“Oh, where’s Miro’s fansite sunbae?”

“She went there in advance to take pictures. Maybe she’ll join us later?”

The fansite sunbae from Year Two Class Zero had a class today, but she must’ve skipped some to go take pictures of Dokgo Miro.

Well, I’ve missed most of my classes this week so I’m not really one to talk.

“I think we’ll arrive earlier than expected. When did they say are we allowed to go in?”

“Less than two hours. We’ll probably have to wait for more after we enter since the live broadcast wouldn’t start right away.”

“Then just how many hours are we waiting?”

“It’s a live broadcast so I guess there’s a lot to prepare. Ah, but there’s also a pre-recording part, so we won’t just wait the whole time!”

The kids already looked fed up with having to wait for quite a long time.

Song Daesok and Maeng Hyodon are the least interested in the entertainment industry among our class, and the two already looked like half of their souls are gone.

To soothe the two, I suggested that we get some snacks.

Although we already had dinner before coming to the broadcasting station, those two have a good appetite so I’m sure they’ll eat just as much if we ask them to eat again.

“Let’s go wait at a cafe. You guys gave me class materials while I was absent, so I’ll be buying us—”

“We can’t let our hoobaes pay for food. We’ll buy!”

“We know this neighborhood well. Leave it up to us.”

I wasn’t going to pay for their food in the first place anyway.

The seniors, who had been scolded and disciplined by Jegal, already began to become noisy again as we approached the broadcasting station.

Suddenly, Mok Wooram spoke.

“We don’t have to go to a cafe.”


Mok Wooram had a proud face on.

My classmates also probably felt a strong sense of strangeness on his face.

It’s the face he makes whenever this pushover is scammed.

“I’ve researched a bit before coming to the broadcasting station. A person who calls themself “Chongdae” explained the “culture of congratulations”.

There is such a culture, but it somehow doesn’t feel right.

“That’s why I prepared a coffee truck for Miro and everyone! It cost quite a lot to print posters of Miro too, and all the drinks are paid in advance so I’ve emptied my bank account. However! It’s a meaningful day so it’s alright to spend this much.”

I don’t know how the whole thing happened, but I could guess that the pushover Mok Wooram got caught again.

Even the sunbaes looked suspicious at what Mok Wooram said.

“Hmm… I understand that when you send coffee trucks for support, you pay the minimum amount for coffee first, and then you pay the extra amount after. You paid in advance for everything?”

“I’m subscribed to Miro’s fan cafe, but I’ve never heard of anything about coffee trucks.”

“I agree with Geum Chan.”

As the situation deepened and more questions popped up, the air shuttle arrived at our destination.

As soon as we got off, Saeum of April, who looked around in advance with his flight skills, said something that hit the heart of the case.

“Uhm, I didn’t see a coffee around the broadcasting station.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen one either.”

Mok Wooram said there would be a coffee truck so there should be one, but there was nothing around the station.

“Odd. I’ll have to ask Chongdae-nim.”

Mok Wooram was about to send a message through his device.

“I think my device is broken. Something is wrong.”

“I don’t think your device is the thing that’s broken.”


Song Daseok tried to imply that it was Mok Wooram’s head that was the problem, and Min Geurin quickly reprimanded him by bending his finger.

Leaving behind the sound of a joint being stretched and Song Daesok’s short scream, Kwon Lena asked Mok Wooram while looking at his device screen.

“Is something wrong with your device, Wooram?”

“Please look at this. The name on this contact was “Chongdae” not too long ago, but it’s ‘Cannot find contact’ now!”


This Chongdae person must’ve gotten rid of his device after scamming Mok Wooram.

Jegal, who was quietly listening all this time, touched his forehead.

“Let’s report it later. I’ll tell Professor Ham Geunhyung. Screencapture all the conversations, and the details of your transaction.”

“Huh? What report are you talking about? I didn’t deposit to their bank account, I simply withdrew cash and gave it to them myself. They said it’s cheaper to pay in cash.”


Professor Ham Geunhyung wasn’t with us yet since he still had work to do, but I’m sure he’ll have the same reaction as Professor Jegal.

“…What should we eat?”

“…Let’s go somewhere close.”

The coffee truck didn’t exist after all, so we had to stay at a nearby cafe.

While Jegal was listening to Mok Wooram tell him how he got scammed, I heard the Class Zero sunbae jerks conspiring something.

“I don’t know about anything else, but I don’t like that Miro’s name is used like that.”

“Let’s catch them first.”

“Tell me everything first.”

Hwang Jiho, who was smiling to his heart’s content, also intervened in the vicious group.

He didn’t seem to like the idea that Dokgo Miro, Hani’s friend, was borrowed to do such an awful thing.

“I don’t like that swindler either. Let’s join hands.”

The duo turned their heads when Hwang Jiho offered.

They whispered to each other before questioning Hwang Jiho.

“We want Hwang Jiho hoobaenim’s cooperation on something else though.”

“Yeah, do you remember what happened at the Special Luncheon a while ago?”

“What do you know about the host? Tell us what you guys talked about!”


