Chapter 1988: Threat Translator: Legge

Tang Ziyi knew the Void Thunder Manual and might have some connection to the Thunder Emperor.

The Thunder Emperor had been suppressed for hundreds of thousands of years. Tang Ziyi was young and naturally could not be the Thunder Emperor’s successor. However, she could be the disciple of the Thunder Emperor’s successor.

It was because of this relationship that Su Zimo could not watch Tang Ziyi be trapped to death by the otherworldly soldiers.

Tang Ziyi was extremely smart as well.

After fighting against the otherworldly soldiers for a while, she felt that something was amiss. Just as she was hesitating whether to advance or retreat, Su Zimo’s voice sounded.

Without hesitation, she leaped into midair and sped forward.

As an assassin, she had always been alone and had no friends since she was young.

Her parents died early and she trusted no one other than her master.

However, for some reason, she felt an indescribable sense of trust after knowing Su Zimo for a short period of time.

It was like a sixth sense—this person would not harm her.

Therefore, she did not hesitate at all after hearing Su Zimo’s voice transmission.

Indeed, the resistance in the air was much less significant.

Furthermore, from her vantage point, Tang Ziyi noticed the terrifying scene at the end of the hall as well.

Dense beans rolled down and transformed into figures with terrifying auras with torrential malevolent auras!

If she had continued to be entangled with the otherworldly soldiers below, it would be extremely difficult for her to leave the hall, let alone charge over!

“Charge to the area enveloped by the light of the jade talisman,”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded once more.

Tang Ziyi focused her gaze and saw that the area was indeed extremely strange. Be it the beans at the beginning or the otherworldly soldiers that were conjured, they seemed to be wary and avoided that area.

“Let’s go!”

In that short period of time, Su Zimo arrived beside Tang Ziyi and extended his palm.

Tang Ziyi knew that Su Zimo’s movement technique was powerful and he wanted to charge over with her.

However, at that moment, Tang Ziyi felt a sense of fluster when she saw Su Zimo’s outstretched palm. She lowered her head slightly and avoided his gaze instinctively.

Before long, Tang Ziyi calmed down and raised her head expressionlessly. “Given my capabilities, I can reach there myself. Yun Ting and the others have already noticed something unusual. Don’t let them beat you to it.”

At that moment, Yun Ting who was at the front of the otherworldly soldiers arrived in midair as well. With a single glance, he discovered how terrifying the bean soldiers were.

At the same time, Fang Xuan of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom, the few experts of the four immortal sects and some paragons of the other sects and factions arrived in midair.

All of them were peak experts of the Black Immortal realm and noticed something amiss almost immediately when they encountered such danger.

Black Immortals expended a lot of Essence Qi flying in the air, let alone fighting in midair.

Therefore, most of the cultivators fought against the otherworldly soldiers on the ground.

However, paragons and monster incarnates like Yun Ting did not have any reservations. They released their divine powers and flew through the air towards the jade talisman.

Yun Ting seemed to have transformed into a sharp sword as he charged at the front at the fastest speed.

Old Man Ge of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and Fang Xuan lagged behind slightly.

After that were the experts of the four immortal sects.

Tang Ziyi reached out and pushed Su Zimo gently, urging, “Hurry and leave. Don’t worry about me,”

She knew that Su Zimo would definitely slow down and fall behind if he carried her.

At that time, even if the two of them could rush over, they might not get anything.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before nodding. “Be careful.”

The moment he said that, a pair of gigantic golden wings appeared behind Su Zimo.

Beneath the golden wings was a pair of almost transparent and relatively small wings.

The Roc and Ethereal Wings burst forth at the same time!


Su Zimo transformed into a golden streak of light and charged forward at lightning speed!

Right then, Yun Ting and the others at the front encountered some trouble as well.

Towards the end, the otherworldly soldiers that were conjured became increasingly terrifying and powerful.

The initial otherworldly soldiers had almost no ability to fly.

But now, there were already some otherworldly soldiers and ferocious birds blocking in midair with a murderous intent.

Yun Ting and the others had no choice but to stop and fight against the otherworldly soldiers. Naturally, their speed slowed down.

As for Su Zimo, he relied on the Extreme Speed divine power of the Roc’s wings and even if there were otherworldly soldiers obstructing the way, he could pass through them rapidly.

Most of the time, the otherworldly soldiers could not react in time and would only realize it later.

The bald monk from one of the four immortal sects was swinging his golden fist and fighting against an otherworldly soldier.


A sharp gust of wind sounded in his ears.

Immediately after, he caught sight of a golden light flash past him from the corner of his eye!

“What’s that?!”

The bald monk was shocked.

“It’s Su Zimo from the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom,”

The middle-aged Daoist recognized it.

Back then, he had a deep impression of Su Zimo crossing the lake with this movement technique.

“He’s surpassed me!”

The iron tower man roared and charged forward, pushing away the otherworldly soldiers in his way as he chased after Su Zimo in huge strides.

On the other side, Old Man Ge and Fang Xuan fought the entire way and followed behind Yun Ting.

Flying through the air was draining to begin with, let alone fighting.

Old Man Ge was already in his twilight years. Although his Essence Spirit was strong, his spirit consciousness attacks were useless against the otherworldly soldiers.

He was already exhausted from the battle and panted heavily.

Initially, he could still follow closely behind Yun Ting when he joined forces with Fang Xuan.

But now, Old Man Ge’s blood qi was weak and his combat strength was greatly reduced. Fang Xuan even had to take care of him most of the time.

Old Man Ge had become Fang Xuan’s burden.

Old Man Ge turned back and saw that the others from the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom were completely surrounded by the otherworldly soldiers.

At that moment, they no longer had the chance to retreat even if they wanted to!

A series of tragic cries sounded from the battlefield, causing one’s scalp to tingle.

He witnessed a cultivator being torn into two by otherworldly soldiers!

Old Man Ge’s face turned paler.

“Fang Xuan, you can’t abandon me!”

As though he recalled something, Old Man Ge turned around hurriedly and threatened in a low voice, “I’m the only one who can take you out of the Emperor’s Tomb. If you dare to abandon me and snatch the jade talisman alone, I’ll send a message back immediately!”

“At that time, even if you manage to return alive, I’ll make sure you die without a burial ground!”

Fang Xuan said as he defended against the otherworldly soldiers, “Exalted Immortal, you’re thinking too much. I am even hoping that you can put in a good word for me in front of Your Highness. How can I be disloyal?”

“It’s good that you know,”

Old Man Ge harrumphed.

Right then, Fang Xuan’s expression changed as he noticed Su Zimo catching up behind them.

“Exalted Immortal, we have to stop this person and not let him surpass us!”

Fang Xuan hollered and charged forward right away.