2720 Gathering in the Netherworld

The Martial Dao Prime Body turned around and looked at the closed hole on the world barrier behind him. His heart skipped a beat.

He did not know how long he would have to wait before he could return after leaving the Hell World.

Actually, there was nothing in the Hell World that he missed, including his status as the Lord of Hell.

However, there was an old friend of Tianhuang Mainland over there after all.

Right then, the Void Yaksha sent a voice transmission to his spirit consciousness. “The Netherworld is a little special. We must not expose our identities. Otherwise, we will definitely be hunted down by the living beings of the Netherworld!”

The two of them had already violated the rules of the two worlds by breaking through the barrier between the two worlds through the Hell Yellow Springs.

It was the same way the Void Yaksha landed in the Hell World and was imprisoned by Hell Lord Bitter Springs.

“How can one distinguish between living beings of the Netherworld?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body asked.

Void Yaksha said, “There’s no need for you to disguise yourself. Your aura has always been unfathomable and difficult to detect. I have to put on a cloak.”

“There’s a distinct difference between living beings of the Netherworld and other living beings. Living beings of the Netherworld have no flesh and blood!”


The Martial Dao Prime Body was slightly surprised and asked, “Can one survive normally in the Netherworld without flesh and blood?”

“Of course.”

The Void Yaksha said, “These living beings of the Netherworld have long possessed a complete cultivation system and can long break free from their reliance on flesh and blood.”

“Furthermore, in the Netherworld, any living being of flesh and blood will be suppressed and sealed no matter how powerful their bloodline is!”

The Martial Dao Prime Body sensed from within the Hell Yellow Springs and nodded to himself.


After passing through the barrier, there was clearly a strange power in his bloodline. No matter how he channeled his bloodline, he could not break free.

The Void Yaksha continued, “Furthermore, don’t underestimate the Little Ghosts of the Netherworld.”

“If we encounter Ghost Kings of the same level, we have to deal with them carefully.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned and asked, “The living beings of the Netherworld belong to the Ghost race as well, similar to your Ghost World?”

The Void Yaksha explained, “Although we’re all collectively called the Ghost race, in reality, we’re extremely different from the Ghost race of the Netherworld.”

“To be precise, we’re considered the Yaksha race. We were separated from the Ghost race and were born in the River of Life of the Ghost World. We’ve already developed flesh and blood.”

“However, the Little Ghosts, Big Ghosts and even Ghost Kings and Ghost Emperors of the Netherworld are all in the form of souls!”

Although they had already arrived in the Netherworld, in order to hide their tracks, the two of them still hid at the bottom of the Hell Yellow Springs and flowed downstream while communicating with their spirit consciousnesses.

The Void Yaksha continued, “These ghosts in Hell can attack our Essence Spirits directly. If we’re not careful, we’ll be severely injured.”

“With the Essence Spirit destroyed, no matter how powerful one’s bloodline and body is, it’s only a shell.”

The Martial Dao Prime Body pondered in silence.

There were all sorts of strange things in the trichiliocosm.

He did not expect such a group of special lifeforms to exist in the Netherworld. They had already completely escaped the restraints of flesh and blood and had their own unique cultivation system.

Such a world was indeed qualified to be independent of the medium chiliocosm.

With this, it was also not hard to understand why there had to be such strong laws and world barriers between the Netherworld and the other worlds!

If living beings of the other worlds could freely move in and out of the Netherworld and vice versa, the trichiliocosm would have long been in chaos!

The Void Yaksha reminded once more, “It’s best if we hide in the Hell Yellow Springs and conceal our tracks. We’ll follow the current and arrive below the Six Paths Gate before appearing and charging into the Ghost World!”

“If Little Ghosts of the Netherworld discover us in advance, we’ll definitely attract the encirclement and pursuit of countless experts of the Netherworld. At that time, I’m afraid we won’t even get to see the Six Paths Gate.”

“Where is the Six Paths Gate?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body asked.

The Void Yaksha explained, “The Six Paths Gate is the entrance to the Six Paths and lies above the Ghost Mountains in the five directions.”

“Ghost Mountains in the five directions?”

The Martial Dao Prime Body frowned slightly.

Void Yaksha said, “The five Ghost Mountains are located in the five directions of the Netherworld and are held down by five Ghost Emperors. The Netherworld is complete and the Great Dao is flawless. Therefore, these Ghost Emperors are all Emperor experts!”

“If we appear, we have to rush into the door of the Ghost World immediately. If we’re discovered by any Ghost Emperor, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

As a King expert of the Yaksha race, the Void Yaksha’s combat strength was extremely strong. However, when he came to the Netherworld, he became naggy and abnormally careful.

“Our existence is simply delicious food to some experts of the Netherworld!”

The Void Yaksha said, “They can use many divine powers and secret skills to target our Essence Spirits and devour our souls to strengthen themselves.”

As the Martial Dao Prime Body listened to the Void Yaksha’s explanation, he flowed down from the depths of the Hell Yellow Springs.


The Martial Dao Prime Body’s heart skipped a beat and he stopped!

“What’s wrong?”

The Void Yaksha stopped hurriedly and turned to ask.

The Martial Dao Prime Body’s gaze was cold and his expression under the silver mask was a little dark.

Earlier on, he had sensed the existence of the Green Lotus True Body once more!

Back in the Hell World, the moment he advanced to the Martial Domain realm and condensed a domain, he briefly established a connection with the Green Lotus True Body.

Thereafter, the connection between the two true bodies vanished once more.

There was a high chance that this short perception was because the Martial Dao Prime Body had condensed a domain.

As for the formation of the domain, it temporarily broke through the barrier between the worlds and allowed the two true bodies to establish a connection.

But now, the Martial Dao Prime Body had already sensed the Green Lotus True Body without doing anything.

That perception was extremely clear and showed no signs of disappearing!

There was only one possibility!

The two true bodies were in the same world!

The Green Lotus True Body was in the Netherworld as well!

To be precise, the soul of the Green Lotus True Body had arrived in the Netherworld.

That was because the Green Lotus True Body could not enter the Netherworld directly in the medium chiliocosm. Only souls could enter the Netherworld.

In other words, the Green Lotus True Body was already dead!

In the end, he was still a step too late.

The expression of the Martial Dao Prime Body was dark and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Right then, his heart skipped a beat as he suddenly recalled Consort Yu’s experience. Before long, he realized that as long as he could ensure that the memories of the Green Lotus True Body were not destroyed and not washed away by the Hell Yellow Springs, the Green Lotus True Body would not truly die.

The Green Lotus True Body could reincarnate with his complete memories!

At that thought, the Martial Dao Prime Body waved his robe and swept up the Void Yaksha beside him, breaking through the void in front of him and entering in a flash.

The two true bodies had to meet up before the Green Lotus True Body’s memories were erased by the Hell Yellow Springs!

“What are you doing?”

The Void Yaksha’s expression changed starkly.

The Martial Dao Prime Body would definitely alarm the experts of the Netherworld if he broke through the void of the Netherworld and teleported.

The bloodline of the Void Yaksha was indeed powerful. Along the way, the teeth in the Void Yaksha’s mouth had already regrew and his speech returned to normal.