“Aigoo, stop laughing and answer us, hoobaenim-ah!”

Despite the request, Hwang Jiho just kept laughing to his heart’s content.

They can’t push him since Jegal was near, and it’s probably impossible to get an answer from this old man when he doesn’t want to answer.

When the duo finally left Hwang Jiho alone, he approached me and lowered his voice.

“I met the head of the Monkey Clan at the Special Luncheon.”

…Are we really discussing this here?

We’re at a cafe full of people, and while everyone seems busy chatting and looking at the menu, it’s not like they don’t have sharp ears.

Yong Jegun was looking at me and Hwang Jiho, smiling wide as if he’s heard what the old man said.

“Oh, don’t worry. I set up a boundary. That dragon over there and Jegal might be able to hear if they try, but if they use that much power, I’d notice right away. Yong Jegun already looks like he’s eavesdropping.”

Hwang Jiho explained what happened at the Special Luncheon and Jecheondaesung’s proposal.’

Jecheondaesung offered the Gingoju as collateral to prove that he was not the traitor and that he will cooperate with finding whoever it is.

‘With Jecheondaesung’s help, the tide would surely shift to our side.’

Considering his achievements, Jecheondaesung is a royal lineage close to being a superior being.

It’s a huge help if he cooperates with us.

Although there are so many things we need to do, they’re worth doing.

Perhaps having the same thoughts as me, Hwang Jiho suggested something.

“He handed over a clue, and I wish you would stay in the mansion for the weekend so we can take a look at it.”

“…This weekend?”

“Yes. It seems like it’s been a while since we put it off, so we better get started quickly.”

I agree with him, but it’s a little difficult to make the decision.

I already have an important schedule for the weekend.

‘It’s the Halloween this Saturday. Before that, I need to do some research too. I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

If things work out nicely, I can go to the mansion on Sunday afternoon, but it’s almost impossible to come before that.

There’s a possibility that I won’t be able to come to the mansion at all so I thought it would be better not to make any promises.

Thinking like so, I finally spoke.

“I have an appointment on Saturday.”


“I’m going to meet Sung Gukeon sunbaenim.”

“…Sung Gukeon? Were you really that close with him?”

Is it really enough to conclude that we’re close just because we’re meeting on the weekend?

“What are you talking about.”

“Huh, it seems like you’re forgetting something. The next Sunday is November 1st. Jo Euishin, that day is when you…”


Before Hwang Jiho finished his words, devices here and there began to ring.

Hwang Jiho pressed on his earring too which tells me he also received a message.

Whether it was a coincidence or not, several people got the message notification at around the same time.

It came just in time to cut off our conversation.

[Ok Toyeon] Hey benefactor, I wanna hang out! ㅠㅠ

[Ok Toyeon] I wanna see Seoho, Iho, and Jaeho too. Can’t we all hang out?

It was Ok Toyeon.

It’s obvious that she wants to play and hang out, but I can’t because I have a lot of work to do.

I intend to reject it on the basis of not having time.

‘I guess she hasn’t heard about Eunho yet.’

From the stories, it seemed that Ok Toyeon and Eunho had a connection, so we may have to hold a talk about that soon.

Eunho’s awakening hasn’t been announced to anyone else outside the Tiger Clan, and there’s still no need to inform the Rabbit Clan as fast as possible.

I was writing a message that subtly implied for her to keep doing her job when…

“Hey, I think I should get going.”

Song Daesok stood up and announced so.

He had a hologram open so he must’ve been one of the other people to receive a message.

“Huh? Why all of a sudden?”

“Uh… I think something happened at the lab. They already sent an air taxi to pick me up.”

“Why are they calling a high school student at this hour?”

The other kids tried to persuade him not to go, but he really couldn’t since the matter was quite urgent.

With great regret, Min Geurin sent off Daesok.

The GeumChanWangChan duo said something as if feeling the sadness in the scene.

“Are those two dating?”

“It looks like they’ve been dating for a few years.”

While the Class Zero sunbaes said useless things, Jegal offered to escort Song Daesok to the air taxi and made sure to check up on him to make sure he wasn’t being overworked.

“They said they saw something on the Moon Palace.”

Hwang Jiho, who was busy texting someone, suddenly spoke.

No, why did Ok Toyeon text to say she wants to hang out instead of saying this important information?

“Where? What?”

The question of “what” wasn’t answered, but the other one was.

“The coordinates don’t seem to be fixed yet but… The broadcasting station seems to be included.”

The answer opened up new questions, but I wasn’t too worried.

‘We have plenty of powerful people here. No matter what happens, we can handle it with ease.’

We have two people of royal lineage and Jegal who has strength on the same level.

My playable character Yeo Raehun is also inside the broadcasting station.

“It seems that it’s taking a while to interpret it since it’s an observation that never existed before. We’ll deal with it on the way.”

Meanwhile, it seems like some others received a rather peaceful message.

Kim Yuri, who had become rather close with Dokgo Miro, spoke next.

“Guys, I got a message from Miro. She says they want to have an interview with students from Eungawang High whom she invited today. I think we’ll have to come in earlier.”