Chapter 1998: Might of Sword Blood Translator: Legge

The situation in the hall was gradually becoming clearer.

The only ones who truly broke out of the encirclement of the otherworldly soldiers were Su Zimo, Yun Ting, Fang Xuan, Tang Ziyi and the paragons of the four immortal sects—there were less than ten people in total.

Now that Fang Xuan was dead, the seven of them were the only ones left to fight for the jade talisman.

The other cultivators no longer had a chance.

To be precise, it was already extremely fortunate if those cultivators managed to survive!

The number of otherworldly soldiers increased and there was no way to kill them all. Furthermore, the otherworldly soldiers that awakened later on were stronger and the Black Immortals in the tomb were sliced like vegetables.

There were more than 10,000 cultivators who entered the hall but now, there were less than 1,000!

Blood qi filled the hall and corpses were strewn everywhere.

Some cultivators with foresight had already begun charging out of the hall.

The otherworldly soldiers seemed to be restricted by something and could not leave the palace.

As long as they escaped from the palace, they would be able to survive!

Beneath the jade talisman, Su Zimo faced off against Yun Ting.

The paragons of the four immortal sects surrounded Tang Ziyi and fought intensely without stopping.

Although the battle between the five of them was not as earthshaking as the fight between Su Zimo and Yun Ting, it was still dangerous.

While Tang Ziyi was best at assassination, it was difficult for her to unleash it in such a battle.

She was surrounded by four paragons and could not break out at all!

Her combat strength was definitely superior to any of the four paragons individually.

However, the difference between one and four was too great.

Up till this point of the battle, Tang Ziyi had only been contending against the four paragons with her unfathomable movement techniques and immense combat talent.

She Ziyi had been dodging and defending the entire time without retaliating.

The four paragons had great chemistry with one another. Even if someone revealed an opening, others would make up for it swiftly.

If Tang Ziyi were to retaliate forcefully, there was a high chance that she would be severely injured!

The current situation was a little strange.

Among the seven of them, Su Zimo and Yun Ting were definitely superior in terms of combat strength.

However, the two of them could fight at any moment and it might benefit others instead.

The situation was changing rapidly and all seven of them had a chance of snatching the jade talisman!

Yun Ting swept his gaze across the battlefield at the side before looking at Su Zimo and saying slowly, “I’m determined to get my hands on the jade talisman as well as the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts! I won’t give you another chance!”

Yun Ting was confident that he was invincible and there was a hint of cynicism in his expression when he attacked previously.

It was only now that he was serious and fully prepared!


A tsunami surged from Yun Ting’s body with a terrifying might.

Tsunami Blood!

Clang! Clang!

Immediately after, the sound of sword qi clashing echoed through the tsunami, piercing through metal and cracking rocks with a sharp edge!

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

Yun Ting’s blood qi was way too strong!

This was not just a simple Tsunami Blood. Every single drop of blood in Yun Ting’s body contained an extreme killing intent that could destroy the world!

Sword blood flowed through Yun Ting’s body.

It was no exaggeration to say that a single drop of his blood could kill a Grade 9 Black Immortal!

The pressure on Su Zimo and Yun Ting increased exponentially.

Blood qi surged through the void through Yun Ting’s body.

Streaks of sword scars appeared on Su Zimo’s green robes and his cheeks were in pain.

Before Yun Ting attacked, Su Zimo already felt like he was about to be torn apart and drowned by the blood qi!

Sensing that blood qi, the Green Lotus bloodline became restless as well.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo suppressed the Green Lotus bloodline in his body.

The Creation Green Lotus was the only one in the world and was extremely important.

Back then, it even attracted an assassination attempt from an Immortal King of the Heavenly World—Su Zimo did not dare to be careless!

Unless it was a life and death situation, he would definitely not expose his Green Lotus bloodline.

“You’ve lost!”

The moment Su Zimo suppressed his bloodline, Yun Ting sensed something and attacked with a bright gaze!

That was the terror of top-tier experts.

Any slight change could not escape their senses.

Su Zimo suppressed his bloodline and his aura naturally weakened. Yun Ting seized the opportunity and released a ferocious attack!

Yun Ting closed two fingers with both hands and conjured a sword art, as though he was waving two swords with a murderous aura.

The moment he attacked, dozens of sword lights enveloped Su Zimo completely!

After releasing his blood qi, Yun Ting’s combat strength increased exponentially and he almost crushed Su Zimo in a single move!


Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit and let out a deep growl as divine powers spread from his body.

Immediately after, two pairs of jade-white elephant tusks grew out from his back!

Every single elephant tusk was incomparably sharp and emanated a terrifying aura.

In fact, a divine elephant appeared faintly behind Su Zimo and cried into the skies!

Innate divine power, Six Tusk Divine Strength!

Prior to this, when Su Zimo was still a Black Immortal Essence Spirit, he could only conjure two divine elephant tusks.

When Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit broke through to the Earth Essence realm, it could already create four divine elephant tusks.

This meant that Su Zimo’s strength had increased by four times instantly!

Although he did not use his bloodline, Su Zimo’s aura surged and he could fight against Yun Ting right away!

When Su Zimo attacked, he used his fists, palms, fingers, claws, knees or elbows to retaliate dozens of times to defend against the dozens of sword lights.

Finally, Su Zimo clenched his fists and collided against Yun Ting’s sword finger!


Both parties took a step back.

Su Zimo felt a sharp pain in his palm.

He lowered his head and saw that his fist was injured by Yun Ting’s sword finger and blood flowed out. However, the wound healed on its own soon after and stopped bleeding.

Yun Ting’s sword blood was way too strong!

Even when Su Zimo released his innate divine power and his strength increased by four times, he was only barely on par with Yun Ting.

In fact, he was even injured by Yun Ting’s sword finger!

Thankfully, the regeneration capabilities of the Green Lotus True Body were shocking and such injuries were nothing much.

Actually, it was not because the Green Lotus True Body was weaker than Yun Ting.

If Su Zimo had used his bloodline, not only would he have been able to suppress Yun Ting in terms of strength, his palm would not have been injured as well.

Yun Ting frowned.

The exchange earlier on had once again exceeded his expectations.

Given the sharpness of his sword finger, it could even slice a connate black-grade Dharmic treasure into two. However, it only left two wounds on Su Zimo’s palm?

The strangest thing was that the wound on Su Zimo’s palm had already healed in a few breaths!

There were no traces at all!

Such regeneration capabilities were not only twice as strong as his, they were even comparable to the way Earth Immortals could regrow their severed limbs.

This person was only a cultivator of the lower worlds. What sort of physique and bloodline did he possess to be able to fight against him?

The innate divine power released by Su Zimo earlier on shocked Yun Ting as well.

He released many trump cards and his combat strength rose continuously—he thought that he could suppress Su Zimo successfully.

However, Su Zimo’s limit seemed endless as well!

Now, he even felt that things were getting troublesome.

The stronger Su Zimo was, the more excited Yun Ting was.

However, if it was so strong that it was beyond his control, he would be extremely unhappy.