2714 Nether River

Before long, the two of them arrived at the Bitter Springs Palace.

The prison of Bitter Springs Hell was built right beside the Hell Bitter Springs and was surrounded by it, forming a forbidden ground.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs opened the prison and brought the Martial Dao Prime Body down continuously to the depths underground. Thereafter, he advanced and finally arrived at the secret chamber in the depths of the prison.

For Hell Lord Bitter Springs to imprison the Void Yaksha here so cautiously, it was clear how much he valued the latter.

Standing outside the secret chamber, Hell Lord Bitter Springs smiled. “To be honest, Master, I didn’t kill him and imprisoned him here the entire time because I valued his capabilities and wanted him to submit to me.”

“However, it’s a pity heh. This monster’s temper is too stubborn. He was imprisoned by me for many years but still refused to give in.”

“This monster looks ugly and has a surly personality. Master, be careful later.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body was expressionless and remained silent.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs opened the secret chamber carefully. It was dark and sinister inside and the smell of rotting flesh was nauseating.


In the depths of the secret chamber, a ball of green flames lit up, illuminating an ugly and sinister face. A pair of bulging and bloodshot eyes glared fiercely at the two of them at the entrance of the secret chamber.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs entered the secret chamber first and cast a Dharmic art to light it up. The body of the Void Yaksha appeared from the darkness.

The Void Yaksha was 30 feet tall, much taller than the Martial Dao Prime Body and Hell Lord Bitter Springs.

Right now, his limbs were chained to the walls around the secret chamber.

The Martial Dao Prime Body could clearly see that the flesh of the Void Yaksha that was chained had long rotted and emitted a stench.

For example, thick bones could even be seen beneath the rotting flesh on his wrists and ankles!

The chains that trapped the Void Yaksha clearly contained some special power.

If he was not wrong, those chains were forged from the Hell Bitter Springs.

That was the exact reason why the Void Yaksha could be imprisoned here!

The Void Yaksha was in a terrible state and his aura was weak. Even so, he glared angrily at the Martial Dao Prime Body and Hell Lord Bitter Springs with a ferocious expression!

The Martial Dao Prime Body strode forward and arrived near the Void Yaksha.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs followed hurriedly.

Indeed, the Void Yaksha was ugly and malevolent. He had greenish-black skin and a hump-shaped head. The hair on him was even burning with green flames.

The green flame that first lit up in the secret chamber came from the head of the Void Yaksha.

Ordinary people might even be scared out of their wits the first time they caught sight of this Void Yaksha.


The Void Yaksha, who had been calm all along, suddenly extended his neck and stretched forward, letting out a deep roar at the Martial Dao Prime Body!

The Void Yaksha opened his mouth, revealing sharp teeth that shone with a cold glint. He was less than a foot away from the face of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

A violent sound came from the chains on the four walls.

If not for those chains of the Bitter Springs, the Void Yaksha might have even pounced on the Martial Dao Prime Body!

If it was anyone else, they would have dodged instinctively when such a sinister and terrifying face pounced over.

However, the Martial Dao Prime Body did not move at all. In fact, he did not even blink and had a deep gaze.

The calmness of the Martial Dao Prime Body seemed to surprise the Void Yaksha as well.

“Bastard, how dare you!”

Hell Lord Bitter Springs reacted and was enraged. Afraid that the Martial Dao Prime Body might vent his anger on him, he hurriedly circulated his Dharmic arts and tightened the surrounding chains!

The chains on the Void Yaksha contracted once more and the iron hoop was even stuck in his bones. The power of the Bitter Springs not only corroded the Void Yaksha’s bones!

The pain made the gigantic body of the Void Yaksha tremble continuously.

However, he still did not say anything and merely grit his teeth and endured!

The Martial Dao Prime Body raised his hand slightly, gesturing for Hell Lord Bitter Springs to stop.

Hell Lord Bitter Springs understood and temporarily relaxed the chains, retracting his punishment.

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at the Void Yaksha in front of him and said indifferently, “It’s our first time meeting and I don’t blame you. Don’t let me see you behave as such again.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body wanted to obtain important information from the Void Yaksha and did not intend to tangle with him anymore.

Given the ferocious and unyielding nature of this Void Yaksha, there’s a high chance of failure if the Soul Searching Art was used on it.

When he heard the threat of the Martial Dao Prime Body, a hint of disdain flashed through the depths of the Void Yaksha’s eyes.

He could tell that the purple-robed man before him was only an ordinary human!

Weak humans had always been their food!

Even if some humans cultivated some powerful bloodlines and many divine powers and secret skills, they could not withstand a single blow from him!

Hell Lord Bitter Springs berated, “This is the Lord of Hell who is revered by the Nine Hells now. Beast, you’d better behave yourself!”


When he heard that, the Void Yaksha let out a strange sound and looked at the Martial Dao Prime Body in shock, as though he could not believe it.

A human had become the Lord of Hell?

The old man before him was a quasi-Emperor expert and Hell Lord Bitter Springs.

If he was not the one who said those words, the Void Yaksha might have thought that it was a joke!

However, immediately after, the Void Yaksha suddenly grinned with a mocking expression.

To think that the Hell World had already fallen to such a state and could actually let a human become the Lord of Hell.

As the Void Yaksha thought that, he suddenly heard the human in front of him speak.

“I’m here to ask you something. If you can give me a satisfactory answer, I can let you regain your freedom.”

When he heard that, a glint flashed through the eyes of the Void Yaksha!

Regain freedom!

Those words were way too tempting for him!

He had been imprisoned here for many years. Although he had never submitted to Hell Lord Bitter Springs, he wanted to leave this place and regain his freedom at all times.

“Ask away!”

The Void Yaksha spoke with an extremely unpleasant voice, as though a stone had streaked across an iron weapon.

“I want to head to the medium chiliocosm. Is there any way?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body asked.

The Void Yaksha was stunned, as though he had not expected the Martial Dao Prime Body to have such thoughts.

However, before long, he shook his head. “There’s no way.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned slightly.

Pausing for a moment, he asked again, “How did you come to the Hell World from the Ghost World back then?”

“The Nether River!”

The Void Yaksha said slowly. At the same time, a hint of fear flashed through his eyes.

It was as though the words ‘Nether River’ possessed a special power that made him feel fear.

“The Nether River?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned.

There seemed to be some records of the Nether River in the ancient books of the Hell World, but most of them were vague and secretive.