Chapter 1987: Bean Soldiers Translator: Legge

The sound was like countless pearls falling onto a jade plate, tinkling.

If it was anywhere else, the sound would be crisp and pleasant. However, it was a little terrifying in the abandoned hall of the Emperor’s Tomb.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw that cobblestone-sized beans were rolling down the stone steps in front of the hall with yellow mists surging within.

At a glance, the beans were densely packed and there were at least thousands of them rolling down the stone steps.

“What’s this?”

“There seems to be a ghost circling around these beans.”

Everyone was on guard.

In midair, Yun Ting frowned slightly and his eyes flickered in deep thought.

As the prince of an Immortal Kingdom he possessed the bloodline of the royal family. Although he was young, he was experienced and knowledgeable.

“Could it be…”

Yun Ting murmured softly.

Piak! Piak!

Before the beans could roll in front of the cultivators, they shattered.

Immediately after, yellow fog surged from the beans and transformed into sinister figures in front of everyone!

Some of them wore tattered robes and had skinny faces, wielding horsetails whips.

Some of them lost an arm and walked over unsteadily with a saber in one hand.

Although half of their faces were gone, they were still murderous!

All of those figures had one thing in common—the holes in their eyes were bloodshot and emitted a strange red glow with a menacing aura!

“It’s otherworldly soldiers! They’re otherworldly soldiers!”

“No wonder we didn’t see any otherworldly soldiers blocking the way. To think that they were all trapped within this hall.”

“Why are these otherworldly soldiers coming out of the beans?”

Cries of surprises came from the crowd.

Thousands of otherworldly soldiers appeared in the hall and blocked everyone’s path with a rumbling malevolent aura—it was truly shocking.


In midair, Yun Ting’s expression was calm, as though he had already guessed the scene before him. He chuckled. “To think that I would be able to witness this divine power of turning beans into soldiers in this palace.”

That statement caused an uproar!

Turning beans into soldiers was a supreme divine power!

The cultivation realms of the cultivators present were not high and most of them were from the lower worlds—they had never seen it before.

At most, they would only hear some legends. Some Exalted Immortals could summon heavenly soldiers with a handful of beans in the blink of an eye and form a mighty army that was invincible!

Now that many cultivators witnessed it personally, they truly realized that the soldiers that were summoned were not heavenly soldiers, but otherworldly soldiers!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Thousands of otherworldly soldiers roared and charged towards the cultivators with bloodshot eyes.

Yun Ting was fearless as he chuckled. “This must be your final test, right?”

“Those evil things can stop others but not me! I will definitely get my hands on the jade talisman!”

The moment he said that, Yun Ting charged towards the otherworldly soldiers at the front.

Before both parties made contact, Yun Ting closed two fingers and waved forward gently.


A blazing light burst forth from Yun Ting’s sword finger. It was extremely sharp and tore a huge hole in the otherworldly soldiers!

The otherworldly soldiers at the front were sliced into two from the middle by the sword beam.

That sword qi was even sharper than a true sword’s edge!

Yun Ting moved and entered alone.

“Your Highness, watch out,”

Many cultivators of the Zi Xuan Immortal Kingdom shouted and charged forward.

However, there was an endless stream of otherworldly soldiers and Yun Ting’s figure was drowned before long. The hole was repaired and Yun Ting was isolated from the other cultivators.

The cultivators standing at the outer perimeter could only see sword qi surging within the otherworldly soldiers. Everywhere it passed, people were overturned and broken limbs flew everywhere.

Old Man Ge of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and Fang Xuan led everyone behind them and charged forward.

The cultivators of the four immortal sects swarmed forward as well.

The other cultivators moved one after another and charged towards the otherworldly soldiers.

The first person to break through the obstruction of the otherworldly soldiers would gain the initiative and have the best chance of obtaining the jade talisman!

Although the otherworldly soldiers had torrential malevolent auras, their cultivation realms were limited and almost all of them were Black Immortals. In fact, there were even many low-level Black Immortals who were not much of a threat to everyone.

Furthermore, these otherworldly soldiers had obvious flaws.

Without an Essence Spirit, one could not use any divine powers or secret skills.

What they relied on was their battered bodies.

Su Zimo did not attack right away. Instead, he chose to watch coldly from the sidelines.

It would be way too simple if the final test left behind by the Immortal Emperor was truly to turn beans into soldiers.

Su Zimo’s ears twitched and he caught a faint sound amidst the chaotic shouts in the hall.

It was the sound of beans bouncing!

Frowning slightly, Su Zimo leaped up and looked down from above.

At the end of the hall, there were still many sparkling beans jumping and rolling down the stone steps.

Thereafter, they split apart and transformed into otherworldly soldiers. In fact, some of the beans even transformed into gigantic birds, beasts and various strange living beings!

Not only did the number of otherworldly soldiers not decrease after the charge, it was even increasing at a terrifying speed!

There were endless beans at the end of the hall. If this continued, the number of otherworldly soldiers that would be born would not be tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands or even millions!

What was even more frightening was that Su Zimo could clearly sense that the otherworldly soldiers that evolved later on were clearly stronger than before. Their bodies were more complete and their auras were terrifying!

He could already see Earth Essence realm otherworldly soldiers evolving from the beans!

At this rate, there might even be Grade 6 or 9 Earth Immortal or even Heaven Immortal-level otherworldly soldiers later on!

Even if the otherworldly soldiers did not have Essence Spirits and could not release their divine powers and immortal arts, the strength of their bodies as Earth and Heaven Immortals was enough to kill everyone.

It was impossible to kill all the otherworldly soldiers.

Furthermore, they had to fight for the jade talisman against the endless otherworldly soldiers.

There must be a way to dispel this!

Since that senior Immortal Emperor left that treasure behind to await a fated person, there was no way he would sever all paths forward.

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and focused.

At the end of the hall, the jade talisman hovered in midair and shone brightly.

Light scattered and formed an empty space in the hall.

Although the beans rolled down the stone steps, they circled around the area as though they were sentient.

Su Zimo already had a plan.

“I have to break through the obstruction of the otherworldly soldiers as soon as possible and reach the area enveloped by the jade talisman. I must not get entangled with these otherworldly soldiers!”

At that thought, Su Zimo scanned the battlefield to search for Tang Ziyi.

Although Tang Ziyi was good at concealment techniques, she could not hide her tracks against the dense otherworldly soldiers and was fighting on the battlefield, advancing slowly.

“There’s an endless number of otherworldly soldiers here and those at the back are getting stronger. Don’t linger in battle and charge over as soon as possible. Traveling through the air is less of a hindrance!”

Su Zimo sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness.