2713 Ghost Race

The Martial Dao Prime Body was silent.

He could roughly guess Consort Yu’s thoughts.

Although Consort Yu still retained the memories of her previous life, she was transformed from the Hell Frost Springs and had already become a true Nether race being.

Only the special environment of the Hell World was suitable for Consort Yu to cultivate.

Furthermore, even if Consort Yu returned to the medium chiliocosm with him, she would be incompatible with the environment of the medium chiliocosm due to her identity as an Nether race being.

Apart from the two guesses of the Martial Dao Prime Body, Consort Yu had another thought.

The Martial Dao Prime Body had already become the Lord of Hell.

Although the Hell World was trapped in the Dharma Ending Era, there were countless living beings in Hell—this was an unimaginably massive faction!

Consort Yu wanted to stay and help the Martial Dao Prime Body control these factions as much as possible.

If there came a day when the Martial Dao Prime Body wanted to make use of the power of the Hell World or if he encountered danger in the medium chiliocosm, he could return to the Hell World at any time and take over all the living beings of Hell.

Of course, Consort Yu knew that with her strength, she was not enough to suppress this group of Hell experts.

She could only rely on the notoriety of the Martial Dao Prime Body to forcibly maintain the situation for the time being.

There shouldn’t be any problems in the near future.

However, if too much time passed and the Martial Dao Prime Body still did not return, the Hell World would be without a leader and…

Consort Yu continued, “Don’t worry and leave. I have Hell Lord Bitter Springs protecting me and nothing will happen.”

As she said that, Consort Yu glanced at Hell Lord Bitter Springs.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs lamented bitterly in his heart but nodded.

Consort Yu sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness. “Furthermore, I’ve already comprehended the general section of the Nine Springs Hell Sutra. With my status as the Mistress, no one should dare to stop me from cultivating the other eight Hell Sutras in other Hells.”

“Apart from the former Lord of Hell, I might be the second person to master the complete Nine Springs Hell Sutra.”

“The next time you return, I might have already cultivated to the Nether King realm and caught up to you!”

When the Martial Dao Prime Body saw that Consort Yu insisted on staying, he nodded and did not persuade her anymore.

“Bitter Springs.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at Hell Lord Bitter Springs once more. “Do you know of any method of returning to the medium chiliocosm? Speak your mind, don’t worry.”

When he asked earlier on, Hell Lord Bitter Springs’ expression clearly fluctuated, as though he had thought of something.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs pondered for a moment. “Under normal circumstances, only the power of a Great Emperor can break through the barrier between the Hell World and the medium chiliocosm, allowing them to leave at will.”

“I don’t know of a way to return to the medium chiliocosm, Master. However, I know a monster who might be able to help you.”


The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned slightly.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs explained, “This monster is incomparably ugly and is born fiendish. He belongs to the Yaksha race and comes from the Ghost World. I don’t know what method he used to come to our Hell World. Now, he’s imprisoned by me in the prison of Bitter Springs Hell!”


The eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body flickered.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs’ words earlier on revealed a lot of information.

Yaksha race, Ghost World…

When the Green Lotus True Body helped Xie Qingcheng fight for the prince’s seal, he had seen traces of the Yaksha race on the Asura Battlefield and some texts and diagrams were passed down.

The Martial Dao Prime Body knew those memories clearly as well.

According to the records on the Asura Battlefield, the Yaksha race had a total of three lineages—Earth Yaksha, Heaven Yaksha and the strongest, mysterious and rare Void Yaksha!

There were no traces of the Yaksha race in the medium chiliocosm.

There was not a single world in the trichiliocosm that belonged to the Yaksha race.

The Yaksha race was extremely mysterious, as though they had appeared in a chaotic era before disappearing.

Where was this Ghost World that Hell Lord Bitter Springs was referring to?

There did not seem to be a Ghost World in the medium chiliocosm.

“Let’s go take a look.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body gestured for Hell Lord Bitter Springs to lead the way.

At the same time, he looked at Tang Kong and said, “Accompany Consort Yu to the other eight Hells and let her browse the other eight Hell Sutras!”

The Martial Dao Prime Body did not hide his voice and his words spread throughout Torment Springs City.

All the living beings of Hell heard it clearly. Against the might of the Martial Dao Prime Body, no living being of Hell dared to object!

Pausing for a moment, the Martial Dao Prime Body sent a voice transmission to Consort Yu’s spirit consciousness. “Remember to bring back some water from the Hell Boundless Springs.”


Consort Yu agreed.

The four of them split into two groups. Hell Lord Bitter Springs brought the Martial Dao Prime Body to Bitter Springs Hell while Tang Kong accompanied Consort Yu to the other eight Hells.

Many Hell experts of Torment Springs Hell dispersed as well.

With the teleportation formation of Torment Springs City, the Martial Dao Prime Body and Hell Lord Bitter Springs descended into the Bitter Springs Palace before long.

The moment the Martial Dao Prime Body stepped into the Bitter Springs Palace, a thought flashed through his mind and he suddenly asked, “Is the Ghost World you mentioned one of the Six Paths?”


Hell Lord Bitter Springs said, “The Hungry Ghost Dao, one of the Six Paths, is the Ghost World.”


The Martial Dao Prime Body had just recalled that since the Hell Dao of the Six Paths was a world that coexisted with the medium chiliocosm, it should be the same for the Hungry Ghost Dao.

From the looks of it, the Hungry Ghost Dao, which was also the Ghost World, should be a world that coexisted with the medium chiliocosm and the Hell World.

“You just said that the Yaksha race is from the Ghost World?”

As the two of them walked towards the prison of Bitter Springs Hell, the Martial Dao Prime Body asked.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs replied, “That’s right. Actually, the Yaksha race is the Ghost race.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body recalled the records of Yakshas.

Yaksha was a Sanskrit word. The translation of it mentioned that they were extremely agile, could bite ghosts and had unfathomable movements.

In reality, that record had already revealed the origins of the Yaksha race.

The Martial Dao Prime Body asked again, “According to what I know, there are three lineages to the Yaksha race. Which lineage is imprisoned here?”

“A Void Yaksha!”

Hell Lord Bitter Springs said, “Void Yakshas are extremely rare and are the kings of the Yakshas race. They have immense strength and agile movement techniques. They can even fly into the skies and burrow into the ground, appearing and disappearing unpredictably!”

“Furthermore, this Void Yaksha is a perfected Grotto-heaven Ghost King!”


A look of surprise flashed through the eyes of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

To think that he would have the chance to see a living Void Yaksha in the Hell World. Furthermore, it was even a Ghost King Void Yaksha!

Hell Lord Bitter Springs said, “To be honest, Master, although my cultivation realm and combat strength are higher than his, this Void Yaksha is extremely powerful. If he was at his peak, I might not have been able to capture him alive.”

A perfected Grotto-heaven Void Yaksha could actually escape the suppression of a quasi-Emperor expert!

In that case, the Void Yaksha was indeed extraordinary.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs said, “The reason why I was able to capture him alive was because he was already covered in injuries and his aura was weak when he arrived at the Hell World.”

“Secondly, Bitter Springs Hell has a great counter for him!”

The Martial Dao Prime Body said, “You’re referring to the Hell Bitter Springs, isn’t it?”

Hell Lord Bitter Springs smiled and nodded.

Each of the Nine Springs of Hell had a different power.

It was clearly recorded in the ancient book that the Hell Bitter Springs could restrain the Ghost race and cause immense damage to them!