The “leverage” or benefit that Hwang Jiho is talking about must be the exclusive menu.

It can be seen as somewhat of an advantage given by the transcendent universe for clearing the game.

But how did Hwang Jiho know that?

‘Eunho must’ve talked about it.’

The reason came out quickly.

Since I was asleep for three days, Hwang Jiho and Eunho had a lot of time to discuss things.

Considering the relationship between the two, it would be more strange if they didn’t talk.

While trying to decipher the extent of what Eunho revealed, I suddenly realized something.

‘He’s really here.’

So many things happened at once that even though I knew in my head that they happened, it didn’t sink in just yet.

Another person who knows about PMH, and happens to be Eunho.

“…Well, we should talk later.”

The old man with sparkling eyes suddenly cut off the conversation.

I quickly realized why when I saw him looking at Yong Jegun.

He was still looking at us with his ecstatic smile so he must be eavesdropping.

Yong Jegun spoke in a half-laughing-half-disappointed voice.

“Why? You can talk about it now though.”

“Because of you, Yong Jegun.”

“Hahaha! I’m your professor though. Are you sure you can call me that?”

“No one else is paying attention in here. Look.”

No other person was paying attention to us two except for Yong Jegun.

The kids from our class were busy checking their item cards while the Class Zero sunbaes were busy whining to Jegal.

The player guard in charge of item card inspection was in awe and said said “You guys are heavily armed… are you about to attack an otherworld? I heard that Eungwang High students practice often but it looks like you guys really work hard.”

Of course, the Year Two Class Zero sunbaes haven’t attacked an otherworld yet and so Jegal anxiously asked them if they usually carry such items.

“We’ll never know what would happen in life, right? We’re players so it’s only natural to prepare for mishaps.”

“If an opponent has higher skill levels than you, you should at least prepare good items.”

“What if a group of evil people suddenly come for Jegal ssaem!”

“That’s right!”

Well, the sunbaes aren’t really long.

It feels cool to carry around items, but it’s also reassuring.

‘A group of evil people huh? I guess the duo still remembers what happened and is prepared for anything similar.’

This spring, there was a conspiracy by a group of Choi Pyeondeuk’s followers who came for Jegal.

Jegal was flustered by the evil group’s expression.

However, they were quickly dealt with and repelled from the library basement.

Considering Jegal’s powers and skills, it wouldn’t be strange for other groups of evil to aim for him.

‘Last time, Jegal was targeted as the head of the teacher’s office of Eungwang High. However, if ever he becomes targeted again, it would probably be because of…’

Jegal’s rare skill, the Spiritual Word.

He has the ability to exert power through words, a weakness of the Demon Race.

From the perspective of the Demon Race who seeks intelligence in the Korean Peninsula, Jegal’s power is a thorn in their eye.

And there’s one more reason why he would be targeted.

— That’s what happened to Hong Gyubin. Jegal helped Hong Gyubin achieve his dream to be a player and… As a result, Jegal lost many things.

Jegal was involved in why Hong Gyubin left the Namgung Group.

It is said that he’s lost a lot, but now he’s a highly respected player and a teacher at Korea’s most prestigious high school.

I don’t think Namgung Group would be very happy about that.

“It’s not a bad idea to carry around some items. Maybe I should bring more with me.”

Even if Yong Jegun says such things, I can’t imagine him carrying a lot of item cards.

When he was my playable character, he only had one item card in his pocket.

An item of UR-rank, The Scale of the Dragon King.

The scale contains the spirit of the Dragon Clan, and it is said that if certain conditions are met, the Dragon King could be summoned down to the human world.

‘I wonder if the Black Screen knows about The Scale of the Dragon King.’

In the collapse of PMH’s concrete level, the day when snow poured down on Eungwang High.

Yong Jegun was the playable character, and as the user, I was able to check his belongings.

When I was faced with a crisis, I naturally tried to use that item.

However, the item wasn’t available until the moment Yong Jegun died.

I remember being ridiculously pissed whenever I tried to use the item and a system message saying “Item cannot be used”

‘There were a lot of complaints about why they even gave a UR-rank item to Yong Jegun when it couldn’t even be used.’

I was one of the users who gave that complaint.

Since Yong Jegun had no other items anyway, The Scale of the Dragon King was automatically registered in the shortcut function.

However, in the midst of countless replays, the moment when I needed the item, it was never usable.

‘It’s a famous anecdote that Yong Jegun received the scales from the Dragon King himself. Everyone knew that Yong Jegun would be at school at that time of the day, so I’m sure the Black Screen would’ve been involved one way or another.’

After safely passing through the security checkpoint, we walked further when we heard a noise in one area.

Looking at the other side of the hallway, we saw Dokgo Miro quickly walking our way.

Her long hair was hanging down and her colorful hair bounced under the light.

“Come on here guys. Sorry about the sudden interview.”

