient glow.

The scarlet flare descended with a terrifying might and struck the Bronze Square Tripod heavily!

Although the two collided, there was not much sound.

The flare descended with a massive might but was resolved by the Bronze Square Tripod silently.

The Bronze Square Tripod did not budge at all!

However, the scarlet beam of light dissipated into countless sparks that splattered everywhere.

Su Zimo stood beneath the Bronze Square Tripod and was safe and sound without a single spark touching him!

At that moment, the gigantic scorpion conjured by Uncle Jiang’s Essence Blood had already closed in. Waving its pincers and tail, it stabbed towards Su Zimo!


Su Zimo’s ancient tripod hovered above his head as he sneered. Circulating his divine power, he pointed at the gigantic scorpion and hollered, “Hell Dao!”

Instantly, Hell descended in a sinister manner as blood qi filled the air and it was dark!

The Heavenly Scorpion fell into Hell and could no longer see Su Zimo. It felt as though countless malevolent ghosts were charging towards it, wanting to devour its flesh!

The Heavenly Scorpion was formed by Uncle Jiang’s hundreds of years of cultivation.

However, falling into the Hell Dao was like falling into an endless abyss that it could never break free from.

Before long, the Heavenly Scorpion was coiled by the malevolent ghosts and refined completely, vanishing!

Uncle Jiang’s face turned paler.

He had abandoned hundreds of years of cultivation. However, before it could even touch Su Zimo’s clothes, it was turned into nothingness by the latter’s lesser divine power!

When Su Zimo released his innate divine power, his strength would double.

The lesser divine power he released received the power boost as well, allowing it to break Uncle Jiang’s immortal art with ease!

Compared to the fallen Grade 7 Black Immortal of Heaven Bane Sect, he was considered lucky.

Although the fight sounded slow, in reality, it happened in a flash!

It was only then that the cultivators on the city wall reacted and exclaimed!

“Heavens, he fought one against five and even killed a Grade 7 Black Immortal!”

“What’s the background of that person? Could he really be an ascender from the lower world?”

“Could he be the reincarnation of an Exalted Immortal?”

Even the native Exalted Immortals of Dragon Abyss City were shocked, let alone the cultivators of the major factions!

Disbelief flashed through the eyes of the commanders as well.

Up till this point of the battle, the trump cards that Su Zimo had revealed were something that even native immortals like them could not match!

However, that person was only a Grade 5 Black Immortal.

How could a Grade 5 Black Immortal know so many powerful divine powers and secret skills?!

Although the battle was not over yet, the current situation had already exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Yan Fei could not help but exclaim, “That lad is about to become famous overnight!”

Many cultivators could not help but recall the scene in the Night Marketplace.

Commander Liu had once invited everyone here to watch a good show.

Even Commander Liu might not have expected this scene to turn out like this!

Many cultivators shifted their gazes and stole glances at Commander Liu on the city wall.

Commander Liu was expressionless as he watched the battlefield in silence—nobody knew what he was thinking.

Duan Tianliang, Yue Hao and the others were naturally delighted.

Xu Wan let out a long breath with a conflicted expression.

She felt relieved.

Thankfully, she did not choose to be enemies with this person.

This person’s potential was way too great!

If he did not die today, once he cultivated for a few thousand years and grew further, he would definitely be of high status on the Dragon Abyss Star!

Given his capabilities, there was a high chance he could establish the ninth major faction of the Dragon Abyss Star!

“Miss, that person seems to be a protector of Blood Sun Valley!”

Right then, the burly man behind Xu Wan pointed to a figure beneath the city and whispered.

Beneath Dragon Abyss City.

The battle was intense and no one noticed that another figure had appeared on the battlefield.

It was Protector Xue of Blood Sun Valley!

“Fellow Daoists!”

When he saw that the situation was not right, Protector Xue no longer hid himself and arrived on the battlefield. He sent a voice transmission to the Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army and the others with his spirit consciousness, “Why bother wasting time against a Grade 5 Black Immortal? Let’s just use Essence Spirit secret skills directly!”

Under normal circumstances, be it in the upper or lower worlds, cultivators would not use Essence Spirit secret skills casually during fights.

Once an Essence Spirit was damaged, it would be extremely difficult to recover and might even affect one’s future cultivation!

Furthermore, in the hearts of the experts, they were Grade 7 Black Immortals and were two cultivation realms above Su Zimo—they could suppress him with a single attack.

Everyone’s first reaction was not to use Essence Spirit secret skills.

But now, Protector Xue’s words jolted everyone present!

That’s right!

Their cultivation realms were higher than Su Zimo and he would definitely not be able to defend against their Essence Spirit secret skills!

Even if this person had some trump cards that could dispel an Essence Spirit secret skill…

If they joined forces and released it at the same time, this person would definitely die!

The Third Boss of the Evil Wolf Army, the beautiful middle-aged woman of Black Light Sect and Protector Xue exchanged glances and nodded to themselves.

“Everyone, don’t hold back. We have to kill this lad with our full strength to prevent future troubles!”

Protector Xue reminded once more.

Before he could finish, his glabella shone with a divine light and released an extremely powerful spirit consciousness, forming a blood-colored sun in midair that charged towards Su Zimo.

“It’s an Essence Spirit secret skill!”

On the city wall, Xu Wan exclaimed with a grim expression.

“Not good!”

Yan Fei frowned slightly and whispered, “No matter how strong that lad is, he won’t be able to defend against the Essence Spirit attacks of five Grade 7 Black Immortals!”

Commander Liu sneered, “A bunch of fools. You only remembered to use your Essence Spirit secret skills now.”

On the battlefield, the Third Boss’s glabella opened up and his spirit consciousness condensed, releasing a golden light that sped towards Su Zimo.

The glabella of the beautiful middle-aged woman from Black Light Sect shone with a divine radiance and released a beam of light as thick as a finger. The power of her spirit consciousness spread and her Essence Spirit secret skill was released!

Taking a deep breath of air, Uncle Jiang condensed his Essence Spirit and released his secret skill as well!

In the blink of an eye, five Grade 7 Black Immortals attacked at the same time and released Essence Spirit secret skills!

Against the attacks of the five experts, Su Zimo stood in midair with a calm expression.

His eyes were bright and there was no hint of panic in them.

On the contrary, there seemed to be a hint of mockery in his eyes.

“You want to fight with your Essence Spirits?”

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly.