Chapter 1984: Ruined Palace Translator: Legge

Su Zimo and Tang Ziyi sped along the tracks of many cultivators.

After walking for about half a day, they caught sight of a massive building at the horizon ahead.

It looked like a palace. Although it was dilapidated, one could still sense its grandeur from afar.

There were even some cultivators lingering around the palace, as though they were searching for something.

Most of the cultivators had already entered the hall.

Su Zimo and Tang Ziyi arrived before the palace and took a rough look but could not make out anything.

The two of them did not waste time outside and entered the palace.

In front of them was a spacious square paved with green stones. There were a few stone paths that separated the medicinal fields.

However, there were no longer any immortal herbs in the medicinal fields, only some withered leaves.

Even the soil in the medicinal fields was corroded by the curse of the Emperor’s Tomb and shone with a strange green color.

The square was huge and even with Su Zimo’s eyesight, he could not see the borders.

The two of them passed through the medicinal fields along the stone paths and continued forward.

Along the way, they encountered some cultivators walking around the square.

“This palace was probably one of the temporary residences of the Immortal Emperor back then. I wonder if there are any treasures?”

“There are definitely treasures. Unfortunately, they were corroded by the curse here for countless years and are now crippled.”

“I heard that the side halls on the left and right contain some rare treasures, elixirs, divine weapons and Dharmic treasures. Unfortunately, none of them can be used.”

“If that wasn’t the case, even every single blade of grass in this palace would be an incredible treasure.”

“Since we can’t enter the main hall for the time being, let’s continue searching. If we’re lucky and find any treasures, we’ll make a killing.”

Su Zimo’s ears twitched and he caught faint whispers around the square.

The cultivators outside the palace were probably trying their luck searching for treasures as well.

However, he did not know why those people said that they could not enter the main hall for the time being.

The two of them continued forward and before long, they crossed the entire square.

At the end of the square stood the main hall of the palace. Thousands of cultivators were gathered in front of the hall, staring at the door of the main hall. Some of them were even discussing softly.

The two of them went forward to take a look and saw that the ground at the entrance of the hall was etched with dense and complicated patterns that shone faintly.

“It’s a formation,”

Tang Ziyi whispered.

Su Zimo nodded and stared at the formation in front of the main hall for a while, feeling dizzy.

The formation was way too complicated and he could not dispel it given his attainments in formations.

However, at that moment, a young man stood at the edge of the formation in front of the main hall.

The person had a confident expression and was in high spirits. From time to time, he would stop and ponder or speed up and flick his finger, sending Essence Qi spirit lights into the formation.

This was the young prince of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom, Yun Ting!

Each time Yun Ting made a move, the formation would tremble slightly and shine.

Furthermore, the light of the formation was clearly dimming!

Yun Ting was dispelling the formation!

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the formation was dispelled.

Su Zimo could sense that Yun Ting was very strong.

In fact, he could even sense a hint of danger from that person!

To be able to cultivate to the Level 9 Black Essence realm at more than 200 years old, even if this person had a noble status and unlimited resources, his talent was truly terrifying.

What was even more frightening was that this person’s attainments in array formations were so deep as well.

There was a limit to one’s strength. Even if one cultivated wholeheartedly for more than 200 years, he might not be able to reach the Level 9 Black Essence realm. However, this person could even divert attention to cultivate array formations.

“Why do we have to enter through the main entrance of the main hall? Are there no other entrances? The main hall is dilapidated and on the verge of collapse. I’m afraid it won’t even be able to withstand a single punch from me!”

A cultivator in the crowd muttered.


Immediately, a scoff sounded from the side. “You can try going up. The main hall is surrounded by restrictions and you’ll definitely die if you barge in!”

“Do you see those corpses? That is what will happen.”

The first person was stunned and did not dare to say anything more.

“Dispelling formations takes a huge toll on one’s Essence Spirit. This prince sure is bold. He’s not afraid of running out of energy and encountering danger.”

“What status is he of? Almost everyone in the Emperor’s Tomb is of a lowly status. Who would dare to lay a hand on him?”

“Furthermore, even if his Essence Spirit takes a huge toll, he’s probably still invincible among his peers!”

In the crowd, Fang Xuan watched everything coldly and smirked. “That person is young after all and is way too conceited. He doesn’t know how to hold back.”

Su Zimo watched for a while before exiting the crowd.

“Where are you going?”

Tang Ziyi asked.

Su Zimo said, “It’ll be difficult to dispel this formation within a short period of time. I intend to explore the side halls on both sides.”

“I’m not going,”

Tang Ziyi did not move. She still wanted to rush into the main hall right away and seize the initiative when the formation was dispelled.

Su Zimo nodded and turned towards a side hall.

There were no restrictions in the side hall. The door was open and it was a mess inside—it was clear that many cultivators had overturned it.

Initially, there were many divine weapons and Dharmic treasures placed in the side hall.

There were sabers, spears, swords, halberds, bells, cauldrons, mirrors, ordinary weapons and Dharmic treasures of different races—everything was present.

However, at that moment, most of the divine weapons and Dharmic treasures were already strewn everywhere.

To be precise, those were no longer divine weapons or Dharmic treasures.

Under the corrosion of the curse of the Emperor’s Tomb, the original divine weapons and Dharmic treasures had long turned into scrap metal.

In fact, the grades of those divine weapons and Dharmic treasures were not too high. At the very least, they were not at the level of sentient Dharmic treasures.

That was because there was no feedback from the Hell Suppression Tripod that was still refining the molten metal within.

There were still some cultivators lingering in the side hall, wanting to search for some treasures that were missed.

In fact, a few cultivators even fought because of a broken sword.

After searching carefully and finding nothing, Su Zimo walked towards the side hall opposite.

The side hall earlier on contained divine weapons and Dharmic treasures while this side hall originally contained many elixirs.

The medicine cabinet in the side hall was already strewn on the ground with bottles and jars scattered on it.

Many bottles were uncorked and the elixirs inside rolled out.

Su Zimo picked up a random elixir and twisted it gently with his finger, turning it into ashes.

After countless years, the medicinal effects and Spirit Qi within had long dissipated.

Even if there were intact elixirs, they would be tainted by the curse of the Emperor’s Tomb. Consuming them would be no different from committing suicide.

Su Zimo circled the side hall and was prepared to leave after discovering nothing.

Just as he passed by a dilapidated ruin, the Hell Suppression Tripod stirred!