“No, thanks for inviting us! Are you performing with your hair down today?”

“You look good with your hair down!”

Kim Yuri and Kwon Lena quickly changed the subject before Dokgo Miro could apologize again.

She hasn’t seemed to decide on what hairstyle she’ll go with yet and the kids excitedly suggested this and that since there was still quite some time yet.

“It’s Miro…!”

“Wow, she looks better in person.”

The Class Zero sunbaes, who looked wary when Dokgo Miro first ran to us, were surprisingly calm.

They seemed a little nervous and shy for no reason.

They saw her less often than they see Jegal, but they’re still not a fan of her the way they’re intense followers of Jegal.

“This won’t do. We need to take a picture at least. Summon Miro’s fansite!”

“Come on out!”

The duo suddenly made a fuss about summoning Dokgo Miro’s fansite, perhaps to beat the embarrassment.

However, there was no way she would show up just because the two shouted unnecessarily.

Dokgo Miro looked at the duo with a troubled face before ambiguous looking over the window.

Perhaps because her fansite always carried a camera around, it wouldn’t be too difficult for her to sense where she was.

As expected, at the end of Dokgo Miro’s gaze, I saw the fansite sunbae sticking out her head with her hand on her camera.

“There she is!”

“Let’s go catch her!”

The fansite sunbae was surprised and tried to run away, but there was no way she’d escape the claws of the GeumChanWangChan duo.

Just like that, the summoning of Dokgo Miro’s fansite was successfully completed.

“…It’s hard to take a picture this close though.”

Dokgo Miro’s fansite expressed dissatisfaction by hitting the duo’s hands.

“Hello. Thank you so much for coming in today!”

“…Miro-yah! Hello! I’ll cheer on you well today!”

With one friendly greeting from Dokgo Miro, the fansite sunbae’s dissatisfaction completely went away.

When she was completely overwhelmed by her emotions and forgot about the camera, Geum Chansol asked for it.

“Hey, please take a photo of Jegal ssaem and Miro.”


I thought the two wanted a picture with Dokgo Miro.

This is unexpected.

Jegal, who was suddenly singled out, looked surprised, but the duo was unstoppable at this point.

“Jegal ssaem and Miro? Why all of a sudden?”

“Why do you think? These two have rarely met. That’s why we need to capture it!”

“Good things plus better things are very good things!”

What the hell are these two saying?

Roughly interpreting their words seems to mean that Miro is a good thing while Jegal is a better thing.

The duo’s logic made the thousand-year-old royal lineage with us speechless.

Just while I was doubting if the fansite really belongs to the Year Two Class Zero crazy heads, she quickly agreed with the duo’s words.

“You guys are right. I need to take on now…!”

While Jegal and Dokgo Miro stood together for pictures, some staff members appeared with even more cameras.

They seem to want to film how we naturally interact.

“Sorry for being so sudden. We’ll have to show the interview during the live broadcast so we don’t really have much time to edit it. Please hurry.”

“It’s alright. But make sure to get a lot of footage of Miro!”

“I think it will have more impact if she’s shown later. Can’t you move it back a bit?”

“Hahaha… The cue sheet is already set so…”

“…Don’t put the writer-nim in any more trouble.”

And that’s how the duo began the interview with Jegal’s supervision.

The seniors seemed to be talking recklessly, but anyway, they concluded by appealing to Dokgo Miro’s charms.

It’s amusing to hear those things from Jegal’s fanatics.

While looking at the questionnaire prepared by the writer, Kim Yuri looked worried about whether she could do as well as the seniors did.

Mok Wooram looked at Kim Yuri and talked to her.

“Come to think of it, I think you forgot to ask me about the interview. If you’re really nervous, I can cover for you.”

“Oh, thank you for that. But I don’t think I’ll get a lot of screentime anyway since the seniors already said a lot so—”

While Kim Yuri was fumbling with her words, Kwon Lena intervened.

“Let’s do it together if we get another chance, Wooram-ah! Oh right, Wooram, they said they’ll distribute drinks given by the sponsors. Let’s get some in advance!”

“…I’ll come with.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, let’s go together!”

Kwon Lena, Min Geurin, and Mok Wooram headed toward the booth with the sponsor’s logo.

“Come to think of it, that guy really wasn’t asked about the interview.”

“Wooram actually got caught up with a lot of bad people. If he comes on TV, he might get attacked by them.”

“That’s true.”

Maeng Hyodon and Saeum of April said so, and I agree with them.

Swindlers can recognize a pushover.

His pushover energy might be conveyed over the TV screen, so it seems like my classmates protected him from that.

As expected of my playable characters and classmates.

By the time Kim Yuri started her interview, someone suddenly approached us.

“Oh, you guys are still in the middle of the interview.”

“Huh? Are you done with the interview, Raehun oppa?”

Yeo Raehun, Saint of Naejang Mountain, and the fan favorite who’s expected to win Playlist.