2722 Black and White Impermanences

Su Zimo slowed down and gradually lagged behind the crowd.

Before long, everyone arrived before a surging withered river. On the river, there was a stone bridge mottled with time that reached the other side.

On the side of the stone bridge stood a stele with the words ‘Bridge of Oblivion’ written on it.

“This is the River of Oblivion. You guys can get on the bridge.”

A Little Ghost of the Netherworld urged.

At this point, many living beings had nowhere to retreat and could only climb onto the bridge one after another and head towards the other side.

Su Zimo learned from the Martial Dao Prime Body that the so-called River of Oblivion was actually the Hell Yellow Springs!

The souls that ascended the Bridge of Oblivion were washed away by the mist of the Hell Yellow Springs and their memories of their previous lives were wiped away. With a blank slate, they entered reincarnation.

Many living beings walked towards the Bridge of Oblivion one after another while Su Zimo stood rooted to the ground.

“What are you doing here?”

A Little Ghost of the Netherworld could not help but frown when he saw Su Zimo standing on the spot.

“Waiting for someone.”

Su Zimo replied.


The few Little Ghosts of the Netherworld laughed when they heard that.

A Little Ghost had a mocking expression and asked teasingly, “Why? Is there someone who will be accompanying you to die?”

“Stop dawdling and cross the bridge quickly!”

Another Little Ghost of the Netherworld urged impatiently.

Su Zimo remained rooted to the ground in silence.

“You must have a death wish!”

A Little Ghost of the Netherworld strode forward and raised the whip in his hand, lashing out at Su Zimo!

The others were already used to this scene.

The other Little Ghosts were already used to it.

For every batch of souls that came here, there were some who were disobedient and indignant.

Some were even tortured to death by the Little Ghosts of the Netherworld. Their souls were thrown into the River of Oblivion and could not enter reincarnation.

The Little Ghosts of the Netherworld had seen many people like Su Zimo.

The whip descended from the skies. Su Zimo knew that this whip was specially refined to counter souls.

However, he refused to be humiliated and reached out to grab the whip!


The whip landed in his palm.

He did not feel much impact. Instead, a strange glow appeared on his body with Dharmic Dao imprints.


That scene made many Little Ghosts of the Netherworld frown slightly.

Even Su Zimo was stunned.

Under normal circumstances, he was already dead. No matter what Dharmic Dao he cultivated, it had already died with the Green Lotus True Body and could not be brought to the Netherworld.

That was what it meant for one to die with their Daos dissipated.

But now, there was actually a Dharmic Dao imprint on his soul that followed him to the Netherworld.

It was this Dharmic Dao imprint that helped him defend against the damage caused by the Little Ghost’s whip.

“Heaven Burial Sutra?”

Su Zimo was surprised.

He had cultivated the Heaven Burial Sutra for many years. Although he comprehended a lot, he still had some doubts.

This cultivation technique was indeed powerful. However, compared to the other Taboo Mystic Classics that he cultivated, the Heaven Burial Sutra did not seem to have reached the level of a Taboo Mystic Classic.

It was only at that moment that Su Zimo gradually understood that the scene before him was probably the reason why the Heaven Burial Sutra became a Taboo Mystic Classic!

The Dharmic Dao of the Heaven Burial Sutra was imprinted on his soul.

Although he was dead, the Dharmic Dao of the Heaven Burial Sutra had not disappeared!

Furthermore, it followed his soul into the Netherworld.

This situation was a little similar to the reincarnation of a Perfected Immortal.

Typically, when Perfected Immortals reincarnated, Immortal King experts would cast spells and leave behind Dharmic Dao imprints so that it would be easier to guide them after they reincarnated.

And now, Su Zimo had such a situation without anyone’s help by relying on the Dharmic Dao of the Heaven Burial Sutra!


A Little Ghost of the Netherworld sneered, “So an expert left behind an imprint and wanted to guide you to be reborn. I’ve seen many such situations.”

“If you had been obedient, I might have let you pass if I was in a good mood. However, the fact that you still dare to resist in the Netherworld means you must really be tired of living!”

Another Little Ghost of the Netherworld shook the chain in his hand and said fiercely, “Everyone, attack together and grind away the Dharmic Dao imprint on this person. Kill him!”


Dozens of chains descended from the skies and interweaved into a huge net, enveloping Su Zimo and binding him on the spot before long.

Su Zimo looked at the surrounding Little Ghosts of the Netherworld and said coldly, “I think you guys are the ones who are tired of living!”

The moment he said that, a crack suddenly appeared in the void above everyone’s heads. A sinister wind surged from within with a chilling aura.

Immediately after, two figures descended.

One of them was wearing a spacious cloak that covered him tightly and his figure could not be seen clearly.

The other was dressed in a purple robe and wore a silver mask. Two faint purple flames burned in his exposed eyes!

The aura of the two of them was clearly extremely different from the Netherworld.

“Who are you people?”

A Little Ghost of the Netherworld berated sternly.


The Martial Dao Prime Body waved his robes and released a scorching wave of air.

Dozens of Little Ghosts of the Netherworld were reduced to ashes instantly!

The tall figure in a cloak beside him was the Void Yaksha.

At that moment, his expression was ugly as he muttered, “With such a huge commotion, the experts of the Netherworld must have already rushed over!”

Right then, a sinister wind blew.

From the white fog not far away, two figures gradually appeared—one tall and one short, one fat and one thin.

The person on the left was tall and thin with a smile on his face. However, his face was terrifyingly pale and he wore a pointed hat with the words “Wealth for the Good” written on the front.

The person on the right had a fierce expression and was wide and fat. He had a dark face and was also wearing a hat with the words ‘Peace in the World’ written on it.


The two of them held handcuffs and shackles in their hands and walked towards the Martial Dao Prime Body.

“Black and White Impermanences!”

When the Void Yaksha saw the two of them, he frowned. “Be careful. The handcuffs and shackles in their hands are tied to Essence Spirits and souls!”

“Who’s there to cause trouble in the Netherworld?”

Black Impermanence’s expression was dark as he glared at the Martial Dao Prime Body and the Void Yaksha and said slowly, “Show us your true appearance!”

White Impermanence was all smiles. “We can just see it for ourselves.”

The moment White Impermanence spoke, a scarlet tongue descended and tore through the air, coiling towards the Martial Dao Prime Body and the Void Yaksha!

A nauseating stench approached.

Black Impermanence attacked at the same time and flung the handcuffs and shackles in his hands forward!

The Martial Dao Prime Body could clearly sense a strange power that wanted to break through his Mara Mask and descend into his consciousness.

Ripples appeared on the Mara Mask and many ghost faces appeared.

The attacks targeting the Essence Spirit and soul could not break through the obstruction of the Mara Mask.

The Void Yaksha roared and tore apart his cloak. His spirit consciousness condensed at his glabella and he was prepared.

The Martial Dao Prime Body did not move and merely channeled his spirit consciousness.


A purple flame suddenly rose from Black Impermanence’s handcuffs and shackles and White Impermanence’s long tongue!