Chapter 2000: I’m Sorry, I Want to Win Translator: Legge

After killing the blue-dressed woman, the Zephyr Thunder Wings behind Tang Ziyi flapped wildly and lightning crackled on her body as she dodged to the side.

Although she was fast, the middle-aged Daoist was not slow either!

Almost at the same time that Tang Ziyi killed the blue-dressed woman, the middle-aged Daoist’s sleeves struck.

The sleeves looked elegant and soft, but they suddenly tightened when they descended, descending from the skies like two thick and tough iron rods!

While Tang Ziyi could avoid the fatal blow at the back of her head, she could not avoid the killing move that came from her back.


The sleeves first struck the Zephyr Thunder Wings, shattering them before colliding heavily against Tang Ziyi’s back with a dull thud.

Tang Ziyi shuddered and staggered. Opening her mouth slightly, she spat out a mouthful of blood and her face turned incomparably pale.

Even so, her expression was extremely calm, as though she could not feel any pain.

Both parties were top-tier experts and the difference in their combat strength was not great to begin with.

There was no way she could escape unscathed after forcefully killing one of them against the encirclement of the four of them.

The middle-aged Daoist priest used the secret skill, Heart Piercing. The power of that attack was extremely terrifying and could even penetrate Tang Ziyi’s back!

Tang Ziyi’s reaction was extremely ingenious as well. While she summoned the Zephyr Thunder Wings to speed up, the pair of wings blocked a lot of power for her and minimized the damage she suffered.


The middle-aged Daoist priest was not annoyed that he could not kill Tang Ziyi with a single move. He merely sneered, “Let’s see how many moves you can last after being struck by my Heart Piercing!”

Tang Ziyi darted out and the bald monk and iron tower man closed in with murderous auras, not giving her any chance to catch her breath!

She was expressionless as she twisted and turned in the encirclement of the three of them, her movement technique clearly slower.

In just a few breaths, there were countless dangers and she was almost killed on the spot by the three of them!

Although one of the four paragons was dead, Tang Ziyi’s situation was even more dangerous and she could die on the spot at any moment!

Su Zimo frowned slightly.

If he were to attack, he would naturally be able to save Tang Ziyi.

However, that would be equivalent to giving the jade talisman to Yun Ting.

A life was at stake. No matter how important the jade talisman was, it was just an object. It did not matter if it was given to Yun Ting.

At that thought, Su Zimo made up his mind and was prepared to give up on the jade talisman to help Tang Ziyi.

However, the moment he willed it and before he could do anything, he felt an extremely terrifying aura lock onto him!

If he made a single move, he would definitely attract an unimaginably terrifying attack!

Against that aura, Su Zimo even had the illusion that he could be sliced into nothingness at any moment!

“How dare you get distracted in front of me and harbor other thoughts?”

Yun Ting’s voice sounded. It was calm and contained suppressed anger.

It was like the calm before a storm and the dullness under the thick dark clouds was suffocating.

Su Zimo looked at Yun Ting and could not help but feel shocked!

At that moment, Yun Ting’s figure floated slowly and the blood qi in his body surged—it was clear that he had already pushed it to his limits.

The blood qi circled around his body and formed blood-colored sword qi that intertwined behind him in a dense manner!

Clang! Clang!

The blood-colored sword qi trembled continuously and let out sword hums that intertwined.

A gigantic blood-colored sword gradually appeared behind Yun Ting and soared into the skies. Even the dome of the hall could not conceal its sharpness!

The blood-colored sword emitted a destructive aura before it even materialized completely.

It was as though nothing in the world across all living beings of the three realms could defend against a single slash from the blood-colored sword!

Bloodline phenomenons!

That was Yun Ting’s Bloodline phenomenon but it was clear that he had not mastered it completely.

That power was way too strong and terrifying!

Yun Ting could not control it at all.

Even Su Zimo felt his heart tremble as the Green Lotus bloodline surged within his body uncontrollably.

Once Yun Ting’s Bloodline phenomenon was formed, he could only fight it head-on by summoning the Bloodline phenomenon of the Creation Green Lotus!

Su Zimo’s expression turned grim.

The Bloodline phenomenon conjured by Yun Ting was enough to kill him!

It won’t be just a serious injury, but a complete death!

Yun Ting’s face was bloodshot and his body trembled slightly. He was also enduring immense pressure when he channeled his Bloodline phenomenon.

Up till this point of his cultivation, there had never been a cultivator of the same cultivation realm who could force him to release his Bloodline phenomenon!

“Su Zimo, I admire you very much and can’t bear to kill you,”

Yun Ting glared at Su Zimo with bloodshot eyes and said slowly, “However, at this point of the battle, we have to determine the victor today!”

“I, Yun Ting, don’t want to lose and I’ll definitely not lose!”

If it was before this, Yun Ting would definitely obtain the jade talisman first before fighting Su Zimo.

But now that he was struck by Su Zimo’s palm, he would have lost if not for the protection of the Ice Soul Silver Armor.

Given his pride and conceit, he could not accept such an outcome!

He had already forgotten about the jade talisman and the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts.

Right now, he only had a single thought—to give it his all and use all his strength to defeat Su Zimo!

An endless stream of sword qi gathered and the blood-colored sword became more corporeal.

Yun Ting’s long hair danced and he seemed to be dyed red under the illumination of the blood-colored sword!

“I haven’t fully controlled the power of this Bloodline phenomenon yet. Once released, I won’t be able to control it either,”

Yun Ting lowered his head slightly and whispered, “You’re most likely going to die.”

There was a hint of pity in Yun Ting’s tone.

It was rare for him to meet an opponent like Su Zimo and he truly could not bear to kill the latter.

Even if he could not subdue him, he would have liked to befriend him.

But now, he had no other choice!

Pausing for a moment, Yun Ting seemed to have made up his mind. Raising his head, he looked at Su Zimo and said firmly, “I’m sorry, I want to win!”

“Don’t worry about me!”

Right then, Tang Ziyi’s voice sounded.

Although she was surrounded by danger, she sensed the commotion on Su Zimo’s side.

She knew that if Su Zimo was still thinking about her and was distracted, he would definitely die if he could not use his full strength!


Suddenly, the bald monk hollered.


Although Tang Ziyi tried her best to dodge, she was still punched on the shoulder by the bald monk.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones cracking was extremely terrifying.

Tang Ziyi’s shoulder was shattered by a single punch from the bald monk and her entire arm could not move.

“Hehe, how dare you send a voice transmission to your little lover in the midst of our encirclement?”

The bald monk gave a strange laugh and his attacks turned sharper.

Tang Ziyi was severely injured by the middle-aged Daoist and her strength was greatly reduced. She was struggling against the encirclement of the three of them.

Now that her arm was crippled by the bald monk, the situation was turning increasingly dangerous and her life was hanging by a thread!

Su Zimo glanced at Tang Ziyi and retracted his gaze. He then looked at Yun Ting and said indifferently, “I’m sorry, you can’t win.”