Chapter 1992: Fight! Translator: Legge

“This person is very strong!”

Su Zimo looked at Yun Ting who was not far away and murmured internally.

After ascending to the upper world, apart from Tang Ziyi, Yun Ting was the only one who could make him release the True Dragon Nine Flashes thrice in succession without any success.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had a feeling that even if he could release a fourth flash, he would not be able to suppress this person.

This was an extremely strong opponent that could even threaten him!

Ever since he started cultivating, there were not many cultivators who could make him feel threatened.

In Tianhuang Mainland, there were only a few people.

More importantly, there was a special connection between him and this Prince Yun Ting.

Previously, when Yun Ting released that terrifying sword qi, a guess flashed through his mind.

However, the situation was critical and he could not divert his attention to think about it.

Now, Su Zimo was even more certain of his guess as he looked at Yun Ting who was emitting a sharp aura.

“Seems like you’ve guessed it,”

Yun Ting chuckled.

Su Zimo asked, “Human Slaying Sword Art?”

There was a high chance that only the Human Slaying Sword Art could possess such a terrifying killing intent that was even stronger than the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts!

“That’s right!”

Yun Ting did not hide anything and said frankly, “I cultivated the Human Slaying Sword Art while you cultivated the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.”

“There have long been rumors that the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts were left behind in the lower worlds. To think that the person who cultivated the Heaven Slaying Sword Art would ascend to the upper world and even bump into me. This is the will of the heavens! This is an opportunity!”

Yun Ting was in high spirits and his words revealed immense confidence.

“The three great sword arts have been separated for many years. Even the heavens want to fuse them into one again.”

“The Heaven Slaying Sword Art has already appeared. If nothing goes wrong, the Earth Slaying Sword Art will appear soon as well. I’ll search for the Earth Slaying Sword Art after I snatch your Heaven Slaying Sword Art.”

“At that time, when the three great sword arts are fused, I, Yun Ting, will become the number one sword in Divine Firmament Mainland, Nine Firmament Immortal Domain and even the entire Heavenly World!”

“In the future, I’ll head to the Sword World and challenge all the Sword Dao experts there!”

“I, Yun Ting, will use my sword to defeat all experts in the world and reign supreme for all eternity!”

With every word Yun Ting said, the sharpness of his body would turn sharper and his aura would strengthen!

Yun Ting was accumulating strength!

Although every single sentence he said seemed like he was muttering to himself, he was actually accumulating momentum for himself and exerting pressure on Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

It had been a long time since he had encountered such a terrifying and powerful opponent!

The last person who gave him such pressure was Monk Daming.

“It’s true that it is heaven’s will to want to fuse the three great sword arts into one,”

Suddenly, Su Zimo smiled and said slowly, “However, this might not be your opportunity!”

Yun Ting’s intention to fuse the three great sword arts was shared with Su Zimo.

Yun Ting glared at Su Zimo and nodded with a smile. “You’re right, we have the same thoughts. Therefore, even if we don’t fight for the jade talisman, we’ll definitely fight!”

His gaze was sharp as a sword and the glint in his eyes could even cause one to feel a sharp pain!

If not for the fact that Su Zimo possessed the Illumination and Nether Glow divine stones and cultivated two visual techniques, he would not have been able to meet Yun Ting’s gaze!

However, Su Zimo knew very well that if he avoided Yun Ting’s gaze, the latter would definitely strike with the most ferocious attack given his senses!

That was the terror of Yun Ting!

On the other side, Yun Ting’s evaluation of Su Zimo increased as well.

If it was anyone else, they would not have been able to withstand his gaze.

To think that this person who had ascended from the lower worlds could meet his gaze without being disadvantaged!

Although the two of them were merely facing off on the surface, they were actually testing the waters!

Any slight fluctuation or breathing or abnormal pulse would result in a shocking battle!

Both parties were scrutinizing the other, carefully searching for openings.

Among the otherworldly soldiers, Fang Xuan and the others were still advancing with all their might.

When Fang Xuan and the others arrived, something else would definitely happen.

There was not much time left for the two of them.

“Very good,”

Yun Ting was the first to speak and said in a deep voice, “You’re indeed a good opponent and worthy of my full strength!”

The moment he said that, Yun Ting’s pupils constricted like needles. Thereafter, two extremely sharp sword lights burst forth with a chilling aura!

The two sword lights streaked through the void and even let out a sword hum.

Without witnessing personally, it would be difficult to imagine that such terrifying sword lights were released from the eyes.

Visual technique, Frost Soul Sword Eye!

The two sword lights burst forth and the surrounding void seemed to freeze as the temperature dipped.

Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit without holding back and released Illumination and Nether Glow!

However, something unexpected happened.

Illumination Eye was released normally and released a blinding beam of light that charged towards the two sword beams.

However, there was no reaction from the Nether Glow Eye.

When Su Zimo’s spirit consciousness entered his left eye, it did not cause any ripples, as though it had encountered some obstruction.

Previously on the lone island, the Nether Glow Stone absorbed a tremendous amount of power of darkness and it was difficult for Su Zimo to activate it with his current Essence Spirit power.

Of course, that power did not disappear and was hidden in the Nether Glow Stone the entire time.

If it was released one day, it would create an extremely terrifying scene!


The two sword lights collided with the blazing beam of light and the ice melted, but they were reborn before long.

If Illumination and Nether Glow were released at the same time, they would definitely be superior to the Frost Soul Sword Eye.

However, at that moment, there was only Illumination Eye. In this clash of visual techniques, Su Zimo was disadvantaged.

Layers of frost formed on his body rapidly with a chilling intent.


Yun Ting suddenly attacked and crossed the void, arriving instantly with a punch!

Su Zimo had just been covered in frost and his movements were slightly affected when Yun Ting attacked!

Any openings or opportunities would not be missed in a fight between top monster incarnates!

All the momentum that Yun Ting had accumulated earlier on was gathered on that punch. It was torrential and unstoppable!

In fact, Su Zimo felt suffocated. Before the punch arrived, his cheek was already in pain from the wind!

He was way too strong!

Against that punch, Su Zimo had nowhere to dodge. He punched in reverse, as though a gigantic seal was formed, towards Yun Ting’s fist!


The fists collided and the sound of flesh and bones grinding echoed.

The power of the two of them was released completely in that punch!

The two of them were evenly matched in terms of physique!

But soon, Su Zimo felt a sharp pain on his fist.

Yun Ting’s Sword Dao had already been cultivated to every part of his body. His brows, hair and even the hairs on his body were sharp killing weapons.

Apart from the burst of his physical strength, Yun Ting’s punch was also sharp!

Although the sharpness of the Sword Dao could not break through the defense of the Green Lotus True Body, it stung Su Zimo.